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The defense of praci - Moskalova V.M.

5.4.7 System of interventions and going in for maintenance-free operation

Зпідно з ПУЕ in electrical installations;

  • very grounded;
  • zamulennya;
  • izolyatsіya strumoprovodnyh parts;
  • Wisdom Week
  • small sprains;
  • unavailable until unavailable and that ..

If you want to save the zealot not є universal, that is why there isn’t only one to secure the mindless minds, but not one at once.

Zakhisne is grounded - zumisnee electric z'єdnannya from the earth of metal not strumoprovodnyh parts, so that you can fall back on the other hand for a shake of electricity from electricity

Zakhisne is grounded - it’s a hassle of people who have been tempted to strum, almost completely got to the metal constructions and electrodevelopment, as if it was covered with an elastic wire.

The function of the pole is dependent on the fact that the strength of the stream, as it passes along the people’s path, is infinitely greater than the fact that the grounding is even more powerful than the support of the people.

From now on, for the sake of completing an earthed grounding of ancillary surrender of a mother, it’s better than Maliy Opir. Vіdpovіdno up to ПУЕ the permissible option of grounding devices is not greater than 4 Ohms.

Zakhisne grounded obov'yazkovo vlashtovyut at electrical installations at an overload:

  • 380V and more with a pronounced jet;
  • 440V and more with a continuous jet;
  • 42В alternating and 110В in a constant stream in the most advanced installations, especially those not insecure in the minds with promoted insecure;
  • it is irreplaceable that there is a significant amount of cramp in all of the vibrant and unprincipled persons.

Falling apart grounding grounding is clearly electrical grounding attached to winery and contour, natural and piece.

For piece grounding vikoristovuyut steel pipes Ф від 3 to 5 cm with a commercially available pipe 3-5mm і dovzhinyu vіd 2.5 to 3m; steel rods Ф 10-12mm and up to 10m; cutiku steel 40x40mm dozhinoyu vid 2.5 to 5m and so on.

A passport is stored on the skin grounding pristyy, which includes a grounding circuit, technical data, the results of the overhaul, the nature of the repair work and so on ..

The technical camp is considered to be the hat of the celebrity, looking around the visible part and the support tower, which is not guilty of overcoming the permissible value. Plan vimіryuvannya support to relieve support in front of the cob yogo ekspluatatsії, and then only once in the course of repair and repair of the skin. On the surface of the part, I look once at six months, and for people with especially unsound minds - once for three months.

Nezbezpek urazhennya ryum can be liquidated by a whip of a shvidkogo vvlyklyuchennya poshkogeno ї electrical installations. For tsoy, it is zero.

Zaullennya - tse zumisne z'єdnannya metal parts of the electrical installation, so do not sound pereduvayut pid with an elasticity with a zero overwhelming provider.

Tse є the main zasb zhistu people vid obrazhennya strum in installations elastic to 1000V. Zahist polygaє at that, when piercing the winery є is shorter than a short one, like a shvidko vimika є shkodzhene elektroobladnannya vid of an electric measure.

The main mental safety in the operation of electrical installations є nadіna іzolyatsіya м опров опров опров шар шар шар шар шар шар шар шар шар шар шар над над над над над над над над над над над над над над над над над над над.

Optimum performance with the PUE is normal and maximum reach is not less than 0.5MOhm.

Material іzolyatsії maє viddovidati minds otruchuyuschego treasures, buti to the aggressive middleware, vologi, nagrivannya that mechanical vliva, old age and so on ..

The mill of electrical installations has been identified up to the PUE as a whip for periodic inspections and electrical support.

For the safety of people who need to pay less money to travel to the country, they’ll be able to:

  • 6.5 m above the road part of the road;
  • 3,5m above the aisles;
  • 2.5 m above the work surface.

Safety-free when operating electric installation to protect yourself with a hat as well as securing of the stationary gardening, blocking and signalization.

For the change of competency, the number of small victories is limited, but I can’t override the nominal value of 42B. On the other hand, 42V will be victorious at the first and second category of necessities for living with hand tools, portable lamps and other ..

On the other hand, 12V is victorious for living hand-held portable lamps in especially non-secure minds (cable wells, open spaces, etc.).

Grounding and zeroing do not wait for a guarantor; for people without any problems. For zahistu vikoristovuyut zhisne vіdlyuklyuchennya.

Zakhisne vіdlyuklyuchennya - all shvidkodіyuchy zahist, a kind of security, automatically switch on the electrical installations when winnennii in nyy nezpezky people ryumny people. You look at the zhistu spratsovє for 0.1 - 0.05s, and zeroing 0.2s and more.

With such a non-intrusive passage through the body of people, there is no need to navigate a stream of 500 - 650mA.

For the first time, the main view can be stiff as the main view is empty, but at the same time it is grounded and ground.

Zakhisne vimikannya okremo chi with the usual interruptions to the zikistu vikon’s functions:

  • zahist at zamikannі on the earth;
  • zahist with the appearance of non-custodial streams;
  • zahist during the transition of the viscous cramp to the side of the lower;
  • automatic control of a stake of overhead earthing and zeroing.

For the personnel to be cleaned up, maintenance staff for electrical installations, and for the special needs of the staff. You need to be smart in your knowledge of izolyuyuchi, gardening and zapobіgayuchi. Izolyuyuchі in their cherkilia basing on the main and additional.

Before them lie in electrical installations in a different way:

  • up to 1000V - rods, electrical gloves, electrical control boxes, installation tools, and also indicators on the spur;
  • ponad 1000V - izoluyuchi rods, electrical, electrical classes, indicators on the cramp, as well as for the repair of the workplace on the other hand 1000V;

Dodatkovі izoluyuchі zobi do not need to add vitrimuvati I’m working on a spouse, I’m appointed a pole at that, so that I can fix the main izoluyuchyh zobisv, with such stinky things at once to swear.

The following information should be provided before the additional homework in the electrical installations:

  • up to 1000V - electrical galoshes, kilimki, power supplies;
  • Ponad 1000V - electrical gloves, bots, kilimki, izolyuichі pіdstavki

The following information should be presented to those who are comfortable: safe eyepieces, helmets, montage belts, tights, as well as screened annexes and so on. All you have to do is keep your mind safe and secure.

For servicing electrical installations and at least 18 individuals are allowed, they passed the medical examination and brushed off a qualified group with bezpecs. For installations of ponad 1000V - ІV group, and for installations up to 1000V ІІІ kvalіfіkatsіynu group.

Self-service robot

  • The characteristics of the vimog bezpeka to the technological possession and virological processes.
  • Mechanization and automation of technological processes is one of the main gentry's security services.
  • Distant management and visual cessation of technological processes in the minds of the present forms of state grant.
  • The satisfaction of the minds with praise as a pleasure in the care of little automation.
  • Organization of optimal forms and pink zones.
  • Bezpeka virobnichyh processes fallow in the control-vimіryuvalnyh hardships and attached to the technological process.
  • Blocking ancillary devices and signaling at industrial processes.
  • Vimogi Shchodo Rostashuvannya and Servants of Technological Ownership.
  • Safety and efficiency of minds are irrelevant in the organization of work.
  • The national organization and the plan of the work of people are irreplaceably anthropometric of these people.
  • Vimoga bezpeki at the exploitation of vessels, scho prayut p_d vise.
  • The main reasons for the supra-supervisory situations in the operation of boiler plants.
  • Vimoga bezpeki at the operation of compressor installations.
  • Safety-free when operating pipelines in betting and hot water.
  • Vimoga bezpeki to full ownership of pipelines і ikh of a hydraulic vyprobovuvannya.
  • Bezpeka pratsі at zdіsnENNі gas-gas-metal processing of metals with vikoristanyanny acetylene, sour, methane and the last gas.
  • Technical low temperature and non-acid safety in the operation of critical technology.
  • Bezpeka pratsі at organizing the installation of plumbing-rosantazhuvalnyh robіt.
  • Klasifіkatsіya vantazhіv that zagalny vimoga bezpeki until ikh transported.
  • Transport hats on the territory of the enterprise and the safety in the operation of the internal and internal transport and the internal transport.
  • Non-operational operation of internal rail transport transport services and transport services without interruption.