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Economic analysis (compendium)

5.1.3. Analysis of working hours

A turn of workplace labor resources can be assessed behind the workstation work step. Shchob again viyaviti reserve zrostannya mid-school violin for the clocks of short work hours, you need to in more detail double the hours of work for that reason.

Fund of working hours of business to lay down the number of working hours, the number of working days in one working day at the middle for the working day of the average:

FFD = CR x D x T,

de FRF - working hours fund;

KR - the number of robots;

D - kіlkіst vіdpratsyovanyh days with one robot at the middle for the river;

T - the middle trivial work day.

At the time of the analysis, there is a need for internal and external hours of work. Tsіlodennі triple the price for the formula:

UHF = KRf x (Df - Dpl) x Tm,

de и и и “ф ф” та “пл пл” означ означ означ означ означ означ означ означ означ означ ”” ”” та “та” ““ пл пл ”та“ та ““ “” ““ ““ ”” ”” ““ ““ ““ “” “” ““ “ф та ф“ ““ “пл пл пл“ ““ ““ пл пл ““ ““ ““ ““ ““ ““ “пл пл пл пл“ ““ ’

Inside the door:

VZZh = KRf x Df x (Tf - Tpl).

If you want to multiply your work time by the planned average year-long work time, the result means winter output for the clock inside work hours. Yakshcho in his cherished way to spend the working hours multiplied by the planned mid-day virobitok, then we’ll remove the winter product for the weekly hours of working hours.

During the analysis, it’s also unproductive to work during the hour. For example, in the middle virobitok negatively flowing in unproductive hours an hour for the remaining marriage, straightened marriage, and also through the view of normal minds of the robot.

You’ve increased product losses through marriage to the majority of people, the number of people who work, the number of people who’re working, the negative effect on the marriage, the middle and the same year.

Spill on the middle of the virobot of unproductive dodaty vitrats an hour, due to the lack of minds of robots, it’s possible to roam at such a way. On the spot, I will pay extra payments, for reasons that are due to contract workers, to extend the actual wage for the average year. I’ll cancel the part, which has the highest number of hours, multiply by the planned mid-year virobitok. For the most part, I respect the fact that I actually want to pay the average year’s salary with a dilenny of the actually paid fund for paying payroll for the best people-year.