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The defense of praci - Moskalova V.M.

Pervinni sobi pozhegogasіnnya

Before the first concerns, follow:

  • fire suppressors;
  • pozhnzhni crani-complete, hand pumps
  • shovels, crowbars, sokiri, gaki, drank, crimson;
  • crates with pishkom, barrels with water;
  • asbestos panels, rebels of mother and child.

First of all, fill in the fire on the fire boards, as well as add one shield on the area of ​​5000 m2 to the territory of the area. It’s stinky to eat buti farbovanі at chervoniya kol_r, and a burning tool at black.

In the midst of the first concerns, the role is to play the role of fire-suppressors of different types: water, water-pin, powder, carbonic acid, gas.

Fallow is the way to transport the stink: I’m portable (up to 20 kg) and overpowered (up to 450 kg).

Deposited with the fire-suppressors, they buy small amounts of water (up to 5 l), manual (up to 10 l), overdrive (ponad 10 l).

The fireboxes are marked with letters, which means the look is in numbers, which means the volume.

The most promising ones are powder powders and suppressors, which are suitable for damping tin metals, LZR and TR, electrocooler, which can be burned with a plug up to 1000V, solid and gas-like streaks.

Naybilsh rozpovsuchengenimi є:

OP-1, OP-2, OP-9, OP-10 - portable;

OPA-50, OPA-100 - peresuvnі.

You’ll stink out more than a warehouse of powder and add to the supply.

Vuglekotlotnyh fire extinguishers are stalled for dying of fire in cars, cars and for small volumes of naphtha products, as well as electrical installations with a maximum of 1000V.

At the fire extinguisher’s building, it’s possible to get carbonic acid gas at the gas station at a high vise of 6 mPa (manual) and 15 mPA (portable). At the mouth of the mounting tank there is a special start-up attachment with a siphon tube, which is given at the door for the auxiliary valve or pistol attachment. Vikhodyachi with the balloon name, the two-oxide vuglets will be redirected to the lower mass for the temperature - 80? C.

Vibir type vognegasnika voznachaetsya rozmіramy zagoryannya і moglivih osredkіv pozhezh.