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Economic analysis (compendium)

5.3.2. Analysis of material resources

To characterize the level of vitality of materials, the indicator of materiality is shown. Vin rozrahovuetsya as vidnoshennya vartostі vitrachenich material resources to vartostі commodity products. Victory and Wrapping Indicator - Materials, Return, or Product Worth for Hryvnias and Warnings for Material Resources.

On the indicator of material inconvenience is the oath of the oath of commodity products and the amount of material costs for в virobnitsvo. The oversight of products from the Virazny Virazi, to one's own homeland, is to lay down the entire number of products, the structure, the price. The amount of material costs also lies in the form of product liability, the structure of the material, the cost of the material per unit of the product and the cost of the material.

From time to time, you can go for a walk, with the main officials of the international materials and materials, the structure of the products, the rate of the material and the price, the price of the goods. The rosrahunk is right in time for this official to be held for the help of the lanyards of the pans. The order of the roses is as follows:

1) to materialize on the basis of the planned tribute: MMpl = МЗпл (with Vвпpl, PVplі, ПЗplі, ЦМпplі) / Тппл (with Vвпpl, PVplі, Цпplі),

de MZpl - material costs for virobnitstvo products;

Vvppl - irrelevant number of products;

PVpli - product structure;

PZplі - vitrati materials on a single product;

ЦМплі - prices on the material;

TPL - an oath of gross product;

Цпплі - відпускні prices for products;

2) to pay less attention to materiality1 (for the actual number of products and planned products of the planned higher warehouses: MMM1 = MZum1 (with Vvpf, PVpli, Pzplі, Tsplpl, Vpl, Vpl;

3) to pay less attention to materiality 2 (with the actual number of products and actual products, the actual structure of the planned storehouses: MMum2 = MZum2 (with Vvpf, PVfi, PPlif, Vpl, Tsplif, Vlf, Vpl, Tsplif, Vlf;

4) to pay less money for material 3 (with actual number of products, actual structure, actual amount of materials for one unit, 3/3, total 3) at Vvpf, PVfі, Tsplpl);

5) the amount of material required is limited to 4 (with actual number of products, actual structure, actual number of products, actual price, the total price is 4). TPum4 (with Vvpf, PVfі, Tsplpl);

6) the actual materiality is required to be covered: ММф = МЗф (with Vвфф, PVfі, ПЗфі, ЦМфі) / TPf (with Vвпф, PVфі, ЦПфі);

7) the number of bureaucrats is indicated on the official list of the actual material planned:

a) the number of violated products: (MMum1 - MMpl);

b) product structure: (MMum2 - MMum1);

c) vitrate of materials per unit of production: (MMum3 - MMum2);

d) price on material resources: (MMum4 - MMum3);

d) price for products: (MMF - MMum4).

Also, in the course of the analysis, it is necessary to obtain the required material, the amount of the product, and the product type. Vaughn to lay down the form of obiagiv virobnitstva, the norms of vitrachannya materіalіv, ikh their vartostі that vidpusknyh prices for products. The method of analysis is analogous to wikladenia (ale slіd wikipedi razrakhunok vplyu official of structural materials at the warehouse).

Razrahovuєєє вп вплив впливливливливливливливливливливливливливлив матлив мат на ер на на на на на на на на на на на на на на на на налив об на об на на на на об на налив на на The price list is held on the basis of a submission of a product release to a view of material costs (MH) and materials (MV) (VP = MH x MV), and at a view of material costs (MM) (VP). For razrahunku vlivau chinnikov (material costs and materials) for the first model can be secured by accepting the absolute rziznits (vrahuvavshi, scho yak_snim official є materіalomistkіst). For another - a priyom lantsyugovyh podstavkan. When tsoyom scheme rosarahunka offensive:

1) VPPL = MZpl / MMpl;

2) VPF = MZf / MMF;

3) VPum = MZf / MMpl;

4) infusion of officials:

a) material costs: (VPum - VPpl);

b) materials and materials: (VPf - VPum).

At the end of the analysis, the materials and materials shall be checked out of the reserve reserves and the liability for the products on the basis of the material and material resources. When you take into account the possibility of collapse, the ability to move quickly to the most kinds of materials (especially defective). For the sake of appreciation, you can take the overshoot of increasing the number of products for the market for economic resources, the required number of materials, as much as possible, add the standard rate for the material.