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The defense of praci - Moskalova V.M.

6.6.5 Fire Protection and Organization Gas Protection

In order to ensure the necessary level of fire safety at the sites and in the population centers, we’ll set up the fire department, as if to follow:

  • sovereign;
  • vidomchu;
  • silsku (mіstsevu);
  • voluntarily.

The State Sovereign Service is based on the military and professional sections of the South, which are in the order of the Ministry of Taxes and Duties. Структураї structure, functions, requirements and rights as stipulated by the Law “On Fire Bezpeka” and the Regulations on Fire Protection (1994).

Pidrozdіli of the State Sovereign and Ritual Service are located in populated areas, as well as being especially important is important because I’m going to have a great deal of fire.

Vidomcha fire protection is organized at the offices of well-known residents for a half-hour cabin. Ob'kktova is on fire; the defense is taking care of the objects of well-known publicity on the part of the agreement between the fire-fighting service of the regional apparatuses and oblasts. In order to keep them functional, they are confused with normative acts, as a rule at the State Sovereign Service.

At populated localities of the Republic of Germany, the State Sovereign Service, the organization of administrative control, the provision of financial support and financial support are required for their small and medium-sized families.

Dobrovіlnny pozhyzhnі squad (DPD) are settled on the business of the number of people with the method of sending a video of the city of bezpeka.

Dobrovіlna pozhezhnaya okhona makh vіdpovіdnu materіalno-tekhnіchnu base, special equipment technical possession, fill in the string, secure with special clothing and tidies of individual zahistu.

The financial and material support of the sovereign fugitive and domestic service, please pay attention to the budget of the sovereign budget, as well as the budget and the budget, and we will protect them.

The special warehouse of the State Sovereign and Ritual Service (ordinary and middle) is the main operational arrivals of the deadline. Hours are already dead. There are four people who are in danger of being left unattended.
A single number is assigned to the fire-protection wiki, 01. The gas supply is turned off without shipment, and the cigars, which are connected with the security service, are not sent to the gas supply service.

After the presentation of the warehouse commission the materials about the request for forms of the Ministry of Taxes and Duties.

The order is canceled and established by the Ministry of Taxes and Duties of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the fixed season of ministries and departments, as well as may conduct regional surveys on objects, which must be kept up to competency and analyze the reasons for their completion.

The procedure for the implementation of the regional law and regulations shall be recognized as the “Rules of regional law and insurance” (No. 2030, 2003).

State region pozhezh zdіysnyuє MNS. About the benefits of the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Education and Science, we will give you monthly information from the Ministry of Taxes and Duties.

Vidpovidalnost for their daily submission of great tributes and turnaround to the oblast is paid to the winners of the ministries, branches and enterprises, as well as to lead the region.

Looking for additional legalities in the field of fire protection of the public prosecutor’s office on duty.