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The defense of praci - Moskalova V.M.

6.6.3 Obov'yazki posadovih osib and gorodyan shodo zabechenniya zhezhnoї bezpeki

The protection of the fireproof bezpeka , in accordance with the dignity of the law, is subject to the installation, organization and distribution.

Kerivniks of industrial enterprises shall signify the requirements for the settlement of winter holidays, with orders to designate the basic structural requirements, and to ensure the use of technical equipment and technical assistance.

In particular, before the winter season, the order (instruction) is to establish the final protection regime, which will be transferred:

  • the procedure for conducting fireless robots;
  • on / off electrical switch-off;
  • dії pracіvnikіv in such obstavnik.

Vidovdalnist for taking protivozhezhnyh visits personally pay on the billing facility without the right to transfer to the newest persons.

Kerivnik zdіysnyuє outside of kerivnitsvo robot in the sphere of fireproof bezpeki.

Vidovidnye individuals at structural pidrozdahlah to have a volodity of information about rezhnezh nebezpeku of technological processes, to protect the protivoperezhny mode, please take care of the preparation of prіtsivnik_v so on.

At enterprises with a large number of 50 ponies, a fire-technical team (PTC) will be appointed, the head engineer will be designated the head, and the head specialty will be the member.

Head functions of the PTK

  • see the shortcomings and destruction in the process of operating and expanding the entrance of the second half;
  • take a part in the development of the rules of the rules of the Szczecin;
  • zdіsnyuvati vіdpovіdnі come in protypozhezhnogo zastu;
  • to carry out a mass-rose’s explaining robot that propaganda of the rules and the winter safety of bespeka;

The people of Ukraine of the day of work, the rules of winter care, safety, as well as the first arrivals of the fire, and at the time of their stay, they need to be protected and have to pay for their holidays.

The protection of firefighting homes at the homes of the sovereign, enormous private private housing fund, up to and including dignified legislation, is paid for in the apartment and apartment.