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International trade - Dakhno І.І.

5.4. Silskogospodarska syrovina

At a number of Krai Lisova, the statehood should be established before the state government. Behind the camp for 1993 p. the oath of the holy virobnitztva of the fiscal goods is in such:

o round lisomaterіalіv - 3484.4 million m3;

o plywood - 48.3 million m3;

o chipboard - 51.6 million m3;

o wood fiber boards - 19 million m3;

o paper and cardboard - 253.3 million m3;

o pilomaterial - 432.4 million m3.

The most popular among virobihniki of the riznykh types of goods in the village є so the country:

o kruglykh lisomaterіalіv - USA, China, India, Brazil, India, Canada, Russia;

o plywood - USA, India, Japan, China, Canada, Russia;

o wood chipboards - FRN, USA, Canada, Russia Francia;

o wood-fiber boards - USA, China, Russia, Japan;

o paper and cardboard - USA, Japan, China, Canada, FRN, Finland, France;

o pilomaterial - USA, Canada, Russia, Japan, China. Ponad half of the liturgical oath lisozagotіvel seizureє on the firewood village, which can be widely slanted like a sand near the lands of Pivdenny pivkulі.

The lands of Pivnichnaya pivkuli are getting wider than the Vikings, to the broadleaf village and economical conifer. Kraiini, in some kind lisopererobnaya promislovnost cleaned up, to save as much as possible vikoristannya harvested villages for the help of recycling ії ії відходів.

Entrance of the village has shifted to an important article of international trade. Zokrem, with a stretch of 1983-1993 pp. an oath to the export of wood chips and wood shavings zrіs udvіchi - from 13.8 to 27.6 million m3.

Bavovnik zabpepechuє (behind the wagon), even 50% of the new fiber fibers. By the best virobniks to the bavovnik є USA, China, India. Nearly 50% of the international trade in textile fibers is in the territory of the country. Naibilshi exporters to bavovnik - USA, Uzbekistan, Australia, Pakistan, Turkmenistan, imports - Russia, Japan, Pivdenna Korea, Indonesia, Ukraine.

The New York Stock Exchange and the Middle East Market of the Socialist Republic at Liverpool are dominated by the main centers of commercial trading in the main. Price on bavovnik finish unstable.

Viroshuyut bavovnik short-, middle- and pre-fibrous varieties. Short-haired bavonik is invaded, which can mean a fiber diameter of 1 to 4 cm. Middle-fiber and pre-fiber grades require higher costs for their own viroscopy, which is expensive. It’s less good for the USA to remove the bavovnik exceptionally for the help of other technicians, in the last lands to stash the hand of the prince. On a private market, you’ll also be able to go to the bavovnik.

The main jyuu virobniks are India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and the African region. Victory is crucial for the woven fabric tariff, to get involved in deputy hemp (hemp).

A part of the look of the used all textile fibers becomes about 5%. The main producers are Australia, Nova Zealand, Argentina, Uruguay, PAR, and CIS territories. Naiposhirenіsh form of trading with the outside - auction.

Natural rubber should be gained from latex (juice) of the kind of rubber-bearing dewlings, reprogrammed from Brazilian Hevea, fatherland like the Amazon Basin. Rubber trees virochuyut on plantations. Proposition and drink, as well as the price of these products are among the most stable. Natural rubber is still not possible to replace synthetic rubber with low voltages. The virobnitvo of natural rubber is extended between Pivdenno-Shіdnіy Azії.

Until 1989 p. The official viral leader-leader of the Bula Malaysia, the former is the first representative of Thailand, and the other is Indonesia. Nineteen three countries will secure about 80% of natural rubber products. Zagal on Pivdenno-Shіdnu Azіy pripadaє 90% of the rubber fence. The main rubber that lives on is industrial ruin.