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Economic analysis (compendium)

4.2. Information security analysis

Economic analysis - the main business is through the collection of information and the immediate adoption of management decisions. The very fact is that it’s an effective analysis of bagato in which to lay down the obedience and that of information, which will be victorious when carried out.

Latin “informatio” means є rose ’clarification, іnformuvannya, wiklad. Information - as a whole, more orderly about processes and appearances, as if I’ve got to know the middle way, more than one song of knowledge, tribute.

Be-yak control, in addition to the state d'yalnistyu, transmission є accept the decision. Ц Information servant об in the process of managing. Moreover, such a video card has two understandings: “data” and “information”. Give tribute to the result of faksatsіі zmіn in the processes and appearances. If you want to cope with information, then you will accumulate yourselves as a whip of the traditional data processing. In quiet vipadki, if you’re in the middle of information and information, you don’t need to wait and see, as they live in synonyms. But if you’re given more information, you can sprimati less like that in information. If you want to inform yourself of the meaning of the word, then soon you can call it “effective information”.

Economic information - the price of information about the economy and the benefits of the people's statehood. There’s an entire region of state-owned dyalnost. The significant part of the country is tied to the process of virology, and may be called virobiotic information.

Economic information, including planned, normative, regional and zvitnu. Ale analysis does not disregard more economical information. Vin widely vikoristovuє also technical, technological, legal and information, yak can obdnati pid name “poseoblіkova”. Usya іnformatsіya otrimimsya z vіdpovіdnih dzherel.

Prior to the planned information technology, lay down the type of plans, so that they can be scrutinized (prospective, accurate, efficient, etc.). To normative standards - to inform the government about the requirements of the normative standards, standard rates, rates, rates, rates, rates, depreciation rates, technical passports, design documents.

Oblіkovі dzherela іnformatsії - all the data given, so as to have a look at the documents of the accounting, operational, statistical and tax administration. Provide a role in the information security analysis to be assigned to the accounting region. Vin naybіlsh vіdobrazhaє gospodarskih appearances, process the results.

A tribute to the statistical region of revenues and characteristics of the masses and processes. The stink is victorious for the lost vivchenennya and osmislennya vzamozv'yazkіv, viyavlennya ekonomіchnyh laws.

The operative region of the spree є to the Shvidkoy secure medical examination with the necessary tribute (for example, a reserve report, oaths of virobnitz and so on). Tim by yourself win the mind for the effectiveness of the analytic robots.

Until zheretnyh dzherel іnformatsії to keep accounting, statistical and statutory soundness. I won’t forget about the analysis of the provincial data on the results of state gifts for the signatures per hour.

Posoblіkovі dzherela іnformatsії include:

- Obov'yazkovі for vikoristannya at the state dіyalnostі pіdpriyamstva ofitsіynі documents (laws, decrees, decrees, penalties of the organs of the state, act revision and reprociation, etc.);

- Documents of a state-legal nature (contracts, pleasing, decision of judicial authorities, advertising and claims);

- Rishennya zborіv aktsіonerіv, pre-scholar, labor collective;

- technical and technological documentation;

- materials for special services, operating conditions (timekeeping, photography, etc.);

- data of social and scientific education and questionnaire, basic information, and membership in the collective has been removed.

Usya informatsiya, scho to be victorious during the analysis, I am guilty of the need to do the analysis (so as to keep yourself safe for these strains, to be able to demonstrate the state of the art, less than one time), rational (vimagati minimum costs for zbir, zberigannya and vikoristannya danih).