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The financial mill of the enterprise and the hat of the yogi

1.2. Control over the financial mill of the company

In the organization and management robots for financial loans, there is a special loan. There’s something bagato about why to lay down the privacy and the need for financial security of the virological-state dyalnosti that flourished pidprimstva, the vision of financial goiter'yazan before the state and those subnational government grants.

Financial activity is a system of forms and methods, so that it can be used for financial security functions and their availability of supplies, because they are practically free of charge.

The financial dіyalnіst of pіdpriyomstva is fixed on the vіrіshennya of such main zavdan:

- financial security of in-line virological and state dyalnosti;

- reserve bookings for income, income, profitability and plateauing;

- Visiting financial goiter'yazan in front of sub-grants of state donations, budget, banks;

- mobilization of financial resources in total, which is necessary for the financing of virological and social development, and the increase in capital;

- control of an effective, efficient and vikoristannym

financial resources. The financial robot of the business is welcome for such basic strains:

financial forecasting and planning;

analysis and control of virological-state dyalnosti;

efficient, in-line financial and economic robot,

Financial forecasting and planning є one of the most respectable financial robots of business. At this stage of financial robots, the need for groshy hardships for security, normal virology and state care, and the possession of such hardships are recognized.

For market minds, self-determination is self-evidently straightforward and rosy for a little bit of money, which is a bit of a surplus in paying orders. By adding up the financial plan є recognition of financial resources, capital and reserves based on the forecast of the financial indicators: total reverse assets, amortization of losses, surplus, payables, sums of losses.

Planning a virus є you need to develop a plan for a profit from realizing products, recognizing the amount of planned payments from the budget. The reason for the correctness and the correctness of the rosunka of the virus by the great world is to lay the reality of the main jerel of the necessary pennies and the rosemary of the planned march.

Meta planuvannya vitrat - voznozhennya vozmozhnosti nai ekonomnіshogo vitrachannya material, labor and penniless resources on a single product. Changing the vitality of virobility and obstruction об An important factor in the effectiveness of virobility. Reduced rates for the economy of syrovini, materials, energy, energy and livelihood allow me to increase the value of the products, improve the profitability and profitability of the property. Shortened Vitrat for single products with material for lower prices for it, and as a result - accelerated turnover of reverse assets.

Planning your vitrati on virobnitstvo and the realization of products, it is necessary to find reserves for lowering your own expenses, until you have the following:

Polypresence of the main virological funds of the Republic of Belarus and the previous one for the release of products for leather hryvnia of the main funds;

rational vikoristannya sirovini, materials, heat, energy and quick vitrat per unit of production without underestimated price;

change of living expenses per unit of production on the basis of science and technology progress,

a shortened vitrate for the sale of products for a rakhunok and a more complete form of a zbutu;

change of vitality of marriage and statelessness, liquidation of unproductive waste,

Economy in the administrative and administrative spheres on the basis of a rational organization and management apparatus.

Spyrachuyutsya on operating financial indicators, put together prospective, current and operational financial plans. A precise financial plan is stored in the form of the balance sheet income and vitrate, operational - in the form of the pay calendar.

Analіz that control fіnansovoї dіyalnostі pіdpriєmstva - tse dіagnoz Yogo fіnansovogo will scho umozhlivlyuє viznachennya nedolіkіv that prorahunkіv, viyavlennya that mobіlіzatsіyu vnutrіshnogospodarskih rezervіv, zbіlshennya dohodіv that pributkіv, zmenshennya vitrat virobnitstva, pіdvischennya rentabelnostі, polіpshennya fіnansovo-gospodarskoї dіyalnostі pіdpriєmstva in tsіlomu. The material is analyzed in the process of financial plan and forecast.

The company may have such an indicator system, since it could have been more accurate and more accurate and strategically efficient. The analytic robot can be subdivided into two blocks:

analysis of financial results and profitability;

financial analysis of the company.

Analysis of financial results of the business for such main strands:

analysis and assessment of dynamics and dynamics of indicators of profitability, factorial analysis of benefits of realizable products, work, services;

analysis of financial results in realizing, realizing and financially performing;

analysis and assessment of victorious clean cleanup;

analysis of the return of vitrates, liability of the products and benefits;

analysis of the return call, the amount of working capital and penny flows;

analysis and assessment of the inflation of financial results;

factor analysis analysis of profitability.

Analysis of financial campaign will be carried out for such straights:

analysis and evaluation of the warehouse and the dynamics of the lane;

analysis of financial stability;

analysis of balance sheet balance;

complex analysis and rating assessment of business.

The operational financial support robot is accurate and direct to the practical support of the financial security care, the permanent payroll at the right level.

Zmіst in-line operational financial balance robots on the main field in this:

a fast robot with three hundred and fifty pieces for the sale of products, robots, and servants;

own rosaries for the supply of goods and services and services with posters;

securing of a timely payment of taxes, additional payments from the budget and funds;

repayment of bank loans and repayment of loans.