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International trade - Dakhno І.І.

2.4. International Mill of International Trade

International trade є with a mutual economic deposit of viral goods and services and services from different countries. Vona vіdobrazhaє mіzhnarodny filed pracі.

Science and technology revolution, specialization and cooperation of lawyers and officials are encouraged to cooperate with national economies. International trade is active, the temperament of growth is increasing the temperament of virobn goods and services.

Analysis of the current trade turnover, which is 10% on the skin of the highest level of sales 16% of the total turnover of trade. Virobnitstvo and bargaining slіd rozumіti yak officials, scho at the same time stimulate one one. Violation of the goods is possible for the expansion of trade, and the rest will accelerate the development of the virology of goods and services. You can say this: "Mustache, for the violinist, for the international trade, and navpaki."

The most important officials of international trade are getting involved in this:

o the destruction of the international prats and the internationalization of the law;

o at the same time reach the science-and-technology revolution, scho, view, appear in the main capital, developed new types of products, winnies of new economies and reconstruction of traditional traditions;

o activization of the activities of transnational corporations on a private market;

o liberalization of international trade on a two-sided basis, which can be found at the same time as lower tariff and non-rifle segregation, approved large economic zones, and reserved international zones;

o the development of commercial and economic integration for the support of the establishment of zones of free trade, the provision of a single tariff in the country, do not take part in the economic markets, the form of a special union of foreign currencies;

o the recognition of the political independence of the territories, as previously belonged to the colonial empires, and the belt of the "new industrial powers".

Found in the private sector of private trade є trade in products of industrial production activities, with the transfer of high-tech goods. For evil, thousands of dollars of export of scientific products valued at ponad 500 million dollars. The share of high technology goods in the export industrial products economically rozvinenih kraї svita reached about 40%.

Stretching 1980-2001 pp. Export of cars and possession of industrialized, domestic and domestic utilities.

At the fastest pace, export of products of electronic technical gadgets of industry has been growing at some rate; Trade in cars and possessions is subject to the spheres of international trade, which are especially fast developing. The main tendency is to live up to syrovini and energy resources, ale temp zbіlshennya trade and sirovinoy constantly to see the rest of the pace of growth of international trade. Also vidstavannya to clarify the fact that the deputy of the sirovini, її economically vikoristannyam and attenuated reprobing. At the merchandising trade, there is a change in food prices. Obviously, the distribution of food products in industrialized regions is obvious.

By the stretch of the past table at the structure of light trading, significant values ​​were displayed. At the first half of the twentieth century. two thirds of the turnover of goods fell on food, and on the syrup. The portion of the designated products at the forefront of the market has changed to approximately 25% of the total volume of goods traded. A portion of the products of sample processing at the international trade with a stretch of the specified period grew from 1/3 to 3/4. Behind the camp in the mid-90s pokad rocket, a third of all the private trade fell to trading cars and possessions. Trading with a large group of goods is more important than between industrialized countries.

The increase in trade in machinery and equipment was a much larger expansion of international trade in services of a scientific, technical, virological, financial and commercial nature. The activity of trading machines and possessions has spawned the appearance of low new services. Among them, secrecy, slіd, mean engineering, leasing, factoring, consulting, information-servicing. In the Republic of Information Technologies and Telecommunications Bagato services, the servicemen have crossed the international national cordons and have become the warehouse for the retail market. From the middle of the 90s, the ч ч ч ч ч роз роз роз роз роз роз роз роз роз роз роз торг торг торг торг торг торг торг торг посл посл посл посл уг став став став став став став став став став став став став став став став став став став. Introducing the least important transmission system and information. Behind the camp for 1997 p. global oath to export servants reaching 410 billion dollars. and getting close to the fourth quarter of the commodity export. The leader of the middle of the service is the group of business servants. For example, the twentieth century The third part among the servants of the economically rozvinenny Krai overcame 40%. Foreign trade turnover of servants is crucial to concentrate with a group of industrial and devastated land. The main exporters of services are the USA, France, Netherlands, Great Britain, Nimechchina, Japan, Italy. At the fastest pace, I will overshadow the oaths of financial and computer servants. I also bother with accounting, auditing, advertising, legal, consulting, management and that see the service. At 1997 p. often economically rozvinenih kraits at the new export of business services approached even up to 90%. New information technology has significantly expanded the ability to offer services in such areas as education, health protection, science, culture, and mystery. Details of information about international trade in services have been brought in from the shops. 6.

An important article of private trade є international tourism. I’ve retransmitted 1/3 of the post-mortem service. International Tourism is dedicated to distribution. 9.

The picture of the presently staggering international trade bazaar is obscure without a mystery about foreign investment. Often, direct investment and investment look like an alternative form of overseas trading operations. Transnational corporations with low galleys are especially often involved in direct foreign investment.

The share of promiscuity in the Ukrainian region at the time of export for the rest of the ten years to become 70-75%. Such a very rivia of dosyagєih is frequent at the Vartosti Holy Import. Nearly 1/5 of the private trade in the territory of the Krai group, they are developing. The most trusted exporters are Nimetchina, Japan, USA, France, Great Britain, Italy. Middle of the day, I’m developing, remember to have exporters from Taiwan, Singapore, Pivdenna Korea, China, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Mexico.

Countries that need to develop, важ it is important for exporters of syrovini and raw and semiprocessed primary goods, to some of which they have to have silkospodarsky comrades - cocoa (tea), cava (coffee), palm olia (palm oil), special (spices ), bananas (bananas), seafood (seafood), cucumber (sugar), jute (jute), bavovnik (cotton), as well as mineral syrovina - tin (tin), ore ore (iron ore), bauxite (bauxite), aluminum (aluminum), phosphorite (phosphate), diamonds (diamonds), naphtha (oil), copper (copper), uranium (uranium). 70% of the group has a weakly boring gray country with the majority of their goods, while for the Crimean region they are still mostly home.

The loss of minds of trading is characteristic of the country, and they are developing. The prices for exporting comrades are lowered, and for importing - to grow cold.

At the state grants of the country, schwa are developing, every day there is structural stability. You won’t be stinky at all. Quickly store your own export warehouse at the forefront of trading. So the country is seasoned to export their own traditional comrade, while lowering their price.

Technical progress in the country of origin has made it possible for them to have less than a sirovini for viral products, to buy goods from a few people, and to change their products, as well as to change their products. The science-and-technology revolution has become the official of the bargain of minds of trade.