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Economic analysis (compendium)

4 Rozdil. Organization and information protection of the economic analysis of the state subsidiary of enterprises

4.1. Organization of economic analysis of enterprises

The result of analytic robots is to lay down the perch for all types of correct organization. Organizational system is a system of interrelated management bodies for viral employees, based on the principles of analysis of economical processes and appearances for manifestations and vicarious reserves of virological effectiveness. Organizing an economic analysis є find out how to better understand the function.

Bring guidance (section 3.2.) This time you can analyze it: you can plan for robotic work; preparation of dzherel information for analysis; analitic processing; zagagalnennya and formalized results; monitoring of the holidays.

In practice, a complex and thematic plan of analitic robots can be fixed. A comprehensive plan is stored for one person with a special team and a group of special staff, they were entrusted with the task of coordinating the analysis of robots as a whole. The whole plan has a calendar distribution of okremikh analitichnyh doslizhen. For someone else, I’m meant to complete the analysis, basic nutrition, what to do, see the hour for the skin nutrition, sub-analysis, a schematic of the documentation, termination of the document is required.

The integrated plan has the right to transmit information and information, so that you can have a look at the analysis, technical assistance, and the organization of the control over the visits and the analysis of the results.

Thematic plan - the plan is to carry out an analysis of the okrimich nutrition of the State Diyalnosti, in order to require a damped vivchenchenya. They induce ob'kti, sub'kti, termini analizu ta іn.

Preparing dzherel іnformatsії - also one of these electronic robots. For further economic processes and appearances, such as information and information: plans and regulations; operational and accounting data; accounting, statistical and taxable data; materials revisiting and rewinding; special features, material for timekeeping, photography of a working day and so on. With the name dzherel vіdbirayutsya tі, yakі vіdpovіdno until delivered to a meta to secure information base. The complex is not the right way to do the right analysis without any doubts to make sure that you have the most important aspect of the virological-state dyalnost.

The results of the analysis suttvo to lie in the form of information obtained. That’s what the technical materials are, the technical and the social repercussions.

With a glance of technical rework, we’ve gotten to know about the material; reference of submitted documents and correctness of their design; Uzgodzhenstvo indexes in the various forms of soundness; freedom and correctness of the image in the region and the level of government operations and so on.

For additional Rakhunkovo ​​translations, the correctness of the arithmetic letters in the documents is indicated for the documents and the indicators are inserted.

Reconfiguration of information for the day and night, the opportunity to evaluate the material and material. The logic and balance methods of control are staggered by the method. Logical control of permissiveness of inaccuracies in indicators, which is not due to arithmetic activities, but to become a part of the logic of ministry and that of introduction. Balance control of the pole at the accumulated balance of indicators for quietly with them, such as arithmetic deposits.

Analytical processing of tribute - even the most recent analysis. To itself there won она naybіlsh vіdpovіdalnym a step of a robot analytics. Organizing the processing of the vimage of the methodical medical care, the singing of the preparation of the training, to conduct the analysis, the medical care of the technical interventions. For all costs, all specialties are paid, such as a healthy service and an analogous workflow.

The results of the analytic report are drawn up with an explanatory note, a clause, hang-ups. The note is explanatory, as a rule, it is stored when submitted the results to the analysis to a visually efficient organization. For an internal corridor, make out a supplementary. To write a Todi, if the analysis was carried out by viscometer governing bodies.

An explanatory note is to take a look at the results of the state gifts and propositions. In addition, she is guilty of the imagination of foreign food: the ritual of economical development of state thanks, think of the state gifts, the results of the plan for the energetic tasks. The analytic part of the explanatory note is guilty of a booty primed with tables and tables, if necessary, illustrated with graphs. Respect is especially special when filling out explanatory notes to propositions, which should be entered for the results of the analysis. Їx necessary all-time obgruntovuvati and the direct reduction of the results of state donations and disbursement of internal reserves. Skin proposition is guilty of a readable, real one. They are guilty of familiarizing themselves with specific terms and conditions of the individual, the individual for the consolidation of the apparent shortcomings and the realization of the possibilities of improving the effectiveness of the virology.

Dovіdki and visnovki, on the video for explanatory notes, there may be no evidence of the characteristic characteristics of the government and the minds of the state. Зх Зміст більш specific, emphasis on visualization of shortcomings and reach, manifested reserves and methods of their acquisition.

The most effective results can also be entered in specially transmitted for the entire distribution of an economic passport. Allow me to examine the dynamics of the results of state donations.

The result of the analysis should be ensured by systematic monitoring of the visions. For the sake of the results of the analysis, we will negotiate on the fences of the team, the shareholders, the dauntless, on the excitement of the administration. It’s practical to realize that it’s possible to deny that there’s a resolution of the order and that it’s necessary to administer.