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The defense of praci - Moskalova V.M.

6.3.3 Vimogi shodo vibuho and pozhezobezpeka at vikoristanannі electrical installations

For secure and trivial robots, electric power is needed, so that their design is presented to the minds of the nature and nature of the technological process.

We will electrically resetting the buva to the highest degree of protection and ignorance, but not to the least concern of the vibuhozahist.

Vikonannya of such installations can be but better:

  • vіdkritі - so that you don’t have to bother with special prisosuvan vid vidadkogo touch up to the jet-forming parts, as well as vid idly in the middle of the saw, the breeze of the water i_in. Cooling іх vіdbuvaєsya repeated, which will penetrate most of all;
  • seized - there is no need to shave (shields, sieves) for zahist to take a look in the middle of third-party solid ti і vipadkovy dotik to jet-forming parts. The installation is cold again and not dirty, saw, fibers, water breezes;
  • zakritі - so that you can grind the sheath, the yak of the graveyard, see the middle of the fibers of the rough saw and the water droplet, but not the gravy, see the penetration of the thin saw, gas and steam;
  • vibration protection - as such, I can save a lot of energy, so I can make it easier for me to burn off the vibration-free steam and gas sawtooth of the middle of the electric motors, arcs and heated parts of the property;
  • ронskronebezpechni ’- that’s the way, for some kind of electric discharge, if you don’t heat up, the vibro-indefensible medium should be brought to a halt for normal, so and emergency mode of robot.

In more than one place, there is a short circuit to the electrical installation, for the first time - to the power supply, and especially to the open circuit, there is no need to close the circuit.

At primaries with a non-combustible saw of the installation, lock and close clean and blow clean cleanly. In primitive houses with an active middleware in the construction of electrical installations buva ’with hіmіchno style іzolyatsієyu.

In electrical installations існує such a zahist is automatically automatically turned on. The complexity of the yoke of the aristocracy is known to spouses from jet-driven parts during the ruining of the elementary elements, so that you can undo the vibration-free medium.