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6.3.2 Classification of primary and secondary installations for vibration protection and fire protection

For visualization of the level of fire, surface and surface, forget about it, as well as systems of searing, water treatment, ventilation and low parameters, it is necessary to know the classification (alarm) behind the level of vibration and fire.

The basis for the classification is to give further information, which means that it’s possible to know what else to do and what I’m going to have to do with the authorities and I’m going to ask the virology process.

The category for vibration-deafening and non-tense non-trivial wake-ups is even more important - the most characteristic is the non-trivial nature of the condition, which is indicated by the highest number of tertiary and non-trivial powers, and there is a greater degree of discrimination.

There are 5 categories for vibration and fire protection, which are divided into 5 categories: A, B, C, D, D, and optional installations on the category: , , , , .

Be sure to lie down to category A, as long as they contain combustible gases, LHP with a temperature of up to 28 ° C, and also, as long as you are safe and warm, if you take them out of the water, you can only have one vibration-free steam and gas supply, when borrowed, there is a clutch of vibrations in the area, but I’ll override 5kPa. Here you can see the storage of cylinders with pressurized combustible gas, gas storages, acetylene stations, paint shops and shops.

Prior to the event, there is an indication that there should be a combustible saw or fiber, LZR with a temperature of 28 ° C, combustible readings at such a rate, and you can choose between 4 Sit down here to hold the pump station, the paint shop de є ridini with a temperature of 28 to 120 ° C (gas, naphtha, turpentine, tar and other).

Note that if you keep up to the category of V, they include combustible gases, combustible and important combustible liquids, solid combustible liquids and materials, you should be able to keep them in good condition at a time, і B. Hurry up to lay down a fuel-and-storage warehouse, car garage, wood sawing, wood-processing, resin-grinding backwaters, warehouses of combustible materials and so on.

Attention should be paid to the category G, as well as non-combustible speeches and materials in hot, fried and melted ones, which are visible when there is a bit of warmth, are quicker and less combustible, (gas-generating stations, boiler houses, livarni, thermal workshops, automobile garages, depot і ін.).

Build up to category D, as they may contain non-combustible materials at the cold station. It’s a matter of sitting down all the time, but it’s not included in the categories A, B, C, D (mechanical storage plants, cold metal processing workshops, compressor stations, store metal and so on).

Buddy categories A and B є vibrant and unprotected, and categories B, G, D only those who are unburnt.

Rospodil primіshchenі i budіvel for categories wіth whісh shake-а-wіth and іnzhіdnіy carelessness to insure on the stage of the project for the appointment of the відповіднії stage іх vognestіkostі.

The category of the holiday is indicated, while in the total area there are the most important categories, which can be found in them. Budyvlі belong to the category A, it’s totally total area of ​​the category And in them I transfer 5% of the total amount of money. Prior to category B, there must be primacy, as long as the total area is primitive. Categories A and B will transfer 5% of the total area.

If you belong to category B, the area A, B, C is almost total for 5% of the total area, and the property has automatic fire protection settings.

Buddy categories G, net, also change the total area of ​​categories A, B, C, G, I transfer 5% of the total area.

Zovnіshnya installation - installation, the pose of primitiveness (zzovnі budinkіv) is simply heaven, but it’s pid dahi chi for frequent parts and constructions.

Visualization of the category of the most important installations of the building with a glance of the last update of the category to the category of categories (A3) to lower (D3).

Installation to be carried up to category A3, as a rule to be found (wrapped) combustible gases (GH); easily borrowed temperature with a temperature of no more than 28 ° С; speeches of abo material, such as vibuhati and city during interchange with water, sour repetition, or even one with one. Horizontal separation of zones, which will mix gas and gas volumes with a concentration of combustible speech, a lower half of the extended half ( ) I’m moving over 3 m (Denmark criterion to store gas for combustible gases and steam), but there’s another extra-tight vice at the time of gas, steam and gas replenishment in 30 minutes of the 5th installation

Installation to be carried up to category B3, as a rule to be found (wrapped) combustible saw i / abo fiber; easily borrowed temperature with a temperature greater than 28 ° С; combustible ridins. Horizontal separation of zones, which will mix gas and gas volumes with a concentration of combustible speech, a lower half of the extended half ( ), I redefine the gas meter (Denmark criterion to save fuel for combustible gases and steam), as well as an extra excessive vice at the time of gas, steam, and a couple of saw-offs in the middle of 30 installation 5 times.

The setting is to be carried to category B3, as well as to be included (wrapped) in combustible gases, light-weighted, combustible or importantly combustible, combustible sawn and solid, combustible, and importantly one with one vibuhati i goriti abo tilki goriti for umov think that installation does not appear in categories A3 abo B3. Intensity of thermal heating is possible after the installation of 30 meters of the standard installation, I re-distribute 4 kW-m2.

The setting is to be brought to category G3, which is usually used to identify (wrap) incombustible speech or materials in a hot, baked, or melted station, when processing is required, it is often necessary to gasulate a little, spalyuyutsya but utilizuyutsya in the heat of the sand.

Installation to submit to category D3, but won’t to enter category to category , , , .

Klasifіkatsіya primіshchen for the rules of regional electrical installations

Згідно з Rules for the improvement of electrical installations (ПУЕ) to ensure that they are dry, safe, especially hot, hot, washed, with a chemically active medium, freshly shabby recovina.

The rules for classifying two groups are primitive, for some types of electric dzherely zhalyuvannya can winikati zagoryannya, pozhzhі y vibuhi. Tse - fire-prevention and vibration-free. The okremo group is aware of the installation of a freshly vibrated non-supportive cradle.

As a result of unfortunate incentives, you get involved in such a way, some get wrapped up, but they can get firm and combustible speech.

Behind the step of the winter season, the following rules are indicated: П-І, П-ІІ, П-ІІа and П-ІІІ.

Klas P-І - for the sake of primacy, de р combustible ridins with the temperature of the hardships of the steam ponad 61? C (store masts, filter out the village і ін.).

Klas P-ІІ - a whole note, for some, during the technological process, it was possible to see combustible drank some fiber in the aerosol station and not at all bother with an old one without vibuha (wood-processing workshops ін.).

Klas P-ІІа - for the first time, de combustible recovini can be found at a solid fiber stand without any sawing of fibers (textile, papier, village ін.).

Klas P-ІІІ - installation of the first monster of combustible ridins (with tc> 61?) And solid combustible materials (see the storehouses of mineral mills, peat, vugіll and so on).

The vibro-indefensible medium is volume, in a certain medium the heirs of the natural or virological officials can be vibrious.

Vibration-free zone is an open space at an approximate level of installation, in some cases there is a lower vibration rate in which there is a chance for a special installation,

Gas and steam vibrations and safety mediums approve vibrant and safe zones of classes 0, 1, 2, and pilings - vibratory and non-safe zones of classes 20, 21, 22.

Vibration-free zone of class 0 is simple, in a certain vibration-free environment, the middle ground is present at all for a long time.

Vibration-free zone of class 1 is simple, in a certain vibration-free environment the middle can be completed within an hour of normal work (if the installation is correct before its settings are complete).

Vibration-free zone of class 2 is simple, in some cases there is a safety gap for normal minds of normal operation, and it’s only out of the ordinary, then it’s rare and trivial. In these huts there are catastrophic catastrophic incidents (manifold piping in a tall vice or tanks of significant space).

The frequency of the winnings and trivialities of the vibration-free gas-vapor and vapor medium is to be recognized by the rules (norms) of the standard industrial hallmarks.

Vibration-free zone for class 20 is simple, for some people it was normal for us to drink and vibrate in vigil, which was always present, but often in good condition, there was plenty of room for more concentration. Zvichayno tse mak mіsce vseredinі possession, drank mozhvati vibuhonebechepnі sumіshі often і on trivial termіn.

Vibration zone for class 21 is simple, at any time you normally need to operate a saw at a watch in the room for more, in order to assure that there is a constant concentration of vibration.

Vibration-free zone of class 22 is simple, in some people who have no safety, it is not often possible for a dependent person to appear without any reason, but in a certain way, a vibration-free saw can be used to repeatedly assimilate.

In order to include a zone closer to ownership, I’ll wipe it out, and I can wiggle it in a whirlwind and form a saw blade.

Classes and rozmiri of non-vibrant zones for the most common vibratory installations are subject to adherence to the norms of the technological design of the process and the features of the technological processes and shut down in the established order with the help of the legislation.

For the absence of notice from the normative documents for the most advanced installations, it is allowed to accept the vibration-free zone of class 2 between:

- 0.5 m horizontal and vertical view closed secured door and door locks;

- 3 m horizontal and vertical view of closed technological devices filled with combustible gases and LZR;

- 5 m horizontally and vertically I will attach for Wikidu iz from the near and dyhalnyh valves in capacities and technological devices with combustible gases ABO LZR;

- 20 m horizontally and vertically in the middle of the curve to the oil and to the loading for foodstuffs to the horizontal and the fresh and bulk LZR.

I’ve seen a lot of installations, I’m able to see combustible gases in the atmosphere, a couple of LZRs, an hour of normal robot operation, a little less of a vibe-free zone of class 1 (for example, a lot of naphtha drill bits, a valve, a little more). For all the necessary information from the normative documents, the class 1 zone is allowed to be accepted between 1 and less than 1 m.

Beyond the boundaries of the vibration-free zone of class 1, as a rule, the presence of the vibration-free zone of class 2.

Zones of flammable gas pipelines, LZR not є non-vibrant behind the vignette of zones of class 2 between 3 m between horizontal and vertical view of shut-off valves and flanged pipelines.

Class zones of primary, total with vibration-free zone of primary primitive

Klas vibrant zones

Class zones of primary, total with vibrant and non-safe zone of primary and secondary visibility

A wall (door) from the door, located at the vibrant security zone

With a wall (partition) without openings, but with openings, possessed by vestibule sluices, anyway, there is a posture that shows a pose in a vibrant and non-safe zone



Not vibuo- and not pozhnezhnebezpechennaya zone


Not vibuo- and not pozhnezhnebezpechennaya zone

Not vibuo- and not pozhnezhnebezpechennaya zone



Not vibuo- and not pozhnezhnebezpechennaya zone


Not vibuo- and not pozhnezhnebezpechennaya zone

Not vibuo- and not pozhnezhnebezpechennaya zone

In all the huts of the wall and the partitions the main guards are saw-gas-impermeable, and the doors are prototype, so that they can be seen in the smaller zone of non-secure zones.