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The defense of praci - Moskalova V.M.

6.6.4 Sovereign winter sight

In the system of the Ministry of Taxes and Duties, the sovereign fresh weather є special service, as a helper, come in regularly at the populated areas and on the objects of state donation (the State Fire Service).

The central authority of the State Fire Service є the State Department of the SZhEZhNO Bezpeki of the Ministry of Taxes and Duties of Ukraine (DDPB), such as territorial administrations, representatives of the State Security Service, and others.

Organize to the State Commission on a monthly basis until they may agree on them May:

  • to scrutinize the proprietary rules of the Szegednaya Bezpeka;
  • Pogodzhuvati design of sovereign and galusevic standards, normative and technical documents about fire protection and safety;
  • zdіysnyuvati control over the subsidiary of the legislation of the Russian Federation for the supply of fireproof bespeka;
  • to take the fate of the sovereign commissions to accept the operation of the project and to receive the introduction of new and reconstructed facilities to the operation;
  • to carry out an examination of projects for forgetting about the normative acts of the normative acts of the winter safety;
  • conduct a test of new experiences of the non-affluent state of ownership and so on.

Posadovi individuals and inspectors of the office of the fugitive may have the right to:

  • carry out a fire and security inspection, installation, organization independently of the forms of moisture;
  • possess necessary explanatory materials;
  • supremacy to the warriors and the people of the Obov'yazkov for the endorsement about the consolidation of the devastation and the shortcomings of the winter bezpeka;
  • zasovuvati penal sanctions at times ruined legislative legislature vimog szhezhnoї bezpeki;
  • if you pick up the robot at the time of the development of the ruin of the rules of the winter bezpeka.

From now on, the main goals of the State Welfare є control over the additional requirements of the highest state standards, the rules of the elderly in the process of the project, the work, reconstruction, and the maintenance of the public, as well as the fact that I have

As a rule, the rules of the elderly have been ruled out to pay heavy hardships to winners who are attracted to the criminal code with the criminal code, a certain transmission of the correct robots in a row up to 2 times, and at a certain amount of time.

On one occasion, before their public gatherings, organizing a state support, we will conduct technical research on the causes and causes of loss, loss of life or injury to people, lack of knowledge of material values.

Organizing the State through the eyes of the people not to lie down is there any kind of large organs, obdnan, political forms, but organs of a vikonavchio state. It’s okay to see the Law “On Burning Bezpek” and the Regulation on Organizations.