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International trade - Dakhno І.І.


5.1. Basic understanding

First understand the basic understanding of the world-wide market for foodstuffs, food and industrial products, knowledge of the English term "commodity", and equivalent of Ukrainian goods in Ukraine. In "Oxford Paperback Encyclopedia" (1998, p. 337), it is explained: "Commodity є is a good (good) product, but be a raw material or semi-processed material, as a rule, go to the sphere of international trade .

Commodities (terminology implied by many. - Aut.) Are based on agricultural products and minerals. Silgosproducti has its own food product, products include tree crops, Cavoua seeds, tea, cocoa, arable coops, wheat seeds, rice (soybeans), soybeans (rice), soybeans (rice), soybeans ), and non-food comrade, such as a village (timber), natural rubber (natural rubber) abo jute. Prior to minerals, establish organic fossils - naphtha, gas and gas, and metals - copper, aluminum, zinc. "

Oskіlki є commodity, it is guilty of the indemnity of the international market. In the encyclopedia (p. 337)) article "Commodity market" of this kind:

"Commodity market є the market of the sirovini abo factory. For bagato commodities існу commod єdina svіtova price (single world price) abo price with narrow range of price for a particular type of product (particular grade of product), for example, for naphtha, for From them there is a single dominant market, most deals take place. For example, buy and sell metal and sell on the London Metal Exchange. Commodity stability (stability) stabilization Inkoli settle down between / the country-virobi-nicknames and the country-spozhivachi with I’m trying to control the long-term level of prices, but you can use the central fund to ensure that we’ve got a better price. for additional purchases of goods (commodities), such a way of lowering the position (thus reducing) for setting the buffer stock (buffer stock), as long as the price is lower than the desired level (the price is below desired level). Thus, stockpiles may be reserved for trading, as long as the price is (is above) bazhanov riven. Fluctuations of international prices for business can be difficult for practitioners, as well as for economic development, developing countries, and limited international business.

Give a quote to the note “International commodity covenant” from the “Economic vocabulary-contributor” (1995 p. 209): mad of the country, so that they can live and live in comrade. Such minds dictate the assertion of reserve stocks of goods, the establishment of control over the export and import, access to the necessary land for purchasing, price for the product. warning light for realіzatsієyu land, zabezpechennya regulyuyuchih funktsіy toscho stvoryuyutsya spetsіalnі Support Committees that komіsії OAO All tsі come in zapobіgayut Oscillations tsіn, perenasichenostі Rinku abo commodity defіtsitu Mіzhnarodnі tovarnі lands ukladayutsya, yak usually on kіlka rokіv Їh mozhna podіliti three Vidi:... stabіlіzatsіynі, poklikanі vvіnnovazhiti drink that proposition of goods on a new market. Stink obmezhuyut kolivannya svitovyh prices for goods by dividing the intervals, when there are at least one participants please pay for purchasing surplus goods for half price, but about pro ayut Yogo іz so the title of the buffer zapasіv for їh znizhennya. With this method, you can speed up the export of goods, establish export quotas for participating countries. So є internationally, please trade in natural rubber, cava, cocoa, bauxite, uranium, nickel; administrative products, which are designated for the resolution of problems of international trade in goods, collection and publication of informational materials (for the sake of grain, wheat); please, go to the development site to get laid out to export the export potential of the krai participant and stimulate food for goods (please go to the tropical village, jute and jute viro roves, roslinno olії ta in.). "

For the glorious rosumіnnya understood "commodity" is known more than two English dzherely.

In the "Oxford Dictionary of Geography" (1997, p. 88), understanding commodities it’s supremely succinctly tlumatizing like this: “Very loosely, goods and services,” which means “well, comrades and servants.”

"The Penguin Dictionary of Human Geography" (p. 1997, p. 79) has a much broader note on commodities, which means:

"1) In economics, there is only goods (goods), but service, what to satisfy (particular), I will need (distinct), Yaku vidchuva.

2) In economic geography (economic geography) - the point of view (item), it is better to see the primary to the secondary sector (from the primary to the secondary sector). From now on, commodities are seen in products, items are in words, items in the secondary to tertiary sectors are in goods, goods are in goods and in goods in the tertiary sector. "

Nagadaєmo chitachevі basic signs of the value sectors:

The first sector is the galaxy of industry words, which are special for processing the basic materials or the conversion of raw materials.

Secondary sector - galuzi promyslovostі, scho to give corridor materials, the first sector (to form utility to the materials produced by the primary sector).

The third sector is economic dyalnist, it is connected with exchange and sale of goods and services (exchange and consumption of goods and service).

From now on, I’ll look at the wikladen є all in all, let’s say that the term “commodity” has been used to read and understand the reader’s matimely understanding about the understanding of English literature.

In "The Penguin Dictionary of Human Geography" (1997 p. 196) it means that good is є everything that is satisfied є need (anything which satisfies a want).

In "Oxford Paperback Encyclopedia" (1998, p. 587), the notation "Goods" contains information on goods that are commod "physical commodities, as well as directly mediated by the contentment of human consumption. Living goods and consumer goods -demand goods) є і щ,, в в в в В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В В они они В они В В В В. є comrade, who will be victorious for viral goods and services and stinks. semi-finished items, semi-finished items, and semi-finished items (weekly items). ) є so, they’re not depleted when they are living in a special environment, for example, they’ve got better defense, but national defense ".

In order to give a clear description of the main goods, they will be sold in the sphere of international trade.