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Economic analysis (compendium)

5.3. Analysis of the safety of material resources and the effectiveness of the past

5.3.1. Analysis of material and technical posting and stan reserve

An analysis of the layout of the material-technical postachannya is carried out using the method of correctness of recognition of the need for material resources. Consume guilty of acquaintance on the basis of a tribute about the plan of obyazheny virobnitzstva products, norms and standards vitrat and reserves. Really consume from the highest material resources, as I would like to get the most out of demand for materials and the sum of the most powerful internal resources.

When conducting an analysis, you need to understand that you should consume all the materials you need for secure contracts with posters, so that you can come to terms with us. For the whole, the planned and actual factual care is planned:

Кзабпл = (internal jerel pokritty consumer in natural vimіr + agreement is made for the delivery of materials in natural vimirі) / (planned demand for materials in natural vimirі);

Kzabf = (internal jerel pokritty consumption in natural vimir + cleaned up postalnik in materials in natural vimir) / (planned demand for materials in natural vimir_).

The first one is to show the safety of the goods for the customers by contractual agreements, and the other - how much of the actual supply, to curb the consumption (because, obviously, the delivery plan is completed).

Sled proanalizuvati vikonannya post-shalschiki leather contract, vrahovuychi terms and assortment of supplies. If you want to agree that you do not go around with the posters, then you need to understand what you have said to them for breaking the contract of sanction.

An indirect indicator of the equality of the posture is the absence of idleness through the instability of syrovini and material.

If there was a simple occurrence through the availability of goods and materials, you need to receive the goods, the goods and purchases in the warehouses, and the stinks were delivered immediately to the workbench.

Analysts also z'yasovuyut, chi vіdpovіdaє yakіst іtrimanih vіd postachalnikіv materіalіv standards, technical minds and minds agreements. The delivery order of unclaimed materials is also z'yasovyut, which bulo visunuto claims to the postoachalam.

For the security of uninterrupted virology, there is only one important thing to do with organizing the collection of stockpiles. It’s clear that the skin is subject to material and technical adherence to compliance, the reserves at the margin can be stolen.

Reserve material values ​​for business include: current and insurance (reserve), technological and seasonal stocks.

Up to the maximum norms of the reserve, enter the storage of the warehouse. Won the image of the reserve at the time of the purchase of the party materials.

Do not enter the current reserve up to the minimum norm. The standard is the standard image of the stock at the time, if the current stock is the number of units and the need for on-time delivery of supplies. The current supply during the entire period of supply is quite a bit to the supply interval for the other day and that of the middle-class vitrachanny of the ith material.

The factual nature of the subject matter of material and technical posting for the skin self-sustaining position of the nomenclature is the same as the maximum and minimum standard reserve, which is turned over in the days of turning over to the virobnitstvo. As a matter of fact, keep less than the minimum standards, then the next term is new, the shreds of the threat of fear of violence through the failure of materials. As a matter of fact, store more than the maximum norms, then stink є excess. The excesses are fully realizuvati and get to the turnover of viruses with such a rank of pennies.

Short delivery of materials, but delivery of unclaimed goods, replacement of some materials and supplies, winter prices for supplies, broken delivery schedules, up to twelve times the cost of the viro products, and the cost of the costs. I’m going to analyze the results of the visit.

Short-term delivery of virology products due to lack of delivery of materials and delivery of goods with a shortage of delivery of insufficient supplies to the norm of their output per unit of production. Also, it’s quick and easy to use low-cost materials, and with a hat, they’ll meet the planned requirements for the standard rate of the material for one product.

The result of replacing one material with the latest winnings is normal in terms of the rate of material for viral products. Schob rozrahuvati have lost money on behalf of one, you need to turn the material on a single product multiplied by the actual oath to the first time on the same material and the price on a single material. In addition, foreign materials (not previously distributed by agreement) may be able to transfer pre-processing, yak, from your own house, transferring additional payments for payment of legal fees. Їх pіdrakhovuyu grudge a plurality of salaries for one unit of materialization on the basis of material materials. I’ll remove the amount of benefits for the percentage of picks for social consumption.

The substitution of one material for transferring the same number at the price of material. To spend more money on a vipadka, signify as a whip a plurality of sacrifices in price for the number of materials that have been replaced.

Greatly shorten May at a broken supply term. Deliveries of non-delivery deliveries to non-existent materials and simple availability. Pidrakhuvati and three times obyagіv virobnitstva possible with a slam many times the number of people-year-long downtime for the planned mid-year virobitok products. Ale, fragments of simple, they didn’t become guilty of paying a fee, then pay for the payment, then pay the same for the fee for paying the price. For the whole number of people-years of simple days, multiply by the average price for one person-year. I’ll dissolve the amount of money for the percentage of picks for social consumption.