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The defense of praci - Moskalova V.M.

4.7.5 Infrasound

Infrasound is assimilated in the case of robotic compressors, turbines, diesel engines, industrial fans and large-sized machines, as well as turbulent processes, they’ll go through the clock of the great gas flows (sometimes). When robotic compressors are used by Jerel раз ф раз раз ф є є є sampling system.

Bagato of natural cliffs such as earthquake, volcano volcano, sea hvili, storms and tsunamis - generate the same infrasound hvil.

Infrasound behind physical authorities has the same nature with sound. It’s not enough to swear in vain, and in general it’s possible to expand on the great vidstanі.

Je parameters іnfrazvuku іnfrazvukovy vise іntensivnіst Oscillations that frequency up to 20 Hz.

Preliminary information about the temple The sensitivity of the organism of people to the level of coliban with a maximum energy in the zone of ultrasonic frequencies.

Trivial low-frequency kolivannya lead to lower practicability, neuro-vegetative careers, impaired sleep and psychics. For one hour, the robots of reactive engines of the winnikє strus of the thoracic and black empty breasts, partly clogged and nauseous, there is no reason to fear, no more gripping, no need to win.

Low-frequency infrasound counting is more important than the energy vitratum, in the case of princely ones they have to look at the vestibular impairment, hearing is reduced, dawning is so on.

The nature of the negative changes in the organism is to lie in the frequency range, the frequency and the ultrasonic grip and the triviality of the water.

The interval between the trivialities of a person with a short hour of an infrasound grip should become up to 150dB, and a ponad of 150dB є is not without a problem.

The frequencies of the ultrasonic vibrations in the range of 2 to 15 Hz are visible in the organ resonance resonance. A frequency of 8 Hz can be performed with alpha rhythm, rhythm in the human brain.

РазвInfrazuk є professional shkіdlivy official. You can absorb the whole organism and repair specificity of the organ of hearing, but not just the organ of hearing, but the surface of the body of people.

The fight against the negative news of infrasvuka is carried on quietly, but what is the fight with noise, with a hat to assimilate the reasons for the winnings:

  • relaxation of infrasvuk in jerel yogo assertion;
  • weakened that izolatsіya іnfrazvuku vstanovlennyam glushnikіv, Ekranіv і t. іn .;
  • VICORATION ZIZ and the method of medical prophylaxis (professional good, periodic medical care).

Fighting with infrasvukom, vrakhovuchi її nvzvichaynu folding, need to fix at the stage of the project, the design and construction of the machines and the units for the development of the project on the weekly business.