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The defense of praci - Moskalova V.M.

6.3 Fire protection and security

6.3.1 Fire protection, materiel and speech and industry

The main characteristic of the material and speech is vibration and fire safety, which can be reduced to negative consequences when they are processed and re-transported.

Characteristics of vibration and fire safety authorities not є equivalent understanding of combustibility speech and material.

Surround the guidance indicator to the characteristics of the lack of care to establish the lower and upper concentration of the gap between the half of the year, the body and lower than the sum of the day, unaddressed until the end of the half-month.

The half -zone of the rosy area is the zone of the most frequent sites in the sum of the zones that we oxidize between the lower and the upper boundary spalahuvannya.

A tribute to the lower and upper concentrations between the half-month victories for the identification of the category of the most important types of gas, as well as for the development of the gas and gas distribution, and the second technology

In case of robotic technological possession for evaluating emergency situations, when filling in combustible speeches, victorious data on the temperature temperature and half-life are necessary, for certain

For the sake of visiting the security of fire safety in the process of burning combustible speeches, as well as the security of electrostatic technology of technological processes, the information about the energy consumption is low.

The minimal energy is self - prizing - the least important is the energy electric discharge, which is a great light for the easy borrower of the sum of gas, betting or sawing again.

In case of triviality trials in the reservoirs, as well as the intensities of the thermal and temperature conditions, the temperature is too high for such an indicator as shvidkig vigoranya.

Shvidkіst vigoryanynya - the whole number of words, yak zgoril for one hour in one square.

Shvidkost vigoryany characterizeєintensity igoryany speech in the minds of pozhezhі.

The magnitude, the way I characterize the optical power of the dim, the one who assimilates with the great speech in the volume of the meaning, I will name the number of diminutive. Win vikoristovatsya for the classics of materials for a diminutive building.

Dimout creativity of material buva бу: small, pomirna and visoka.

Indicator of toxicity of products of the city of polymeric materials and materials for the assessment of the specific types of materials.

Polymeric materials for indicators of toxicity of products are classified in:

  • overly unsafe up to 13 g / m3;
  • high security 13 to 40 g / m3;
  • Worldwide 40 to 120 g / m3;
  • low-safety ponad 120 g / m3.

The following indicators are available for evaluating the benefits of unsuccessful speeches and their totals, toxic toxicity, vicarious understanding, as well as the concentration of combustible speeches, and the maximum high temperature.

Is the concentration of combustible speech stoichiometric? In the total amount of combustible speech in the sum of the oxidizing medium, the formula is calculated as follows:

, (35)

de b - stoichiometric coefficient of acid in chemical reaction

the pride of this speech.

The temperature is adiabatic - the temperature of the products is theoretically calculated.