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The financial mill of the enterprise and the hat of the yogi

2.2. Dynamics of operating cycles

The cyclical nature of dyalnosti pіdprimestva contemplation laws vvidvoryuvalnogo process and winter capital, which at the whole vidvuvatsya. The main reason is the dominance of the economic activity of specific types of deposits in the formations of the galusovy capacities, the characteristics of the macrofood, as well as the viable policy of the business.

Operations of industrial production, in the second place, the main structure: processing of viral resources, processing of raw materials and raw materials in ready-made products, realizing the necessary products. Necessity of uninterrupted piddrimany of the whole cyclic process to consider the needs of the stocks of raw materials, materials and ready-made products, as well as the role of the buffer when consumed and non-existent.

From the point of view of financial security to the process of implementation, in order to ensure uninterrupted access, the role of the store is similar to holding groceries on grocery stores. The dynamics of the operational cycle є one of the main factors in determining the necessary liquidity of the economy and the realization of the transaction in pennies in the current part, as well as the continuous flow of assets

It’s possible that in all technological lunches there is a loss of commodity resources and pennies, uncontrolled consumption can be reduced to non-negotiable cats, and credit loans - to bankruptcy. I’m calling for optimizing the operating cycle as a whole, in a single three-phase process, in the skin and warehouse, and the basis for achieving and receiving financial and state funding.

So, taking advantage of the power of credit policy, which should be reflected in the management of debts and deletions, you can speed up the terms of sale, and you can negatively increase the cost of inventory and increase the cost of sales. Thus, the structure of the operation cycle in general can be violated and brought up to food consumption in reverse problems.

Another butt є bridging the debt by managing creditor bargaining with the dynamism of the operating elements of the operating cycle. So, a postal manager who wants to give a pre-payment line a payment line for a payable bargain, but if you supply goods of the highest price, you can negatively push the process of inventory management, so lower your turnover and increase your turnover.

Take into account the problems, through the special way of understanding the methods of managing the spare parts of the return capital and the non-interconnected change of mind of the "network of buses", allowing you to review the operating cycle as a whole, I have a complete cycle of the process.