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International trade - Dakhno І.І.

4.2.1. Pleasure about mitna otsіnku

Pleasure about mitna otsіnku bull estimated at 1980 p. after the Tokyo round of negotiations, the GATT ’and ousted the thunder of the procedure and the rules for the designation of mitten goods.

The main meta is the price of the pole in the search for interesting trade. I’m got a stand, schto organi as a basis for Narahuvannya Mita to take the price, rallied by the importer of the singing goods for a particular land. It’s worthwhile to relinquish the ground, laid down as related parties (arms-party transactions), so not by the linked parties (arms-length transactions).

International trade є know the way of narajuvannya mita:

o ad valorem (ad valorem);

o specific (specific);

o combos of abo zmіshaniy (combined or mixed).

At times of ad valorem ad valorem method, it is recognized that there is often a portion of imported product (for example, 10% of the wartost part of the product); The third way is combining the first two.

Most of the time, I want to go ahead in the first way, I’m grateful for the smallest bodies, it’s easier to bargain in the process of the international negotiations and for the smallest of the tariffs.

It is no secret that many international organizations often have to be delivered before the declared price of imported goods and respect, because they are underestimated by the method of defining the state and the right to change property. From now on, the availability of goods for the sale of Mita is to be designated for justified cohesion, otherwise, if price is actually paid or possible, if the goods are sold in the country of their own import. Such price includes the same amount of purchasers for packaging, containers, additional commerce and materials (assists), royalties, licensed payments, commissions and brokers (for a large amount of purchases), may be sold and transported by the seller, I’m called Vitrati, for example, the country of import vikoristovє to evaluate the value on the minds of CIF.

З mitnoї cіini virakhovoyut:

o shipping freight for import goods to the territory of the country for import;

o Vartіst budіvnitstva, installation, utrimannya, technical assistance, who can save a little time for import;

o tents and payments for payments to the import.

From the land of burden of proof, the correctness of the stated price is paid on the importer. As many organizations as possible confer truthfulness or truth or accuracy of declared value, then the importer is entitled to give an explanation, to submit documents carefully, and to convey what price is declared correctly. As long as I am satisfied that the organization is summarized, then the importer has the right to vimagati, so that they can explain the reasons for the sum in writing. It’s possible to transfer wealth to importers of the appellate’s internal administrative bodies of the mitts.

As a matter of fact, the organization has declared the importer a contract price, then it’s clearly marked that there are five standards, which can be used to sign up for a new loan. The standard is to stagnate at the following postity:

o the contract for the wart_ is already signed by the contract for the wart_ of identical goods (identical goods);

o for wartiness, the contract for the wartiness of similar goods has been signed;

o deductive value (deductive value) is determined on the basis of the price of the internal market for comrade, identically and similarly to the import (with the whole range of benefits, allowances, transportation, insurance, insurance and insurance);

o rozrahunkova compartmental value is indicated before the price of the most important goods, even the most expensive windows, even small ones, and those goods are exported to the same goods, which must be imported.

o fall-back method is to be victorious at that time, if it’s not possible to stand up to the chotiri in front of the standard, and I can help a little bit of victorious behavior. It is possible to use the method of picking up the price of goods, exporting to the third country, the minimum price, the total number of goods.

At the time of the confession, some of the best standards are spiraling into information, gained from the Ukrainian import. From where it is necessary to sign the rozrahunkovo ​​mitno wartosti import goods, you can reach the majority of the estimated goods beyond the borders of the import country. You need a standard that is less expensive, if the seller and the buyer are disputed by the consumer and the producer is ready to give information to the authorities of the country and the country needs information.

It’s good to pass on, now that the кра ї кра кра гармон є гармон гармон гармон гармон members are harmonized with their laws and regulations, and that I can help the importers to evaluate the rallies of rallies.

4.2.2. Pleasure about the dovantazhuvalnu іnspektsіy

The other half of the 19th century The importers felt the victory of the servants of the independent inspirational firms for the certification of the characteristics of the goods and the characteristics of the goods, of the buyers who want to import. In such services are closed private firms, enterprises of sovereign power, government departments. Since the mid-1960s, you have to go to work in the country, start working out, receive the services of the inspectors for the import of goods, to reduce the cost of under-goods (under-or over-invoicing).

Otzhe, dovantazhvuvalna іnspektsіya zabpepechuє:

o vіdpovіdnіst goods to the minds of the contract;

o availability of goods;

o tariff classification of goods. Nin_ u svіtі іsnuє p'yat kompanіy, scho zdіysynyyut your dіyalіst

on the global and regional regions. Stink to belong to the International Federation of Inspection Agencies (IFIA).

Існу договор two see the agreement about the primusov dovantazhuvalnu іnspektsіy (mandatory preshipment inspection):

o currency foreign exchange contracts);

o mitnі (customs contracts). The first type of agreements for bonding to prevent the flight of capital for preventive envy of the contract. Another type of method is to reduce the need for hardened mitigation in the result of undervaluation of the contract under the wrong misbehavior (deliberate misclassi-fication) contract.

Dovidantazhvualny inspectors, as a rule, please check with the import. Н кол заст кол они они заст заст заст кол кол н кол н н н н н н н н н н н н н н н н.

Exporters with a highly excused country imply such a non-tariff bar inspection.

Meta Ugodi is about completing the introduction of the policy in the form of a set of principles and rules for completing such inspections. Every place you want is for exporting goods that are identical with those of identical goods that are reserved for exporting from the country to importing goods to foreign markets. To respect, take economic and official officials, as a rule, add to the price of exported goods.

Organizations in Ukraine, such as interviews, not goiters, automatically take the signaled inspectors as the basis for the first contact, and let them take care of the skin near the skin vip.

Oskіlki exporters do not expect to be able to get satisfied with the inspectors ’inspections, then it’s transferred to the land, but at the inspecting companies appellations can be identified, I’m not happy to be able to serve strings. Such individuals must be at the skinny port of the port, the administrative office of the office is inspected. It’s okay to stink quickly to take the rishennya for the belongings.

An Independent Review Entity (IRE) has been created, and exporters and experts can be seen as such with skargs. Skargi rozglyadaє "triika", as a warehouse from representatives of the International Chamber of Commerce, the International Federation of Inspection Agencies and the Independent Public Authority. You can argue with the call of business inspectors that you can also regulate within the framework of the Private Organizational Trading.