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The defense of praci - Moskalova V.M.

5.4.6 Classification of virological minds beyond the level of electrical safety

The middle ground, which will leave the ludinus, may be better if you want to ensure safe people with electric power.

Відповідно before the ПУЕ electrical installations they are:

  • vіdkritі, zovnіshnі, scho not protected by atmospheric influx;
  • close the inside, seized with equipment for atmospheric inflow.

Fallow vіd umov virobnichі primіshchennya buvayut:

  • Sukhі - vіdnosna vologіst repeat buva бу up to 60%;
  • volog_ - learn from the vologia again 60% to 75%;
  • sire - vologіst retranslate 75%;
  • Garyachі - de temperature once again I change 350С;
  • zapilen - de takilkіst saw, scho vin osida on the wires and getting into the machine and equipment;
  • chemically active umov - de aggressive aggression ruinu izolatsіyu on the strumoprovodnyh parts of the electromechanical.

From the PUE all virological considerations, remember that there are three categories of distinctions:

І - with a well-publicized;

II - especially not unsafe;

ІІІ - without a clear appeal.

Before persuading the category to lay down, think that they are characterized by one mind, a wikkla is not divorced:

  • vodnosna vologіst repeat ponad 75%;
  • plumbing saw;
  • temperature of ponad 350 ° C, but for a short hour 400 ° C, irrespective of appearance, go rock;
  • the possibility of a one-hour dotikannya people to metal buildings electrical and grounding metal constructions bu_vlі;
  • the availability of pipelines of earthworks, concrete, tseglyany i іn ..

Until ІІ categories, it is characteristic to have especially non-secure minds to lay one, which may be one of these signs:

  • a board, a note, but at the beginning the vologia is close to 100% (possession, p_logs and post_cards are always closed);
  • chemically active medium with liquid vapors and gases, which can be controlled;
  • at once awaiting two more minds with signs of the first category.

Dry categories are indicated up to the third category, without sawing, there are no signs of the second and second categories.

Naynebezpechennymi є think of the second category. Behind the not-so-poor step, robots at the most advanced installations take precedence to robots that are especially not-unsafe (II cat.)