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International trade - Dakhno І.І.

4.2.13. Pleasure about state power

The angle of the top of the Bula was laid at 1988 p. after the Tokyo round of negotiations, the GATT ’was stumbling over goods. Pleasure, laid the half hour of the Uruguay round, agree on goods as well as service. The good fortune of the state authorities has been marked by the standard practice of international trade for companies, which is to take the fate of the vicar powers.

Government offices and control by the agency’s squad є at the current level with great purchasers of goods and services. Neridko such purchases reach 10-15% of the gross national product. International trade in goods and services, procurement of goods, and post-production.

The government of Ukraine has long been accustomed to the policies of preferential treatment. The goods were procured in foreign countries more than 10%, while the price of national goods was 10-15% higher than the price of imported goods, while goods were sold in friendly territory. Such a settlement destroyed the regime of the national most competitive principle and principle of the national regime.

The GATT rules did not expand on the purchase by units of these goods, but didn’t bathe for the lofty Victoria and didn’t mean for resale.

The main meta is to find a way to ensure that the prizvichi’s order is held by commercial considerations during the purchase of goods and services for the lofty Victoria. At tsimu, the discrimination of internal disciplines was abolished. For the sake of a bagate-sided pleasing not of goiters, they’ve entered the country, they entered before COT, adhered to it, for example, in the twentieth century. the middle of the ас ас participant is a little more than two countries, I’m starting to develop, - Hong Kong П Pivdenna Korea.

Kozhna Krajina, which now has come to Ugodi about state power, has a list of agencies, up-to-date state purchases and international purchases. Such transfers are getting involved in a warehouse. Country-part-nitsі may also mean comrades and servants; When you buy goods from the military for procurement by the defense authorities, the appropriated position should not be expanded.

It is scattered more than the first Krochi from the sphere of the international regulation of the sovereign procurement of services. Pіd dіy ugody pіdpadayut takі nayposhirenіshі see the following services:

o weekly;

o management consulting (management consultancy) and first-hand servants;

o services from the market (market research services);

o computer'yuternі;

o accounting and auditing services;

o advertising (advertising services);

o servants from tidying up budinkiv (building cleaning services);

o polygraphic (publishing and printing services).

The provision of good fortune regarding the government’s decision to govern the national economy in accordance with the principle of national government.

Viddomstva, scho zdіysnyuyut procurement, may rob tse for additional tender and to save the right to their fate foreign aliens. The wealth transferred to the transparency of the contract (the greatest public scrutinity of decisions to award contracts).

Yakshko to those who are indicted in procurement, if you want to gain an understanding of the price, then please the goiter’s argument. Everywhere, it’s pleasing to the power of the government to take the national, private, public, public, private, public, private, public, private, public, private, public, private, public and private parties.

Kozna rozvinena kraina zobov'yazana open information center (information center), a kind of press information:

o about the rules of law in the field of government procurement and practice ix of the congestion;

o addresses of mortgages, on yakі broadened diya ugody;

o days and liabilities of goods and services, procurement, as well as tenders (future tenders).

Launch about such information. Formally, the participants in the law may abuse the right to abuse. In fact, on the basis of information, you can roam all over the country, you can grow up as members of the Svitovo Organizatsii trade, but you still haven’t been able to please them. The land of the International Information Center has been transferred at your convenience, a kind of bi who has given help to the zavellennyh postaulchiki from the country, who are beginning to develop. So the post-sleeper can compete with the post-shavers who have learned in the country at the important international market. First of all, I would like to state that, if you take part in the landowner participation, you don’t want to leave behind the tenders (the (USA) vignette for those who have lost their country’s brotherhood.

4.2.14. Derzhavna bargaining

State trading; state trade; state trade. Yakshcho uryadovі procurement vikoristovuyutsya for the satisfaction of the highest demands of the government attitudes to the goods and services, then the power of bargaining is looked like a kind of business. When importing commerce and services, they are sold on the domestic market, and the products of the national economy are bought for resale on the domestic market and export on foreign markets.

Industrial enterprises, which wish to have the power to trade, дов state-owned and non-standard attitudes, may have exclusive (exclusive) rights, and open up their rights to purchase, sell and direct export. Article XVII GATT 1994 p. For import and export of goods, there is a need for state-owned trading enterprises and for understanding "understanding of interpretation" (understanding on interpretation).

Obviously, with the provisions of the GATT, state power of guilty health, civil liability, non-discriminatory treatment principles and non-discriminatory treatment (non-discriminatory treatment). In the process of procurement of goods, there is a possibility of price, availability, understanding of transport and other aspects of purchase and sale. To trading companies with foreign rights, you can ask for your share in these purchases and sales.

Derzhavna bargaining is guilty of buti with shame. I’m glad at the right of the Council for Trade in Goods, you need to inform:

o about the powers of the government, which is to take part in international trade;

o importing and exporting products;

o Foreign cooperation, which will determine the specificity of the power of the state trading enterprises.

I’m glad to approve of the working group, as well as to the need for information and compilation of the compendium of state trading enterprises. The managers of the working group of the territorial-GATT member may be able to observe (surveillance) for the duty of such enterprises. Also, they can stink counter-notifications on these powers of trade, and on the other hand, they must superclaim the principles and rules of the GATT.