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The financial mill of the enterprise and the hat of the yogi

2.3. Rivne of commodity stocks

Managing inventory , the process of their form and sales, the basic system of managing the operating cycle, which is the most important dynamic characteristics of the cycle of the first and second stages.

Key positions in the system of inventory management є virishennya immediate problems:

1) monitoring of the flow mill reserve;

2) the value of the optimal stock reserve;

3) the establishment of the optimal mode of reserve supply at the post-worker;

4) effective balance of insurance stock. The majority of trading companies have a rozvinenich stock management of stocks that are based on the basis of computer technology and automation control systems and management, which will save information on the entire trading company. The database management systems allow you to permanently understand the information about the stock reserve. When the access point is reached, automatically change the access through the computer measure and on the basis of the revised model tool for information and data acquisition.

The main idea is that you need to be automated in an automated control system and take advantage of the structured structure, have a different type of behavior when there is a minimum reserve, and there is a minimum time.

For the whole context, in the vitrat structure, as a rule, there are three groups, which are presented in table 2.2. (Addendum 2).

Vrachovechi trends indicated in the table and the specifics of the business, the leather industry is self-guilty of the familiarity with the most optimal structure and the selection of inventory, so that you can maintain uninterrupted work in store and keep surpluses.

2.4. Optimization management debitory bargained

In the current practice of financial management of property in Ukraine, one of the most problematic elements of the reverse assets є debitors bargaining. Destruction of the normal cyclic process of transformation in pennies on a regular basis of payments є the basis of the mechanism of development of the crisis of non-payment to the scale of the whole economy. Deformation of the operational cycle at the stage of the old crisis of a whole range of problems, which involve retreating from the stumbling block of crisis - the loss of likelihood, the lack of activity for the job, the need to pay for the opportunity to work, I have a duty to cope with, but one of the tasks of an enormous problem and to promote financial and state stability, which will require special respect, the principle of managing the debit of trade, and the idea of ​​making the best of optimism.

I am managing the debitor’s bargaining my own specifics, due to the nature of the deposits and the nature of the assertion, the type of business, the stage of the life cycle, and I’ll become the market factor and these factors. In this case, in the igneous vipadka, the region will take the structure:

recognition of the optimal volume of investment in debit trading and the establishment of additional parts of the sale of goods on credit in the customs volume of goods;

standardization of credit criteria for accepting credit criteria for credit and setting credit and commercial credit limits for high credit criteria;

credit card period - the maximum allowable line of payment for payments in debtors;

Development of discount systems and other methods of stimulation more expedited payment of debited debits, including on a short-term basis

system rozrahunkіv;

Development of the system for monitoring repayment of debited debts

Rosrobka politika іnkasatsії.

Remain in tune with the system and take advantage of the international terminology, upgrade to the foreign category - credit policy, purchase and purchase of goods and services

Accepting the decision on the grant of a commodity loan to lie on the front of two galleys - managing commodity and stocks and managing debit trade. There’s a great deal of compromise between profitability and profitability and visibility of the position on the scale "supply-riser". Therefore, it is necessary to give a commodity loan, on one side, to stimulate an increase in goods and income, so that I will accelerate the stage of sales, and on the other side, I will allow you to make small purchases, if necessary, aspect_. Thus, the process of taking the decision is guilty of a lot of incentives for the poor categories of the system approach, the loss of straight lines and the ring tones, the estimation of the maximum cycle rate for the operation.

A vibra of optimal minds is given to a loan є one of the most important factors in optimizing management of the debited trade in total. However, to find the most effective credit means, you can be more reliable if you are not paying enough for a large part of the class. I have a link with no less important warehouse credit policy of the company є development of credit standards, at the same time there are different types of credit and rank according to the level of credit risk. Decrease in credit standards in business, the role is the same as in the development of credit minds, in credit and discount periods, and in discounts. The relaxation of the vimog to the creditworthiness of the clients, while I am fond of new sales and leads to the expansion of sales. However, since there is a marked gap, a sharp increase in the number of stitches and unprofitable debts, it is possible to increase the amount of goods and cash, even if there is a slight increase in the amount of money available in the bank. Thus, the development of optimal credit standards is one of the most important elements of financial policy, which means significant impact on the structure of the first cycle of financial and state budget.