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The financial mill of the enterprise and the hat of the yogi

Rozdil III. The financial mill of the enterprise and that society otsіnki

3.1. Estimation of market incentives

The financial camp of enterprises and the bagato in which to lay down that way, as the only resources in your order and the stink of money invested. According to the degree of accession, it’s possible for people to become submissive to power and posits. According to the triviality, there is a short-term fixed-term and short-term capital.

We carried out an analysis of financial and state subsidiaries based on the balance sheet and the sound of the MP Gipek for 2000,2001 rock. (Additive 8.9).

The need for a vigorous capital is enriched by vimogs of self-financing. Win є the basis of self-independence and independence. However, I’m sure to pay attention to the need for financial support for the tidies of hairy clothes. Do not expect to see it for someone special, especially in quiet falls, it’s most likely to be seasonal in nature. At that time, in the period period, great money will be accumulated on the cups in the bank, but in the old period, you will not be able to open it. In addition, mothers are respected, since they are more likely to pay financial resources, and more money can be better paid, moreover, you can pay more for credit, because you can pay more money.

At the same time, most of the time, I want to get involved in the main business for the short-stalk goiter, the first financial institution will be unstable, so as with the short-term victoria, there is a need for more time for more control. Inish capital.

From now on, in spite of that, better than normal and healthy capital, it’s more than enough to lay down the financial establishment of the enterprise.

In conjunction with these important indicators, you can characterize the market stability є:

several financial autonomy (independence) abo pitoma carriage of the hairy capital in the foreign capital;

a number of financial deposits (a part of the acquired capital);

the shoulder of the financial important, or the financial financial risiku (the presentation of the capital to the hairy one).

The following table 3.1 (Addendum 3) shows that the financial independence factor (MP “Gipek”) is higher for the financial deposit ratio, which is an insignificant financial importance factor. Such indicators of the roaming of funds give the right to respect the financial standard of the good. However, a part of the hairy capital is trending downward. Over the past year it has decreased by 8.3%, so as the growth rate of the capitals is lower, the growth rates are lower than the growth of capital. The shoulder of the financial important was 22% worse. All the information about those that are financially reliable for investors has significantly increased and has declined.

In case of internal analysis of financial support, I need to dynamically determine the structure and structure of the capital and the capital, explain the reasons for the storage space and the cost of the warehouse for the call.

The information given in Table 3.2 (Addendum 4) shows the amount of capital structure: the portion of statutory capital increased by 10.7, the portion of statutory capital increased by 1.8%, and the special supply depreciated. All of the above is about the power of flowing funds not to increase the intensity of the accumulated funds (funds), but if you don’t get to share them.

Most likely, the sum of the heaped cash has grown up, and the whole thing about the return of the self-structure: the part of creditors' bargaining has changed, the part of the positivities has grown significantly (by 54.8%). It can also be seen from such dynamics that we can’t get any obvious resources later.

Healing posikovyh koshtіv in circulation p_predpriemstva є normal claw. All in all, I will shrink to the financial hour with my mind when I think that I’m sorry that I don’t freeze for a trivial hour and turn around and turn around. A creditor’s bargaining is sewn up in a revolving vipad. We can bring the vipad to a vipnat to viplati.

fine, sanction and pogirshannya financial camp. In our vipadok, the hedging of posikovyh shirts gave the zmog a chance to go for the comrade, robots, servants and those subsidiaries. All in all, on a matured basis, there is a creditor bargaining: razrahunki with the budget, with the payment of prats, with the largest creditors.

Otzhe, rosumny rozmіri vikoristannya zapolnennogo capital to health to reduce the financial mill of pidprimstva, and nadmirne - pogirshiti yogo. Pogirshannya financial I will lead to my house to bring to a lower level of financial and state stability.