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The financial mill of the enterprise and the hat of the yogi

3.2. Analysis of power and financial resources of enterprises

With the method of analysis of the power and the acquired victories, the factual facts of the laws and regulations are normative.

On the other hand, the amount of moisture on the other side of the asset (functional capital). Iogo to enumerate; vlasnі zasobi plus dovgostrokovі zobov'yazannya minus pose a werewolf. At the end of the year, an analysis was conducted on how to reduce the total amount of capital for 460 thousand. UAH Reduce the indicator to the point where it is necessary for the company to go down to the store.

To characterize the part of the hairy werewolf needs, they can be found in the form of petty clothes and I want to have absolute liquidity, the flexibility of functional capital is necessary - pennies are the same as the size of the hairy werewolfs. Daniyskiy the indicator is guilty of lying between the lines of O to 1 (specifically, by the name of the enterprise itself). In our Wi-Fi connection there are in the optimal range and the maximum tendency to

- It is possible to speak positively.

Відхиляється від Norms (norm = 1) the share of moisture wereworthy stocks in equity reserves (the ratio of moisture wereworthy stocks to reserves and costs) is two times. Pіdprimstvo zadadto pokriva є store and spend with power cats

- also і non-rational ’.

Rosrakhunok a certain amount of concentration of vigorous capital (a number of autonomy, independence, moisture) gives a characteristic of the share of ownership in the foreign sums of interest, which is advanced in advance. Koefіtsієnt rozrahovuyutsya vіdnoshennyam vlasnogo capital to currency balance. We want more value, more money, more stable, more reliable loans, more money for capital, and it’s easier for people in market minds. In 2000, the turnover factor was 0.649, which means that the capital of the warehouse was 64% of the total capital, which should be considered as the optimal line (0.5 - 0.6).

Zvorotnіm to the front indicator є a number of financial deposits. The optimal values ​​are є 0.75 - 1. In our win list I override ищ optimality ’for the period of analysis, I’ve moved by 0.025, because the deposits have grown over since I learned the resources.

Dalan proanalizumo yak part of the vysokalny capital for victorious to finance the flow of dyalnosti, so that it is invested in the reverse of the catastrophe, and the yak is capitalized. For the whole reason for the maneuverability of the hairy capital, as the introduction of the hairy werewolves to the hairy capital. In the case of insurance, one can see that the indicator has changed from 0.44 to 0.316, which is to say about the negative financial mill of the company and the second half.

The rate of ownership is characterized by the same number of concentration of capital acquired (introduction of capital to the total amount of foreign currency balance). The value of the number became greater in 2000 compared with 2000 by 0.082, which is why the number of heaps of interests in the main enterprises, that is the same as that of Latvia, has grown. So, as a matter of fact, I don’t have the right to get the most money, but I have the chance to get the same value.

The coefficient of pre-string collection of all the items yes, I’m most likely to estimate the financial stability of the company. I will show the presentation of the pre-Gostina goiters to the hairy capital. The dynamics of the growth of the indicator are to talk about the increase in the severity of deposits in the investor and the creditors, so that about the deduction of the financial stability. However, the exponent is lost in the range (less than 1) if the amount of money is good to financial stability.

Koefіtsієnt hedged-koshtіv - a presentation of the healed koshtіv to the balance sheet. I’ll show that in 2000, the share of heaped money in the total amount of business interests became 35.1%, and in 2001 it increased to 433%.

The pitoma of the carriage of the acquired interests in the current assets (the presentation of the total amount of goiters to the current assets) increased by 15.7%, and added 0.708 (70.8%).

For some safety reserves and costs, it’s obvious that there is a great expense and expense for not storing inventories. The actual indicator, of lasing with a hat of the sacrifices of the main and the main concerns for the reserves and costs, the cost is 2.18 and 2.12, and the optimal value is 0.1.

The benefit of the security of the main investments (the presentation of the main interests and the contribution to the total interests and the needs of the population) shows that in 2000 there are 56% of the benefits In 2001, the growth rate was 0.124.

Mostly in 2000 r. hundred and fifty thousand years in total assets, and in 2001 the indicator is down to 92.5%. These are the numbers and the number of financial statements of the main concerns and the contribution to the current assets.

An analysis of the power and resources obtained by showing, as a whole, the structure is in normal condition, although I would not want to receive any additional resources. There is a clear tendency to a decrease in the power of those who have learned more. So much the same as in absolute superelevation, so much in everything. Allow you to bring up to low liquidity, higher financial deposits, higher creditors, and financial losses.