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The financial mill of the enterprise and the hat of the yogi

3.3. Assessment of business activity

Yak vidomo, capital found in permanent Russia, passing from one stage to the next:

G ... T ... G

At the first stage, purchase and purchase of the necessary fixed assets, reserve stocks, on the other - due to the form of reserves should be kept at the virology, and a part of the payment shall be paid in respect of legal fees, payment of the insurance premium. Stop at the stage of the launch of finished products. At the third stage, the products are ready to be sold and to the grocery store to buy groshti koshti. Chim shvidsha capital zrobit roundabout, timothy more products otrima є realizuє pіdpriєimstvo at one і tіy the same amount of capital. Lacking the cost of money on any stage before lowering the speed of wrapping capital, I will need additional deposit of money and I can bring before the financial and state stability.

Analizuychi dilovu activity on MP “Gіpek” (Additive 7) implying a tremendous respect for the number of foreign capital turnover, as well as the image of the turnover of the largest capital. Obrakhovatsya the price of the assets to the middle of the assets to the average value. In our Wi-Fi rozmіr koefіtsієnta zrіs at 0,062.

The coefficient of turnover of mobile assets is the introduction of viruses for realizing up to the average value of current assets. According to the roaming indicators, one can see that the number of all mobile phones is 1.2 times higher: from 0.866 to 1.071 turnover. Нуюsnuyucha tendency є positive.

The number of sales and supply costs showing the number of turnover of material reverse assets (visualization of the virus realization to material reverse assets). In 2000, the growth indicator became 2,119 revolutions, and in 2001 the growth indicator reached 3,756. Such is the tendency to talk about the lower availability of viral reserves and the incomplete virobnitz. With such a measure, donations can be met at the facility if you don’t have to replenish the available reserves for uninterrupted work, and don’t lose financial and state stability.

Also, there is a tendency to increase the number of ready-made products, and you need to buy a hat for the second time for the realization of the average value of the finished product. If you have a profit of 0.961 turnovers (twice as much), you will drink on the production of zrosta virobnik.

For the period, which can be analyzed, the turnover ratio of receivable bargaining (from 0.507 to 0.183) and the coefficient of turnover of crediting bargaining (from 0.783 to 0.334) decreased by 2.8 and 2.3 times. Reduced first-rate credit (introducing viruses to real-time sales until mid-term for the period of debtor bargaining) showing a change in commercial loan, which may be necessary. There is a tendency to another factor (introducing a virus to realizing loans to the middle for a period of creditor bargaining), then there is a need for a lower commercial loan, which allows you to buy a loan.

A positive trend for food production is the increase in turnover of the capital capital - the appearance of the virus realizing up to the average for the period of the size of the supply chain. An increase of 0.134 revolutions led to a 1.34-fold increase in the speed of turnover of the lofty capital. I’m showing you sales.

As a whole, positive trends are observed following all indicators of business activity. Zbilshuyuchi shvidk_t a glimpse of the right way to get into a little virus and die in 2001 a roci trip (although small and small) at the great buy-in. To begin with, to go beyond the mop of such winter money, financial and state stability.

According to the presented company, it is not possible to conduct a profitability analysis, as in the case of large periods, it’s very easy to analyze. However, it is possible to say that there is enough money for financial and state stability, although I won ten times over for 2001. All the same in trends, there was a tendency to increase business (the rozmir zbitkіv was swift). Such a situation at the Danish hour is characteristic of the greater number of enterprises in Ukraine.