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International trade - Dakhno І.І.

2.5. International Commodity Trading of Ukraine

At the social ministry of Ukraine, Ukraine was interested in learning from 123 countries. I will look at the command-administrative economy and the monopoly of power on the basis of international cooperation. The main part of the development of international trade in Ukraine was taken from Moscow. 1400 enterprises of Ukraine, which took part from the traditional economy, were confronted with incidents, and they descended from the mountains.

The style of occupation at the current station of international trade in Ukraine. Pislya zdobuttya Ukrainian Independence її Integration with the economy of the economy has manifested itself, as if the next bullet ochkuvati, more. The economy of Ukraine has joined the international trade race with the position of an outsider. For the first time in the post-socialist countries of the Central and Scheduled Europe of Ukraine, as early as possible, get paid by the exporter of the best-selling companies. In the export of Ukraine transporting metal products. Another item is mineral and chemical products. The products of machine blowing on the cob of the third thousand thousand became nearly 12%.

Svitova financial crisis 1997-1999 pp. aggravated the situation, gradually changing drinks on the main comrade of Ukrainian export, shifting to metallurgical products.

Until 1999 foreign trade turnover of Ukraine is constantly changing. The water structure poured out like water for export, and water import. Export of products low goluzey becoming zbitkovim. Pay attention to energy costs, that’s why a large part of the currency needs is not to be re-equipped with technical equipment, but to pay for imported energy.

Obligations to export to the per capita population of Ukraine in evil for thousands of bullies are three times smaller, lower in Poland, and ten times lower in Ugorshchy. The ability to extensively expand export to Ukraine has already been completed, but already, there is a need for guest service in some winter services, so transfer: so go:

o pivot efficiency of export operations;

o vіdnovlennya position on the traditional markets and conquering new ones;

o more thorough reign of sovereign regulation of foreign affairs;

o the most frequent parts of products sold in foreign liabilities.

Over the years of independence, the geographical distribution of Ukrainian export has been clearly marked. Porivnyano s 1992 p. part of the Krai SND in export for the twentieth century has changed even more. The main importers of Ukrainian goods in the middle of the country far distant abroad - China, Turechchina, Nimechchina and Italy.

Oskilki often posting energy from Russia to Ukraine reached 50% of the income, then save money in Ukraine due to the fall of Ukraine. The speed of export to the Krai SND (in front of us, in Russia) was not compensated for conquering new markets.

Among the main negative officials, they’ll invest in Ukraine’s foreign trade, the following should be noted:

o low competitiveness of goods and services (see prices for Ukrainian products by 30-70%; redefine prices for similar products on international markets);

o it is ineffectively controlled by enterprises;

o absence for the cordon of infrastructure;

o the indifference of the main ambushes of the market economy;

o lack of understanding of the methods of sovereign regulation of the economy by the zagal and the final dyalnost of the zokrem;

o weak infrastructure for export to export;

o zagostrennya international economically competitive;

o protectionism from the side of foreign powers.

A characteristic sign of trade in Ukraine є pisoma pitoma vaga barter land. Schopravda, with the remaining rocks, a tendency for the change of іх kіlkostі appeared. Naybilshi oaths of fasting on a barter basis are attributed to Russia, Bilorus, USA, Nimechchina and Turkmenistan-nistan. In export for barter prices, we can transport black metals and virobi from them, ore, concentrate, zucor, confectionery virobi, transport hardships, mechanical machinery and equipment, organ and chemical rechovini. The barter at the sphere of import is expanding to the sandy and mineral resources (including naphtha), electric and mechanical machines, setting, rubber, humic and thin. Also, wrap up respect for those who have Ukraine up to a group of 10 of the largest in Ukraine - exporters in Ukraine.

A positive result in the field of international trade in Ukraine is possible to respect the regulation of the international economy (including the number of legislative ones). Accepted, Sokrem, Udiny Mitniy Tariff, Anti-Dumping Code, Mitniy Code of Ukraine. The national regulatory framework is cited with international law. Liberalization of the regular regulation mode of economic duality, progressively lower tariffs, to simplify the procedure of continuous control.

At 2000 p. There was a positive dynamics in the indicators of the foreign trade of Ukraine, which was torn off in the offensive, - the domestic trade turnover of goods and services increased by 9.7% and became nearly 37 billion dollars. The liabilities to export goods and services grew by 10.2% and became nearly $ 20 billion; the liabilities to export and export by 9% grew to about 17 billion dollars. The balance of trade was positive.

The commodity structure of Ukrainian export has been completed, a part of the production of metal-processing and machine-borne industrial halls has been registered at the foreign structure of export of goods since 2001. reached 14.2%, and agricultural products - 10.8%. The metallurgical complex will sell a third of the pledged oath to the export of goods.

At 2001 p. a liability for exporting goods to Russia, having become 22.9% of the total foreign liability for exporting, and importing - 37.4%.

Potential overtaking of Ukraine for the development of international trade such:

o stocks of mineral-syrovini resources (Ukraine Volodya 5% of the total reserves of mineral-syrovini);

o friendly climate knowledge and family land;

o the availability of infrastructures for the provision of services (closed with the international transit of naphtha and gas);

o the great potential of high tech industrial gallows.

At the thought of fakhivtsіv, following the implementation of such visits for a half-day trading in Ukraine:

o pіvdvishiti rіven and іkіst products of black metal metallurgy and important machine blowing;

o developing competitiveness of the agricultural industry;

o develop the export of missile and aviation technology;

o development and modernization of transport and infrastructure;

o get inland capital for accelerated modernization;

o make new galuz and virobnitztva (red soil metal, computer, micro electronics);

o expand international tourism to the holy city;

o Take marketing and service measures on international markets;

o zbіlshiti procіvlі for the cordon of new technology for the creation of new competitive national competencies;

o actively pursuing international standards and certification procedures;

o victorious political and diplomatic importance for the secure participation of Ukraine in the great international cooperation projects;

o due diligence of information security and information economy;

o Consciousness of financial mechanics of export regulation. Nasamkіnets slіd nagadati chitachevі, scho in Ukraine published

two statistical accounts "Ukraine in numbers" and "Statistical shchorichnik", in some tables are given with the following dignity, in addition to the number of international trade in Ukraine.