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International trade - Dakhno І.І.

5.2. Promislovі comrade

There is a unique market for goods of a specific industry, and there is a great number of specific products for specific products. Sweet market of industrial goods as a result of higher operational efficiency of state subsidies of state-owned enterprises of the Republic of Belarus.

Promislovi comrade can be completely assembled and ready for the weekend, as well as having to change the selected video, for example, cars and possessions, I often go to the video sets. Dalі slozhnemlyaemayu nayavlivіshі group of industrial goods in an ordinary light market.

Microelectronics products є supplies, integrated circuits and warehouses, electronic components and components. Japan, Chotiri "tigers" Pivdenno-Scheidnoi Azii - Pivdenna Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong (ninya Syangang - the PRC warehouse) and Singapore, as well as the territory of the Pacific region should be kept up to the main industrial products.

The United States is not a leader in galvanic microelectronics, but also has a great role to play in international trade in products, which is overlooked by microelectronic giants.

Significant obedience to microelectronic products virobljat Canada and the country of Western Europe. There was a wide range of intra-industrial trade in products of microelectronics.

Steel production. On the cob of the 90s rockіv XX century. the United States has import steel re-exporting. Zakhіdna заvropa got the most profitable steelmaker from steel and led from trade in steelmaking products. At 1992 p. at the boundaries of internal trade and sales, steel products were sold for a sum of $ 40 billion.

The most important steel products to the country, they are developing, having straightened themselves from Japan and the country of Western Europe. Land, schwyvayutsya, do not have significant significant burdens for high-tech steel. A part of Africa has become more than 1% of the world's largest virobnitz.

By extending the period of the news of the Other World USA and the countries of Western Europe, they sold the products of steel industry for enviable prices, which made sense the appearance of competitive countries in Brazil, Japan and Korea. As long as the competition for the steel products market was doubled between the borders of the country, then it won the front end.

Textiles and clothing. In the 1950s, the USA’s rockies and Western Europe won’t have the largest production of light industry products from the largest virobi. Nevdovzі tsya laboromushka galuza began to mogruvati to krask, scho bend. The regions of Central America, Africa, the Middle Descent, the Middle East and Asia have shifted to a viral scale. Distant Scheid, India and China є the main textile centers. Kraiini, scho barking, secured in 1992 p. Export of textiles and clothing for a sum of 78 billion dollars. Hong Kong peretvorilsya on a private leader with the export of clothing.

FRN and ITALY lead in export textiles. Behind the camp for 1990 p. Zahidnu Europe accounted for 47% of the volatility of the industrial flow of production galluses, and 43% in the region of Asia. There are two regions that signify a small market for production galluses, and there are a small part of light trade in textile and clothing industry.

An oversight of car production in the European Union of Europe, which was realized on domestic markets, which was the largest in the flow of cars in the sphere of international trade in 1990 p. i becoming 72 billion dollars Ukraine’s European zones of free trade were also sold products for the amount of $ 8.5 billion worth of sales. The most numbered European exporter of the FRN bull, another friend was France. Export of automobiles and spare parts from the country to the USA market after 1992 about 4 billion dollars

SRSR and Ukraine’s territory of Europe did not, at one time, see a different role in the automotive market of automobiles.

At 1997 p. Japan exported $ 21 billion worth of automotive products to the United States. Japanese car makers with a stretch of 70-80s rocky have stolen good news on the automotive market. On the cob of the 90s, the products of the Japanese automobile industry began to ponad the quarter of the US automobile market.

At 1990 p. The American company General Motors and Ford have the best cars among motorists. At the table. 1 translations of the number of passenger cars used in 1990 Indicated on a significant increase in transnational corporations in the automotive industry - there is a great deal of product sales at foreign companies. Automobiles, which are used at Japanese plants in the United States, were named "Japanese transplants." "Transplant" є not less than Japanese, and th American, Nimetsky, French skinny.