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Economic analysis (compendium)


5 Rozdil. Analysis of viral resources and the organization of technical and technical resources

5.1. Analysis of labor resources in enterprises

5.1.1. Analysis of labor protection by labor resources

The provision of human resources , labor market, high productivity, higher productivity is important for productive efficiency. There are safety measures for labor resources and the effectiveness of their workplace, taking care of their work and their safety, efficiency, their possession, machinery, mechanics, and their demonstration.

Pershing for everything, securing manpower with resources is to be rewarded with a hat for the establishment of the actual number of employees with the planned number of industrial and viral personnel - for the categories, and for the most non-industrial - for the gals of duty. Industrial and viral personnel analyze everything as a whole, so there is no need for robots, students, engineering and technical personnel, services, junior service personnel, specialists for the protection of virological facilities.

The understaffing of staff negatively leads to oversight and the wide range of products, especially the unstable work and technical staff (ITP). Inshi group staff, navigate uncompromisingly, also pour in on virobnitstva. Ale tsey inward indirectly.

More important is the importance of the number of employees not only the number of staff, but also the warehouse. For the analysis of nutrition, it is necessary to provide information about the distribution of the benefits for the article, experience, experience, tariff categories, payment systems. At the factories that aren’t in operation, there are no leading professions with an obvious excess of unqualified profits.

On the basis of a statistical region, as well as the first region of analysis, to conduct a group of employees for the categories of qualifications, to calculate and to keep the plan in advance and the average, the price is different:

Ts.rob. = (Tr x КРі) / КР,

de Tr - tariff list;

KR - kіlkіst robіtnikіv.

The indicator shows the same rate with the average tariff category Robot. Remaining rooted for the formula:

Ts.rob. = (Trі x VRi) / VR,

de VRi - an oath of robotic skin appearance.

As a matter of fact, the average average tariff category is lower than the planned and average tariff category, then you may have to change the start time of the yakisno products.

Qualification pracіvnikіv to lay down as well as the experience of work on work. Moreover, on the basis of information about the turnover and the number of personnel, the steel personnel structure is being developed.

The rate of turnover according to the receipt, such as the acceptance of the number of employees for the working period to the average number of employees of the given category for the same period, is up to date. Likewise, if you want to know about the number of vibrations, the number of revolutions and the number of vibrations is calculated: the number of robots for the last period is the average number of robots for the same category for the same period. If you’re in trouble, you can go ahead because of important planned reasons (entry to primary mortgages, prizes to the army, vacations for retirement), so also unscheduled (weekly absenteeism, through the absence of the court, for the power of the bazhannya). Vibuttya with remaining vimіryє be a kofіtsієntom plinnostі. Winnings are counted as a whitelist of the greatest number of workers, who shook the most powerful bids and those who were absent for absenteeism and the worst job discipline, and the average number of employees in the given category.

Much the same, there are several employees who need to pay as much as possible, all the time (average number of employees) was reduced to the average number of employees.

Indirectly analyze at dynamically and in plan with plan. When analyzing the reasons I’ve looked at them, they’ve brought up frames to me, and come and see us once.

As a matter of fact, I’m extending my activity, then the analyst is guilty of a significant need for additional labor resources, there is no need to save more money, there is a big reserve for a large amount of work, I have to