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The defense of praci - Moskalova V.M.

Theme 5. Foreign vimogs of safety and security at the exploitation of technological possession

5.1. Bezpeka pracі at vikoristannі technological technological possession

Technological possession, who need to be more comfortable with viral functions, to be more specific for the principle of design, design features, types and dimensions. However, I don’t have any reason to know what to do in order to ensure that you can secure your vimoges without assistance during the operation.

Nin іsnuє even the more bagato method of securing the safety of technological possession, and with an hour of stink, you will constantly be expanded and refreshed.

Methods of security without security are available for:

  • zagalі;
  • chastkovі.

It’s important to follow the rules of mechanization and automation of technological processes, remote control and remuneration, blocking and signaling, overclocking and design awareness.

Before the frequent methods to establish a zahist possession of singing bezpeki. All seals, seals, heat insulation, sound insulation, shock absorption, gardening, grounding, etc., can be used.

Bezpeka technological possession to ensure the correct vibrator method zhistu. To be safe, be safe:

  • vikoristannyam at the construction of special overseas hardships;
  • dotrimannyam ergonomіchnyh vimog;
  • included vimog bezpeki from technical documentation for installation, operation, repair and repair.

Constructive elements of technological possession of the innocent mother of the gostrich region, kutiv, irregular, hot chi overcooling on top.

There are many parts of technological possession, as well as passes and lanterns that can be transferred to the property but are not allowed to be protected by the current gentry.

Ogorodzhennya zapobіgaє penetration of people, but some parts of civil society in a non-custodial zone. Gardening annexes may be more constructive than a vision. It’s stinky to buy a stationery, a rudimentary and portable one, which doesn’t go a step further for the work of technological possession. You’ll stink to blame the mother on the surface, but be unfurled in one color with the technological possessions and the look and feel of the standard.

5.1.1 Mechanization and automation of technological processes and ownership

An effective method of ensuring safety in severe types of robots is mechanical engineering and automation of viral processes, which is necessary to ensure that the products are free, which may significantly reduce the risk of injury.

Automation of virological processes is a form of mechanization. Falling into the stage of the participation of people in the technological process, we can consider it as a complex or partial character. Integrated automation of transmission є I will izolyatsіy people іd be-yaky operations of the virological cycle.

A typical typewriter of the virological function of the operator in automated systems.

The processes of automation will accelerate due to the increase of people with technical troubles, which may lead to a breakdown of psychological officials. The ideal bullo would be the most optimal one of the physiological and psychological features of the operator with the technological process. Ignorance before the order can lead to accidents, injuries, but professional occupation.

In automatic security systems, people can reach out for the wickedness of victorious homelessness during the spring of robotic operations in the security zone.

The power of the operator’s people is rozshiruє electronic technology, so you can ask yourself the program of the self-optimal optimal mode of the technological process. Victory of electronic machines has allowed an operator to be physically and emotionally challenged, and to rob a robot without any problems, without handing people into the technological cycle, which means that the operator will be allowed to pardon.

5.1.2 Remote control

For the safety of the pedestrians, distance and caution with technological processes is of great importance, as long as you can experience the necessary retraining of the pecuniary in the non-custodial zones. It’s too stagnant there, because the presence of people is not insecure, but if it’s complicated with the cherished technological possessions

Distance management є the necessary mental wisdom at the same time as the workplace, because it is not necessary for the organisms of people to talk, but if you have to save it for free.

Remote control is visually visible anyway for an additional tele-signaling. For the visually impaired vikoristovy promislov televobennya for the importantly accessible as well as non-secure dylyanki virobnitsva. Telesignalizatsiya yes the operator is able to communicate with the necessary add-ons of the telemechanics on the Kerovan system.

When remotely comparing the remote control, the controls are on the tables, shields, and stands, and the stands for the anthropometric data of the operator.

With horizontal, vertical, or even wrapped hands of the operator’s organization, the working arm could be such that the hands would not be pulled apart, but more than the middle range.

The range of sprinting organisms is a little bit between them and the ability of people to manage shvidkoodyuchy technological possessions and technological shvidny processes without any delay. For example, the eye of people can’t see one thing in order to understand things in a second. There are two points of separation that are better off at the same time as at least 1 .

Shvidkіst and accuracy of fingers to navigate with a trivial trenuvanni can not crawl in between. Bo for passing through impulses in the nervous system of people in the eye to the brain and in the brain to the fingers and fingers of the clock.

Shvidkst reaction of people to lay down the bureaucrats, complications, trenovosti, I will become the nervous system, the level of relaxation, the physical and psychological abilities of people (“elephant at the table”).