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The financial mill of the enterprise and the hat of the yogi


Establishment of the Ukrainian market of information infrastructure in an economical way, information and legal middleware function of business, financial service of state financial activity. With the development of marketplace identification, the formation and form of a competitive medium in the national economy. The very belt of competition, form and methodology will show the possibility of radically revising the organizational structure and functional structure and methods of managing the success of the business, and of fundamentally new approaches to the planning and implementation of the state strategy for such strategies.

The present year situation, if the economic situation in Ukraine is accelerated by the crisis of lack of payment, and the right of business to pay off, the payment and financial stability is guaranteed by the partner of the form of insurance.

The relevance of the vibrano pole is also the fact that, since the trivial fall of the economy, in recent years, trends towards stable and stable gadgets have increased, and since there is no need to close them further.

By the method of writing, the robots were used to carry out the progress about the financial mill of the enterprise and the hat of the yogi. Zavdannya doslidzhennya suffered from a detailed vivchennі factors in securing stable robots of firms, installed officials, who want to integrate into the financial stand and grooms of financial stability.

On the basis of financial statements, state financial processes are carried out, the main economic indicators are shown.

When written, robots boolean laws and regulations of Ukraine, literature dzherela, science publications [1,5,6,10,17,22] with food, since there is no need to wait before they can receive financial assistance. Also, a financial analysis was carried out on the basis of financial balance on the basis of financial statements, ratings on financial results, and that rating on financial-main camps on the basis of MP Gipek for 2000, 2002 rock. On the scientific side of the topic, the topic has been thoroughly fragmented, with such authors as professor A.M. Poddryogina, Yu.A. Pilipinko.