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The defense of praci - Moskalova V.M.

5.3 Bezpeka for ventilation, rosantage and transport robots

5.3.1 Organizational visits for bezpek during the weekend

Navantazhuvalny and rozvantazhuvalny robots dosіyayutsya naybіlsh injuries and non-care and labor processes of subject diyalnostі.

It is not necessary to work on these types of work, do not have to be safe when stacked, do not have to install the trucks, it’s wrong to have cars and trucks, because of the difficulty of the

I play an important role in the safe bezopasnavantuvalno-rozvantazhuvalnyh robіt vіdіgraє preparation of the territory (storage areas) for the weekend. Maydans come at the base (post) and storage areas at the alarm site (hours).

At the front of the front, the robot can be sideways, with the end of the kosokutna of the rostashuvannya transport scheme for the front and rear rozvantazhennya.

For the non-custodial mess of transport services on the territory of Maydanchik, you can add the signs: “V'yzd”, “Vyyzd”, “Rosvorot” and .. ..

For the safety of the safety technology on these types of work, you need to know the physical and mechanical power and the flexibility, the packaging method, the connection and transportability.

For the authorities, there’s the possibility of following these main classes:

  • in bulk;
  • items;
  • bulk;
  • special

Behind your authorities, stink podilyayut three categories:

  • І - plumbing with a carriage of one item up to 80 kg, as well as sipuchi, pieces, which are transported in bulk;
  • ІІ - ventilation with a carriage of one unit 80 to 500 kg;
  • ІІІ - plumbing with a wagon of one mіstsya ponad 500 kg.

Behind the not-so-poor step in navantazhuvannі, rozvantazhuvannі vantazhі podlyalyutsya on this group:

  • there is little lack of support;
  • combustible plumbing;
  • saws and combustible;
  • ballons with squeezed gas;
  • obpіkayuchі rіdini;
  • non-public installments for their roses;
  • Vantazhnі especially not unsafe.

A leather guy has his own mark, allowing you to choose the way to store, store and change, as well as receive priiomi during the vicarious operations.

Bezpeka of ventilation and rozantazhvuvalnyh and transport robots lay down in addition to the fact that the correct installation of rozmishcheni ventazhni on transport troubles.

For the transportation of vibrations, radioactive, easily borrowed and foreign speeches, there are general rules and instructions. For transportation of large-size plumbing, you will need to pre-select dial-in DA_.

The transportation of naphthoproducts is a singing non-pecuniary. Transport your mother’s guilty hands, and when you’re loading it, you’ll be grounded. The main thing with орту transport is that you don’t have to re-equip your ability to protect your air tightness.

For a safety-free organization, more important is the correct vibration of the mechanical mechanisms, transport concerns and prisosuvan.

Ways to store the ventilation installation, lay down the designation, installation methods, installation methods, etc.

When invading the storage areas, set up a separate walkway with stacks, but if they are, they can store butti not less than 1 m wide.

Predvishchenny vimogi bezpeki stozhuyutsya zberіgannya otruynyh, lightly borrowed and vibuenebespechenny speeches. Allowed іх zberigannya tolka in okrimich primitives, vddalenikh vid veins.

Practitioners who are engaged in plumbing and rozantage of sweeping robots of goiter'zany pass through the front and rear medical windows in accordance with the law. Individuals admitted to navigating and rozantazheneniya non-custodial and especially non-custodial vacancies, undergo a special training with an on-going certification.