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The defense of praci - Moskalova V.M.

6.6.8 Introducing food and drink

Єsnuє perelіk Posad, with priznachennі on yakі prazіvniki zobov'yazanі go through the first and second turn of knowledge from the supply of fireless bezpeki .

The system of introducing the rules of the winter service is specified one time before the “Typical provision for the special service, instruction and re-knowledge of the supply of the winter service at establishments and organizations”.

The program of obyazykovy protozhezhny і instructing the transfer є, all without a vignette prazivniki, as if take up a robot, may pass to pass the first instruction about come in firefighting bespek.

Programs to go to the food service of the Bezgezhny Bezpeka to have the best weather with the bodies of the sovereign Szhezhny look. The programs may include the reasons for the winnings of the festival, visit the previous week of the weekly visit.

Individuals who want to get involved in a safe and tidy summer holiday can go through a special navigation (fire-technical minimum) for a folding folding program with the first initial training program.

Starting for the program of the fencing-technical minimum є obov'yazimim for such posad yak electricians, elektrozvaryuvalniki, apparatniki chemical, naphtha-recycling and so on.

The contingent of pracivnikіv, who should go for the program of the fired-technical minima to become a decree of the curriculum ob'єktu.

Pratsivniki, who are busy on robots with a well-known winter experience, may go to the city once and for all to know about the most normative acts of the fire-safe. Posadovi individuals to pass through the knowledge periodically once every three rocky.

With the head method, start-up by the staff of the knowledge of knowledge and nutrition of the elderly people and the skill of practical practice on the Vinadka Vyzhnie pozhezh.

With the head method, start-up by staff of knowledge of the knowledge of food safety and practical training on how-to-go work.

Self-service robot

  • Zagalnі vіdomostі about pozhzhі that ikh reasons.
  • Understanding about forestry and landscape and that method of extinguishing.
  • Zagalnosvіtova statistics on fire and social insurance for the first time in Ukraine.
  • Istoriya dezvitku dezhnezhnogo izpishta and the establishment of fencing aid in Ukraine.
  • Technique of fire in the past and final hours.
  • Meetings in the Galuzia of the Right Hand.
  • The system of managing the fugitive service in the state.
  • The legal basis of dyalnost is, according to the regulations of vimogs in the galuzi of fireless bezpeki.
  • Peculiarities of the city sawing up the sum.
  • Wash the chemical, thermal and microbiological self-borrowing.
  • Obruntuvannya categories of vibration and fire safety, primschenie rozrahunkovym grooms.
  • Vimogi is often vibro- and irresponsible in the case of electric wiring.
  • Primenennenya i ambush the system and then again.
  • Rozrahunok bliskavkov_dvodіv for oblashtuvannya them bud_vel and equipment.
  • The main vimogi to the proto-burnt waterfall.
  • Oblashtuvannya piece water for the consumption of fire.
  • Characteristics of stationary installations of water damping
  • Stationary installation of a dead gas fire.
  • Vimogi to automatic installations of gas pozhogogasіnnya.
  • The evacuation of people and the vimogs before the disclosure of the evacuation of evils.
  • Processes of the evacuation evacuation people and the evacuation evacuation of the weekly events.
  • Vimogi of much special structural design of protidymic zhistu bu_vel and equipment.
  • Organizational and technical care of the firefighting and security personnel and the staff at one hour on a regular basis.