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The defense of praci - Moskalova V.M.

4.7.3 Method Method

Verenno dzherela sound, wrestling with noise to share on:

  • sob, to reduce noise at dzhereli yogo vinnikenny;
  • Hey, change the noise on the yogi's hat.

Prior to changing the noise in the winery there is a need to understand the design of the machines, to fasten the materials, not to make strong sounds, to keep the smallest tolerances, toothed teeth.

Prior to changing the noise on the hats of a yogi, the following methods should be introduced:

  • acoustic;
  • architectural and planning;
  • organization technology.

The acoustic method introduces the reduction of noise with a whip, sound absorption and sound isolation.

Sound repetition is based on the creation of energetic sound vibrations, often repeated for warmth by means of a mash of rubbing gratings in the pores of a sound-repelling material.

The virological environment has a significant noise in store for the first time in and out of construction and construction. In order to change the noise beaten up, acoustic treatment is recommended with a whip facing the top over the sound-attenuating materials.

Efficiency of soundproofing materials is to lay down the form for all, for example, for all, zero, for all energy, for all, one is blasted.

Sound impaired vvayutayut materials, scho mayut koofіtsієnt poglanyannya more than 0.2. The method of sound mockery is to lay down the frequency of the sound, the sound of the word, the type and type of material, the effectiveness of which is signaled by acoustic roses.

Sound insulation, as a method of lowering the noise on the hat of a wider player, is based on the sound quality of the sound, which falls on the screen, partition, garden and that. Effective sound insulation material є metal, concrete, wood and wood.

Ekranuvannya vikoristovuyut Todi if іnshі method ineffective. The screen is set to the sound of sound and the code for the hat of the broadest. Cover the wall with steel sheets (1-3mm), aside from the side of the dzherela, twist the noise with sound-attenuating material. Acoustic power of the country to lay down in the form, rozmіrіv, rozmіshchennya vividly dzherela noise and timid work.

For the fight against aerodynamic noises, jamming the mufflers to the noise: absorbent, reactive and combined.

The architectural and planning methods include acoustic planning and equipment, organization of work, distribution, creation of noise reduction and rational areas of transport areas.

In the territory of industrial and everyday life, forget about changing the noise by reaching a hat with a green hat and a green tree.

Organizational-technical go in and out with noise include in the low-noise technological possession, remote control and the city of the regional regime in the country and so on.

Coverage of collective methods to fight with the noise of victorious hassle of indivisual zahistu (ZІZ). Sit down here to hold protishumovye earphones, scho to bend auditory conch call back and protishumovy inserts, scho to curry hearing prochid. Before ZІZ wear the same protishumovy sholomi, shaw your head, masks, and like a victorious man with headphones.

Before prophylactic visits, it is often necessary to schedule professional contact with people with noise for a short time, to have short breaks for continuous auditory function, to have more professional time and time. Termіn carried out yakih to lay down in the middle of the noise (once 1 time for 3 rock to the shchorіchnogo).