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The defense of praci - Moskalova V.M.

5.2.3 Bezpeki vimogs when operating pipelines

In the middle of pipelines, it is recommended to use steam pipelines at the open gallows of industry, by themselves, steam pipelines, and water pipelines to give steam and water.

It is unprofitable to operate pipelines to lay down the middle of the tank in a certain way, to increase the pressure and temperature, and to see all the controls, which should include the “Rules for the improvement and maintenance of water pipelines”.

Elementi piping with temperature surface ponad 45 With a heat-shielded temperature, the temperature is not too high 45 FROM.

Installation of pipelines in zdіmіsnyє be surrounded by nodes for mounting arms and axonometric schemes.

Laying pipelines in buva with underground, above-ground and channel-free.

With the help of interventions and pipelines and components, we must test them with a vise of one to one according to GOST. The hour of the show-up of the pipeline і yogo elements і Під with the pilot vice of the mother’s but not less than 5hv.

Truboprovіd get involved in such a way, while having shown that we’ve tried and tested, it’s not apparent:

  • sign for shaving;
  • leakage, sluzin and sweat in the best-known sons in the main metal;
  • visible excess deformations.

For all pipelines, the operation of which is the highest priority to the Rules, the passports of the official form are stored.

Registration in the bodies of the State Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Belarus on the basis of the written statement of the foreman on the basis of the latest documents:

  • schemes for the pipeline with the required parameters;
  • passports for pipelines;
  • dedication about the availability and installation of the pipeline;
  • the act of taking into operation of the pipeline by the whipman of the installation organization.

When I dialed for the exploitation of the registered pipelines, I would be registered in the passport as an inspector to the public, and quietly, but I wouldn’t be reinstated, I would write a passport in the passport.

In the process of operating pipelines, technical support is required, the first-hand look and hydraulic testing, at the following lines:

  • Zovnіshnіglyad і gіdravlіchne viprobuvannya - before being put into operation;
  • Zovnіshnіy oglyad - i guiding the repair and repairing the repair works in Zaporizhzhya, but I was almost at the station of conservation 2 rock.

The results of the support and trials about the possibility of operating the pipeline, are recorded in the passport with the specified term of the offensive technical inspection.

Before servicing the pipeline, individuals are allowed, especially for the 18-day program and 18 days of consecration. Repeated re-knowing the staff, such as servicing pipelines, was carried out no more than once every 12 months.
To apply the following data to the skin pipeline on special plates on special tablets: registration number, permissible clutch, temperature of the medium, date of the onset call and the inside look.

Administration and administration of the company, however, the hairman is responsible for the reference and maintenance of the pipeline. To this, the owner of the pipeline has to secure the proper organization of servicing, repair and looking at the highest quality of the rules of the rules.