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The defense of praci - Moskalova V.M.

5.1.3 Control and management

Bezpeka technological cycles to lie down that way on skilki effectively can vikoristovuvati operator p_d hour robots control-vimіryuvalny zasobi.

The control-vimіryuvalnі zasobi and add-ons for launching into the robot, regulation and zupinki technological possessions can be buty, easily accessible and such, but they are kindly recognized.

The importance of remembering foldable control systems and the need to keep respect for the disordered retail outlets can bring up the operator’s pardon, and see the robotic technology’s robbery’s trouble at the same time.

The control and adjustment may be extended so that the operator doesn’t have any impairments, he’ll be able to work out and out of the air. Їx to drive in such a way that you can raise the operator’s pardon to the minimum value with the normal position of the body.

For an automatic display of technological possession, it’s possible to be a parameter for mastering due to singular reasons, beyond the permissible value, to lock the rest of the annex. Zavdyaki to the outbuildings you can save accidents when you have a good grip, temperature, working speed, power, maintenance, redirection of the existing systems of constructive elements of possession.

For control-vim_yuvalynnyh tricks for bridal acquisitions to give a special form, to secure with the rest of the letters and to farby from the other colors (in case of the same designation to farm in the same color).

Take the zupinki possession, wait for May, have a big rose, and have a red farbo.

It also manages the technological cycle of usuvил pardoning the operator, allowing you to bring in special areas and non-contact contact shkіdlivyh virobnichih officials with human organisms.

5.1.4 Blocking and signaling devices

There is a need for technological possession of all types of constructive and technological officials, installation and regulation, as well as maintenance and higher service personnel.

For the consolidation of non-civil servants, as a result, you can win in the process of operation of a technological possession of a vikoristnuyu automatically voborizhni blocking annexes.

Behind the principle of the stink:

  • mechanical;
  • electric;
  • photoelectric;
  • radiac;
  • Hydraulic;
  • pneumatic;
  • combining.

Block attachments for the operation of the operating parts of the possessed operating systems for the non-operational operating system.

Blocks of attachment for:

  • non-sinister zupinki of technological possession with broken robots;
  • the fence of the wrong control unit;
  • unauthorized robots to the unit without unavailable pristosuvan;
  • obmezhennya rukhu mehanizmіv for viznacheni mezh і t. іn.

Blocking the lock for shutting down the start of the engine when the gear is engaged, blocking the doors to the entrance can be of a good concentration of gases, gas, blocking the garden of lancing and pass broadcasts and so on. It’s not possible to block the unit incorrectly after it was turned on in machines with an electric drive and a hat for shaving electric lancers.

If you write the blockblock attachments of a robot of technological possession, you can watch the list of control parameters to normal.

In technological automation systems with complete control parameters, automatic signaling is automatic, without operator intervention.

A signaling system is a system of special services, for helping others to be safe, but now it’s already arrived.

For designated purposes, signalization will be submitted to the front-end, emergency, control, operational, and I will protect you from the sound of robots.

For the method of transmitting information signalization buva visual, sound, control, sign and sign.

Signal colors and signs may be as follows:

  • chervony - “Protection”, “Stop”, “Explicitly not a lack of faith”;
  • Zhovtiy - “Courage”, “Peredhenennya”;
  • greenery - “Bezpeka”, “Dozvіl”, “Shlyakh vіlny”;
  • blue - “Information”.

Signs bezpeki mayut form:

  • Zaboronyayuchі - chervone count with a bimple belt all-in-one and chervonoy oblique swarthy;
  • in addition - zhvtii rivneo-femoral tricutins with symbolic images of the black and white (for radio, struma) colora;
  • attributed - a green square with symbolic images of a white color (or a bilim coli and an explanatory writing in a black color).

We’ll be familiar with the color of the ruin, the message for the future editions For color signalization, victorious thermofarbi is also possible, but it is possible to change the color when heated. For the additional such signalization, clear information about the increased temperature between the objects and the room.