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International trade - Dakhno І.І.


2.1. International Trade - Warehouse of Saint Gospodar Zv'yazkіv

In the "Big Encyclopedic Dictionary" (1998, p. 709), the notation International Trade has declined to mean international trade - the most important trade in foreign trade. In the whole vocabulary of the notary "Foreign Trade" (p. 212), I understand for the sake of understanding a little wider: "Foreign trade, foreign trade in foreign countries, warehousing and foreign goods. Export goods (export) . Sum of export and import I will approve new trade turnover. International trade offer is guaranteed by international cooperation. The most important international trade operation is international trade ".

In the “Economic dictionary-dictionary” (p. 202-203), the article “International trade” is introduced to such a country: “International trade - trade among the countries, so that they can be stored for import and export. the basis is to lay the international donation, although the international sale of vinicles is in the period of the slavish frets, ala at the XVI century (until the beginning of the release of the capital goods method), the international goods were sold less frequently. behind .. Ershennyam promislovoї revolyutsії kіntsya XVIII - XIX century cob, of rozvitkom krupnoї mashinnoї іndustrії z'yavlyayutsya doskonalіshі Yogo form in rezultatі chogo vіn peretvoryuєtsya in svіtovy kapіtalіstichny rinok W rozpadom svitu on Dvi system in mіzhnarodnіy torgіvlі vidіlilis vіdnosno samostіynі pіdsistemi:

1) bargaining between capital cities;

2) trade between the advanced capitalist countries and the most poorly developed countries;

3) bargaining between the socialist regions;

4) trade between the advanced capitalist and socialist territories.

The international trade between the advanced countries of the capital for the reach of the highest step reached by them of the international support was carried out by overwhelmingly prepared virobes and the machines installed and installed. By the terms of such trade between the countries with the highest economic development and the countries, they bored, bully, from one side, industrial virobi, and from the other - agrarian-syrovine comrade. Such a situation developed between the socialist regions of Europe and those of the USSR. Ukraine exported, in the power of the Kolichny Union, overturned machinery and equipment (approximately 75 percent), and imported a comrade of the Syrovin-Energetic group. With the development of science and technology revolution in the field of international trade, it includes such intellectual property rights as patents, licenses, know-how, engineering services and consultative services. International trade is also necessary for the purpose of capital business with a view to renting out (international leasing). Since the fall of the USSR, Ukraine has lost a significant amount of tradition to the sale of its industrial products (we will relocate to Russia), and it’s not enough competitive products on the old market. It’s important to keep a couple of double spending positions in the territory of the CIS, and with your hat to develop international support, and at the same time reach scientific and technical cooperation, you will also be able to compete in international markets.

It is economical science to operate on the concepts of “understand the terms of trade”, as well as mean the price of exporting and importing comrade. As for the sale of singing and importing goods, it’s necessary to have a faster export of goods, then be sure to bargain in such a way that they will go out.

From now on, the international trade є the best form of the international economic vidnosin, was manifested before the advent of the gospel statehood. The very heads of the international trade winnichlo and rozvinulos svitovoe gospodarstvo yak tak.

International trade in the world at the system of international economic vidnosin. Vaughn час water time before the change of mind and the commission of the international war. The sale of their historical retailing to international trade passed through the streets of okrimich and often from the second-hand foreign trade operations to the pre-term large-scale commercial and economic spirovitnitsva. Suchasna science and technology revolution stimulated the international trade exchange. The specifics of the current stage of international trade with a special kind of variety are manifested in the process of analysis of pre -othermic trends, forms and methods.

International trade - the central lanka of the folding system of St. Petersburg-wide sound systems, which generally includes practically all the countries in the United International Economic System.

For international trade, take the fate of the sub-law of international public law, so of private international law. Before them belong powers, powers of approval, minority organizations, nationalities, who are fighting for their independence, legal individuals, physical individuals - proper.

International trade є a hickey, a certain country has got to pay for development and loss of special economy, economic productivity and effective efficiency of its resources.

Today’s international trade in power is all-inclusive dynamics. The structure of trade, liabilities to export and import is continuously changed. We have written a different period of time, which is characterized by a rapid pace of growth in international trade. For example, a stretch of 1947-1973 pp. The temperament of exporting to the krai svіtu tucked up to the side for about an average of about 6%. Yakshko the oath of exclusive export at the beginning prices becoming in 1939 p. 25 billion dollars USA, then behind the camp for 1987 p. one oath oversight at 100 times. Trends nevpinnogo zrostanya export to quilted and stretched 90s rock. At 1980 p. the oath of light trade is becoming 2 trillion dollars. Through five decades of winnings up to 4 trillion dollars.

Zrozumіlo, scho іntensivnost trade stars' not є in regular terms in the different regions of the world. A portion of promisionally rozvinenny krask doryagє 70%. The territory of the group is important to trade one by one with about 80% of the export of economically different countries at the same time.

It’s overwhelmingly the best of the country today - the whole country with an economical economy. A significant part of the gross domestic product is being driven by them for the fate of the newcomer trading sector.

The number of leaders of the magnificent China Mao Zedong and the Albanian crime - E. Hoxha got a bit of passion for self-reliance, spinning unnecessarily on self-reliance, but nothing happened. There is no way to navigate the Great Chinese length of 6,700 km. International trade є about active real year.

At international trade, take the fate of both small and large countries, as large as so big. Trade of goods ’x disparity from the point of view of the appearance of productive resources.

The borders of the country are not equally protected by production factors - the country, capital, technology, technology, entrepreneurship, land, and land containing raw materials. Good luck, good luck in exporting your life not less than other resources (in Ukraine, we’re also better to know more about ruin, but also know better), and have a better and more economical environment svoyh, so on foreign markets. The number of officials of an economical middleman can be lowered. The country can be more vikoristovuvati their resource and virobnichi overtake. Before them, secrecy, to enforce inflation (inflation), exchange rate (exchange rate), think pracial (labor condition), government policy (government attitude), legislation (laws). Appointed and incumbent officials may be negatively absorbed by the competitiveness of exporters in the field of international trade.

To the low critically important officials of international trade, including the availability of foreign channels of distribution, availability of foreign distribution channels, minimum of government control. Navigate to all the chances to succeed at the international trade, then you should know that there is a sub-transaction, in some cases there will be a shortcut to them.

The reappearance of strong competitors can be a destiny official for exporters of goods and services.

At Sivu Davnina, the international bargaining bolee was simple and healthy, it was overwhelmingly on the basis of barter; Barter є direct exchange of goods and services for direct commerce and services (direct exchange of goods and services for other goods and services). For example, the twentieth century approximately 30% of light trade bartering.

International trade - an important warehouse of international economy. For export and import of goods, capital and labor, we have to repair it at Art. 4 of the Law of Ukraine "On Provision of Diversity", the form of recognition of interest, as much as it is impossible to detect without international trade.

Vidomo, scho will drink and offer for a particular product at the market economy in the time of the establishment of the price. The international economy of the category and category is not less important for the bond with the viral liability and the specific price for the boundaries of a particular country, and for the context of the holy oversight of the virological price and the international price. Succulent drink and succulent proposition to be set apart from the obligation to bind the virology goods and the service and the best price to them.

Nowadays, the theory of international trade came to me equally respect for good food, as well as good proclamation (for the sake of the same time, I have been convinced that at the present time I have to pay attention to the fact that I have to pay attention to the fact that

So the standard model of international trade is called, the model of foreign trade in international trade is consumed and the offer is wide in the country with a welcome cordon. Vona vrakhovaє has a drink, but I’m showing you, as a result of the import of goods needed in Ukraine, so that you can buy goods in the export of goods. It’s up to the international rivals to reach, if they immediately take advantage of drinks and offerings to comrades (servants) as if they were at home, so in international trade.