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International trade - Dakhno І.І.

2.3. Currency rate and trading

At international trade, I can clearly absorb foreign exchange rates, as well as in my own time between the first and last indicators of the national and international markets. The flow of the exchange rate can be seen at the most recent export and import, and at their own expense, at the same time at the internal and external situation, they are competitive and generally competitive.

Sub'kty gosodarskіy dіyalnostі, victorious exchange rate, may change your own expenses for the price of your personal market. The foreign exchange rate is pouring in on a profit and competitiveness of their products on the international market.

If I look at the number of currency exchange officials, they cannot be absolutely invariable by the expiration of the trial hour, because they cannot be positively recognized. Currency currencies є Indicator of instability of international economic vagrants and foreign currency and financial secrecy. History means the number of applications, if there are different kinds of foreign exchange rates in one bag or one country in the world.

Znetsіnennya national currency in most exporters and non-importers. At the time of such a situation, exporters may have the opportunity to lower the price in foreign currency for their products.

Exporters gain premiums, exchange won foreign currency (yak has become a path) to national currency (yak has become cheap). Realize your products for exporters for prices, lower for mid-life. From now on, the exporters are getting busy at that hour, as long as they are in the country.

Reduced exchange rates for national currencies; I want to import, a bit of foreign exchange rates; As a result, in the country, the national currency is appreciated, the prices are appreciated, the import and sale of foreign goods are improved, and the price is negatively reflected on the internal economic situation. To lower the exchange rate, I will allow you to buy foreign currency, have foreign currency, have a fixed repatriation, and have foreign investors in foreign currency. Such profits are reinvested as well as victories for profitable goods for domestic prices of the country invested with the help of fake export.

As a rule, the exchange rate of the country is growing, then it will negatively appear on the export galleys. In exchange foreign exchange rates, it is not unimportant to bring winter goods to foreign prices at exported goods and goods exported by such countries.

From now on, to compete on goods on international markets, not less than the officials of virobnitztva are to be absorbed, but the first exchange rate. There are a lot of applications because of the fact that the increase in the exchange rate for the national currency caused the loss of competitiveness of products of a different country due to the fact that they are in need of a separate business.

The high exchange rate of the foreign exchange rate to such an area and the increased need for foreign investment. To repatriate in return for foreign investment. The sum of the foreign borg is real, it is fixed in foreign currencies, and it will speed up.

Otzhe, as bachimo, the exchange rate є with your own club at two points. Zrozumіlo, scho u okrymikh krash can be able to attend to a quick and quick course for solving singing problems. Існує Bagati Arsenal of Deposits and Undervaluation of the Exchange Rate. Dependent on the exchange rate of the national currency, it means the official position is set to equal, I will override parity. Underestimates of the course, on the one hand, get on the level, which is less for the parity.

I’ve got a link with the exchange rate of the previous year and about the inflation. As a matter of fact, if one pays to redefine the pace of lowering the exchange rate, then (for one and the same minds) there is a simple import of goods for sale at high prices. If you want to know the currency of the currency intensive for internal, then you have to think for the so called currency dumping.

In the okrugs of Ukraine, there may be a large number of currency exchange rates for higher participants in foreign exchange. For example, at the sphere of commercial operations, the official exchange rate is fixed, and for the international ruble capital - the market. The practice of trading, the exchange rate for commercial operations, as a rule, is an understatement. Have a good time for such maneuvers, so you can economize and compete for export. In such a Ukrainian country, however, one is quicker to live, more than one internal price, negatively to be recognized as good people.

On a regular basis, there is a significant difference in parity, you can bring up serious negative consequences, by confirming Argentina’s butt for evil thousand times.

Zmіni currency exchange rates viklikayut overexposed between the countries of the tsi part of a full suspension of the product, which is realized at the sphere of international trade.

Adherents to the mechanism of floating exchange rates are important, I think that there are more fluctuations in exchange rates, I respond appropriately to consumption and proposition of foreign currencies, I automatically adjust the deficit and activate balance sheets. Floating foreign currency exchange rates are significantly absorbed on price, inflation, international ruble capital (redefinition, short term). The need for speculative foreign capital ("hot pennies" - hot money) to the country, which has been pushing the course for its national currency, is victorious in order to accelerate economic development and to cover the deficit of the sovereign budget.

Food supply in the country will be quicker to invest and spend more and more negatively, as well as a constant view of unemployment. The exchange rate є by the arena of hard struggle is not less than between national exporters and importers (looking at the protest of interest), and among the powers. Exchange rate problems, wait for the current scientific and practical points of view, the fraud of international trade is impotent without a permanent currency.