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The defense of praci - Moskalova V.M.

4.7.4 Ultrasound

For technological consumers, the industry needs to have a low-frequency ultrasound - from 18 to 30 kHz and high power - up to 6-7 W / cm .

Low-frequency ultrasound is often assimilated in aerodynamic processes є by a satellite of secondary noise (a robot of reactive engines, gas turbines and industrial motors).

Ultrasound is the mechanical mechanism of spring means, which, however, has the same physical nature.

Ultrasound is characterized by vise, intensity and frequency of counting. Vіd vіdrіznyaetsya vіd sound kolivan so that you can’t get straight organs of hearing people.

Ultrasound is low-frequency, it’s good to expand at the same time as a contact hat and a high-frequency one, it is transmitted by a contact hat.

Ultrasound in case of widening in the middle of the midstream is obscured by the stronger, more frequent frequency. Water, metal and the main spring of the medium are weakly scamming the ultrasound, and the view is expanding to a great place, practically without energy.
Poglanyannya ultrasound superconducting warmed up the middle.

A specific specialty of ultrasound - those that are widened by straightened beams. The supervisors of the highest frequency and the small prejudice of ultrasound are doing the same with a vice, which makes sense of the process of industrial processes (mechanical processing of hard materials, knowing, cleaning up, noisy, noises, noises).

Unsurprisingly trivial robots on ultrasonic devices prazivniki pidadayut p_d negative and ultrasound through repeated or otherwise without contact when contacted with secondary or solid bodies, which will expand ultraviolet.

There is no reason for organism є contact with ultrasonic vibrations during operation with manual tools and soldering hours, ludinny cleaning parts.

In case of violated work, if ultrasound is crossed I can limit the tolerance level, I can choose the functional function in the central, peripheral nervous system and the organ system in case of contact, (vegetative)

Low-frequency ultrasound praises negatively absorb auditory and vestibular apparatuses, painful sensibility and process thermoregulation, it is only necessary to maintain the number of hearing impairments.

The main document, which is to the regulation є bezpek with robots with ultrasound є SDS “Ultrasound. Zagalny vimogi bezpeki ".

At the contact of the hands of these parts of the body with human organs, which generate ultrasound, the level of the ultrasound is not guilty of 110 dB override. Triviality of the hour of ultrasound is minimized.

With the help of prophylaxis of extremely intense ultrasound, victorious automatic ultrasound control and installation with remote control. Shchob get the most out of ultrasound, installations possess sound-insulating covers and screens, covered with huma, protishumovoy mastic, that.

An effective method of prevention is to have possession of sound and sound devices, but to fasten special tools and hold ZIZs (antiphones with ultra-thin, clumsy gloves and so on). Individuals are allowed to robots; they’ve reached 18 roks.