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The defense of praci - Moskalova V.M.

Vnogasnі power of halogen rechinov

Describes the food of the sums, as a rule, mending passivity for half a year, without being addicted to kinetics and chemical reaction, but I’ll need to be rejuvenated.

For cancellation, a promising ик victorious sum is more promising, since there will be galvati protіkannya reaction in the middle of a series.

Prior to such extinguishing agents, add sums of halogen speeches .

For the sake of suppression, on a separate scale, the sum of the victors of the past table was commemorated. Behind the cordon, the stench was called halogen, while in our country it was freon.

I’m so cool that I’m tempted to learn more from the gas station, so I’m from the gas station, so I’ll take care of the fire and penetration of the speckles at the half-moon, and also make the bet about the middle of the game.

Freons are characterized by a low temperature of freezing, garnish of dielectric power, and we can shave them for low temperatures and quench their electricity in the cold, so they can be relieved.

After all, on the basis of their freedoms, there is a significant shortcoming - stink of repairing people’s organs on the basis of people’s organs of vision of a slightly narcotic drug. The products of the thermal distribution of refrigerants have a high degree of toxicity, especially if the stench is played on the skin of people, or even in a public hat. It is out of the middle of the bed to lie down in that, as soon as the middle of the burning is completed.

Characteristics of powdered incidents pozhogogasіnnya

For extinguishing, it’s not possible to extinguish with water, victorious powders.

Flavored powders - all of which are mineral salts with different additives, so that they can be stored and stored.

Until the best operating authorities of extinguished powders, establish their health up to:

  • chemical galvanic reaction;
  • approval on the surface to burn water spills;
  • the approval of powder khumari, scho vishtovuєє kisen zoni zhorіnnya;
  • mechanically hammering half-solid parts.

Additives, fireproof powders, may have good fluidity, quality, anti-aging, breast-confining, excrement and so on.

I have a short notice of concern зд зд зд зд зд зд зд зд зд зд зд зд зд зд зд зд зд зд зд зд зд зд зд зд зд зд зд зд зд зд зд зд зд зд зд зд зд зд зд зд зд зд зд зд зд зд зд зд ouch,

Vnogasnasny powders dispose of the first and second special purpose.

Zagalny powders of prikaznachenniya vikoristovut for extinguishing the sound of organically combustible speeches with a whisk, the assimilation of powder khumari, yakogore є еред еред еред пож пож еж.

Prior to the powders of the final designation, it is necessary to put on them, then they can be prepared for carbonatonates, phosphoric-ammonium, or amphos-based (PSB-3, Pirant-A, Pirant AN, P2-AP, P-2APM). Pіranti vikoristovuyut for the extinguishing of fumes and solid combustible materials, combustible fuels, gas, electrical installation.

Powders of special designation are used for extinguishing combustible specks, forcing the primers for a certain amount of fuel, to burn, for example, with a commercially available fireball (thrown) to extinguish.

The following must be included in the powder warehouse: sodium bicarbonate, stearic acid, calcium, zinc, magnesium, graphite, phosphate, talc, stearate of important metals, high strength, chemically pure polymer, and more.

The effect of fireproof powder powders in:

  • I dilute the combustible medium with the products and distribute the powder to the powder without powder powder;
  • the cooling zones of burning for the heat of the heat and the powder;
  • Engaging in chemical reactions, I will consider the development of the process.

May all the descriptions described in the complete recitation be comprehensive in the process of burning. However, for their dermal reasons there is their own dominion of power, such as the impact on the experience of the liquidation, as well as on the vibration of that problem. So, for:

  • vodi - tse chilled;
  • pini - izolyatsіya the series of burning;
  • powder - galvanic reaction;
  • Vugletsu Dioxide - dilution of combustible sums with repeat;
  • halogen-free carbohydrates - engine.

The vibe of that chi way of burning out is signaled to the coveted authorities of the externally speaking speeches and the characteristics of quiet materi als, to burn.