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The defense of praci - Moskalova V.M.

5.2 Safety in operating cryogenic technology and systems that can be used with a vice

5.2.1 Vimogs bezpeki to the vessels, scho pratsyut p_d vise

Own steam and water boilers, compressors and balconies with cleared or reduced gases are available. To the dishes, which can be appreciated with a vise, (0,07mPa) abo , de V - interior volume of dishes, l.

Violation of the rules for the exploitation of possession, which can be reduced to atmospheric pressure to vibrate, and then to ruined and injured people.

The main reasons for the accident are:

  • lack of qualifications to staff;
  • destruction of the rules of exploitation, safety pratsі;
  • low labor and technological discipline;
  • visibility and control;
  • low yakіst viprobuvalnyh and repair robіt.

The reason for the accident є repetition, or failure to drive in a steam boiler. With significant reconditioned water at once with steam, I wasted for steam pipelines, which was the cause of the winnings of such blows, so I had to bring them up to the bottom.

The triviality of the vibuhu to become possessed should become second, that is why the vibuuity of the arrogant force is necessary.

The vibe of the dishwasher is in a vise - there is also a ruining of the street, with a kind of internal vise it is completely reduced to atmospheric. Overload ponad 100 With water, there is a magnificent reserve of energy. At a grave paddy vise, the water will quickly rapturize for a couple, stay in water at approximately 1700 times. Tse Yavisch wear the name of adiabatic extension (vibuhu).

Energy with adiabatic expansion is calculated by the formula:

, (28)

de - energy vibuhu, J;

, - ears and a vise at the dishes, N / m ;

- volume of the vessel, m ;

- indicator ad_abati (for repeat n = 1.41).

Need to learn how to develop an hour vibuhu, kW is indicated by the formula:

, (29)

de - trivial vibuhu, s.

Main causes of vibuhu:

  • pіdvyshennyaya vise vishche for permissible value;
  • mehanichna abo himichna diya, corrosion of metal;
  • defects in installation and installation;
  • destruction of the technological regime and the rules of exploitation;
  • Incompatibility and fittings and in.

The reason for vibrations is overloading the metal through high temperatures and a vice, which can be reduced to plastic deformations, so that the metal is reduced to a certain degree of growth.

Mechanical shaving of the boiler of the winery і through the shortage of water in the vessels. It is warm for the whole person to pay less for heating and not to drive water, but to overheat the boiler. Due to the occurrence of the metal, the boiler’s walls begin to faint, drown until the trishchins are assimilated, with the appearance of such cauldrons are being razed. Appearance of trishchin takozha vinikaє Todi if at a superheater boiler give water. When a vipuchin appears, it is necessary to randomly cut off the heat supply and let off the steam rather than supply water.

It is not necessary to lead up to approval on the internal scale, which is not unsafe for the physical and chemical point of view. Statistics about those that have 100 incidents of leather, some problems with the water regime, 83 go through the scale and slurry, 17 are covered by the metal, and there are two possible types of metal: .

The reason for the boom in boiler plants is є vibuh ’and saws of saw-like, rye or gas-like heat.

For compassion for proper operation and maintenance-free boilers, they have control, control and vimyuvalnoye outlets and bespekoy outlets. For the vigilant oskhozhenennya ikh, stand in a prominent place.

For additional assistance, one should control the following parameters:

  • temperature and vice of betting on betting;
  • the betting odds in the boiler and the temperature, live the boiler;
  • drive the boiler;
  • kіlkіst drive, what to go to the boiler і kіlkіst bet, what to do;
  • vmіst SO i n in dim gases і ін.

For a vim_vuvanny vise, a pressure gauge is installed, which can be vim_vuvati vise at a wide range - a total of ten parts to thousands of kg / cm .

To regulate the thermal processes, it is introduced automatically controlling the boiler unit. Automatic safety-free transmissions are automatically switched on and off to the gas to the oil seals at the wrong seat of the robot.

The main details of automation are to shut off valves, automatically automatically close, and the boiler grip is fully visible.

Prior to boiler fittings, add water supply and water supply, for another reason, control the flow of water in the boiler.

Steam boilers are characterized by three main parameters: steam production, vice and temperature of overheating, and hot water boilers - heat production and temperature of hot water.

Steam and hot water boilers are installed in the district of boilers and are operated in the same way as the “Rules for improving and operating steam and water boilers”. The rules are generally applicable to steam boilers, which should be 0.07 MPa, hot water boilers with a temperature of more than 115 FROM.

Utterly vise, you can be admitted to the robot at the end of the written order of the administrative office, the reception of the assembly office and the manifestation of the permission of the State Guardian.

Vlasnik on the balance of a clear є dishwasher ’with a grip, the possibility of registering them in the organs of the State Industrial Inspection, as if they’d like to see such vimogs:

(t - 100) V 5,

de t is the temperature of the saturated bet with a timid grip;

V - volume of the boiler, m .

Restore the boilers on the first letter of the declaration of the boiler owner until you complete the following documents:

  • passport of the established form;
  • dedication about installation;
  • plan of primіshchennya boiler rooms;
  • Dovіdka about yakіst drive.

I dialed for the operation of boiler plants on the site, I would like to see the registration and technical inspection, which should be done before start-up (first), periodically in the process of operation (planned) and in the necessary secondary failures (over-run).

Technical inspection of the dishes with the vice of the pole at the first and the inside of the boiler and the boiler with the vise (1.25 - 1.5 times faster).

The boiler will enter in such a way that it has been shown that it’s not possible to see:

  • sign for shaving;
  • leakage, sluzin and sweat from the best-known people on metal;
  • surplus deformation.

The internal view of the boiler is not more than once for 4 rock; hidravlіchne viprobuvannya - not more than once every 8 rock_v.

Dostrokovy looking around at the vipadok if the boiler:

  • not exploiting more than one rock;
  • Buv dismantling and reinstating;
  • repaired;
  • for the most visible administrative organs.

At emergency wagons, service personnel may inappropriately fill the boiler. May the reasons for the emergency zupinki may be written in the virology and instruction and recorded in the journal.

The service staff is inconsistent for the destruction of the instruction manual and the use of the dishes in a vice.