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The financial mill of the enterprise and the hat of the yogi

Rozdil I. The essence of the analysis of financial campus

1.1.Finansovy Stan pіdprimstva and signs of yogo stіykostі

Financial services, being part of the foreign system of financial services, picture the process of approval, the income and the income of the people of the state, and the economy of the

Financing is an economical category, the specialty of which is to be found in the realm of real estate and functional functions. In the suspension of financial support of enterprises, there is an opportunity to share business ideas. Ale ikh of a dyya not to be disregarded without a sphere a rose. Virazhayuchi rozpodіlchі vіdnosini, fіnansi toil vіdnoshennya to vsіh stadіy Process vіdtvorennya, Hoca їh fate on rіznih stadіyah Demba Process neodnakova: Won ekvіvalentna Dali rozpodіlu in kozhnіy fazі, oskіlki rozpodіl Got Location i on virobnichіy stadії, i on stadії obmіnu, i na stadії spozhivannya. Without the participation of finances, we cannot round out the suspension virologic funds as a whole.

Yak in the most prevailing business with the visually significant value of all the loyalty of each other and interchange, so that there is a good opportunity to save and save money.

Exposure The fіnansіv pіdpriєmnitskih structures, yak nayvazhlivіshoї skladovoї Chastain єdinoї sistemi fіnansіv powers, viznachaєtsya before usіm, tim, scho Pong obslugovuyut scope materіalnogo virobnitstva Where Money Does stvoryuyutsya gross vnutrіshnіy product natsіonalny income i natsіonalne bagatstvo, svoїy sutnostі fіnansi of companies Je spetsifіchnoyu Chastain fіnansovoї mi to the view of the sovereign finances is enriched by the functions and the first areas of suspension virobnitsva.

The availability of financial resources is enriched by the issuance of commodity and penniless laws and laws and regulations, as well as provision. Realization of products and services as well as purchase and sale for pennies at prices, as many as possible products. Ale samі groshі not є finances. All the special goods for which I may be identified and displayed are the most important goods and the necessary goods. Funding - for economic vidnosini, zdіsnyuyutsya for the additional offense of pennies, but to pennies vidnosini.

Funding is characterized by rice, generally and categorically financed. At the same time, we have the power of particularities, which are enriched by their functionalities in the sphere of material virology, the organizational development of the first process; virobnitstvo, rozpodil, swapping and living.

So, as financial support is due without interruption due to the law and the law of development of economy, it’s є categorical, which is to enter the warehouse of an economic basis.

In order to ensure that the process of securing goods is supported, financial assistance funds are formed on the public funds of public gospods of the State Patronage, and funds are awarded for voluntary social welfare.

An infinite sphere of financial and business products - process the primary product for the suspension product (c + V + t), if it is necessary to sell the material vitrates (C), the required product (V), t When tsyomu approve of the funds of pennies of income. With the help of financial support for suspension of violated assets, there are a lot of penniless concerns, as a rule, they are recruiting specific forms of financial resources, which can be formed in subunits of state donation in the state.

In this rank, fіnansi of companies themselves yavlyayutsya sukupnіst ekonomіchnih, Penny vіdnosin, vinikayuchih in protsesі virobnitstva, rozpodіlu i vikoristannya sukupnogo suspіlne product natsіonalnogo income natsіonalnogo bagatstva pov'yazanі of utvorennyam i, i rozpodіlom vikoristannyam gross income, Penny nakopichen i fіnansovih resursіv of companies. As a matter of fact, to recognize the day of the given category, are interchangeable in a penny form.

Prior to financial statements, which mean that this understanding has been accepted, the acceptance of brokers of verification, of winding up in the process of expanded reporting (addendum 1), and itself:

between state enterprises and state sub-acts of state donations;

between enterprises and the budget system;

between financial institutions and financial-credit system;

all-round business of all;

all-round business.

Funds for business with organizations and organizations include business with posters, purchasers, alarm clocks and transport organizations, by mail and by telegraph of foreign trade and by the following organizations, mitnitsy, by enterprises, organizations and companies of foreign powers.

It’s the best choice for winners with a few hundred products, one thing, one thing for realizing ready-made products and some valuable values ​​for state dyalnosti. The role of the group of financial entities is the primary one, so as in the sphere of material virology, the national income is adjusted, the organization of these is the most significant result of business.

Vidnosini pidprimstva with the budget system - before, before, we have, the budget of the budgets of the riznivniv, povyazanі with overpayments, the benefits and the pensions of the fund, With the largest over-the-budget funds for the off-duty of all types of funds, financial and payment funds and financial resources from them.

Vіdnosini pіdpriєmstv with financial and credit system - tse:

In the first place , financial statements of banks, banks, as well as drive of organizations without pay, so that in case of repayment and repayment of short-term loans, they can be repaid. Organization of ready-to-go rozrahunkіv zdіysnyuє direct inflow to the financial mill pidprimstv. A loan with a dzhelel form of reversible interests, development of virology, yoga rhythm, shortening of production, sprits є consolidation of the time-consuming financial complications of business. Banks in Ukraine have a number of denominations for an hour, the so-called non-traditional services: leasing, factoring, forfaiting, trust. At the same time, you can be able to get the most self-contained companies, especially specializing in the transfer of different functions, while at the front of the enterprises they can blame for the non-stop business, the banks are small.

In a different way, as a result of insurance coverage of the financial system, I can add up to social security and medical insurance, as well as insurance lane of business. Also, up to the group value is presented and financed by the company with the stock market, as well as transferring operations with valuable folders.

The financial statements of the domestic organizations include the financial statements of the centralized funds of the fund, and in the minds of the financial markets. It is especially worthwhile to invest financially, to change backing assets, financially to import operations, high-tech achievements, including marketing. The internal reinsertion of the groshovy clothes, as a rule, on the basis of turning around, I play a role and a role in optimizing the interests of enterprises.

Financial and industrial groups are committed, as a rule, by the method of "adding financial resources in advance and financial development, eliminating the maximum financial need, if necessary, they can The same can be felt and vidnosin by means of investment in the minds of the holding.

The financial statements of all kinds of business enterprises include business groups, workshops, business teams, teams, etc., business workers and service providers, as well as share holders and business investors. Vidnosini іzh pіdrozdіlamy pіdpriєmstva pov'yazanі with payment of robot that service, by renting a paycheck, wereworthy interests and more. The role of the pole in the establishment of the designated incentives and material viddalnosti for yakіsne vikonannya adopted zobov'yazan. Vidnosini z pracіvnikami і servisovtsami - as a whole payment of salary, bonuses, help, material support, as well as the penalty for applying a Skoda, matched taxes. Vidnosini with shareholders and investors - the price of interest and dividends on shares and investment in investment.

Indirectly investing grocery bills for business can be more fun, especially for the main types of business activities (work, service), so purely financial contributions. For the removal of additional income, you can add more valuable money to the government, invest a penny in the statutory capital of the bank and the bank. Timchasovo vіlnі koshti pіdprimentstva can vidokremiti vid of a penny of a penny turnover and rozmіstiti ikh in the bank on deposit rahunki skinny. Surroundings can be used to provide financial resources within the framework of shared activities in different state-owned associations.

Tom before financial vidnosin vidnosat groshov vidnosini, scho win the same:

between companies and organizations in case of payment and penalties, penalties for violation of the contract;

between companies in case of a loss of profits, which were rejected in the form of cooperative virological processes; the processes of investing in shares in the region and the region of the main enterprises, which are different from the dividends and percentages;

between the state and the government in the process of privatization programs (redeployment for additional financial support of the national baggage system between the subordinates of the government) and more