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The defense of praci - Moskalova V.M.

6.6.6 Instructions and visits

On the subject of potential, there is a threat of guilt over fire, for the establishment of a proper protivorezhny regime, there may be more and more detailed instructions on how to enter the city without any worries, as well as be hardened by business. You’ll stink at work, the staff of the company may be instructed to do the same with the help of the unprotected camp.

Instructions may be broken down like backdoors, for industrial applications for environmental structural units, as well as for technological operations, machines and possessions.

I would like to give a detailed instruction on the detailed analysis of the reliable business practices, the technical process to the standard technical documentation of the safety rules.

In the instructions to enter the category of responsibility for the vibration-safe and safe, to give a description of the reliable and safe care of the object, go to the cob before robots, during the last hour of the robot, and then send the message.

In the instructions, vimogs appear before the anti-burning regime in the territory of the country, on the hats of evacuation, on the working missions, as well as on the other hand, LZR GR and so on.

In the instruction manual, there are several instructions on how to enter a technological possession of a win-win order and bring a number of automatic automatic services to them.

If you need more technical information, the specifics of the winter season are not negligible for technological processes, viral acquisitions, categories of primitives, bells and bells and whistles and so on.

6.6.7 Diya staff pid hour winnings

The success of the dinner is to lay down the stage of preparation of the training and to the staff before the meeting in extreme minds.

At times, you’ll see a sign of burning (dim, smell, half-moon), a great-looking man who wants to know more about the organization of fire protection (01), a curious person, and I’ll put a person in the house, and also ask them to come in and out of the way, until the expiration of that and the conservation of material values.

The staff is very good to know the signs, and when they see the nobility, they are signaled by the planting instructions from the bezpeka.

Prior to arriving at the fugitive service of the Republic of Lithuania, there is a possibility to turn on the power supply for turning on the power and switching on the electric power supply, supply and supply ventilation, and increase the number of working hours.

Among the members of the DPD, for operational and agreed work, all the time, the requirements are fixed, the picture is shown in the table of the operational checklist, which is the additional to the operational plan of the fire.

Posadova’s person before the arrival of the fierce-rituval service is visible beyond the boundaries of non-custodial zones of all rights, so as not to take part from the liquidation of the labor and all of the wake-ups and efforts to resolve the situation.

For successful litigation, the cobs have a great deal of importance, comparison, correctness and understanding, as well as good knowledge of the technical tactics of the staff.

Before arriving at the festive service, the staff of the site will be paid only the description of the item, the description of the first time.