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International trade - Dakhno І.І.

5.5. Rudy i metal

Tseyn rinok stockpiled from these types:

o market of black metals;

o market of color metals.

There is a practical price for syringes for the purchase of color metals; practically every day, with a wider range of historical syrovini. The price of ore and concentrate lies in the price of the refined metal. There is a better report on the color metal market.

Mіdnі Rudy Je have bagatoh mіstsyah Planet, Ale її osnovnі hard at that vidobuvannya zoseredzhenі in porіvnyano slim koli kraїn (USA, Canada, Avstralіya, Chilі, Zambіya, Peru, Zaїr).

The main exporters of middle concentrates are the USA, Chile, Papua Nova Guinea, Portugal, Filippi, the great exporters are Japan, FRN, Spain, Pivdenna Korea. Trading with chornovym metal is encircled. Chile and Peru are the most popular post-goers, most of them living in the USA, countries of the United States, Pivdenna Korea.

The prices of the middle concentrates are on the basis of the quotation of the London Stock Exchange for grade A (together with 99.99% of the average).

The main virobniki and fellow practitioners are industrialized and excused. Approximately half of the average price for industrial equipment is industrial, 25-30% are machine blowing, 15% are business. 40-50% of the certified refined medium is required for the private market. The main trading centers are the London Metal and Metal Market in the USA.

Alumіnіy. Australia, Latin America (Jamaica, Guyana, Brazil, Venezuela, Suriname and Guinea) - the main areas and views of boxing. USA, Canada, Australia and Latin American countries - provincial types of alumina. The best producers of primary aluminum are the United States, Canada and Australia, most of which are living in the USA, the United States, Japan.

Exporters of aluminum є Norway, Canada, Australia, Brazil. Naibilshi Importeri - Japan, USA, FRN, France, Italy, Pivdenna Korea and Taiwan. The price of aluminum, which can be stocked up at the London Metal Exchange, is tied to show.

Lead. Geological reserves of lead ores at Svit become 70 million tons. The main products are in the middle in Australia, USA, Canada,

China and the deceitful powers of the CIS. Australia, Canada, Peru and Mexico - the most suitable vodobuvach ores and virobniks concentrates.

Lead refineries are sold at the local countries of the United States, in Japan, the USA, Australia, Canada and Mexico. The three remaining countries are the main exporters of refined lead, the United States and the United States are the main exporters.

Nearly 60% of the obscene oath of living with lead seizures is on the basis of acidic batteries. I’m showing up with the show prices, and I’m stocking up on London metal.

Zinc. Geological reserves of zinc ores at the enterprise are estimated at 150 million tons. The export of zinc ores and concentrates is Canada, Sweden, Peru, Mexico, and imports are FRN, France, Belgium, and Japan.

The price of zinc concentrates does not come from prescribing, but only publishes data on the flexibility of processing, but I may have been advised on the price of concentrates.

Producers and producers of zinc - EU countries, Canada, Japan, USA, Pivdenna Korea, Mexico, Brazil. Show prices go into the listing of the London metals.

Tin. The main types of tin-ore ores from Brazil are Brazil, Bolivia, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. The leading post-overs of tin concentrates to the Svitovy rinok є Australia, Peru, Bolivia, Canada. The main tin producing countries are Malaysia, India, Brazil, Bolivia, Thailand, and the main countries are the United States, USA, Japan.

Show prices go into the listing of the London metals and metals market in Malaysia. There is an export rate of 90% for the curled tin.

Nickel. Geological reserves of nickel ores at the site become 50 million tons. The most common types of nickel ores are Canada, Australia and the islands of Nova Caledonia in Oceania. The first nickel product (refining nickel, feronickel, oxide nickel) is important to start up companies in Canada, Japan, Norway. The main goodies - Japan, USA, FRN, Brazil, Pivdenna Korea, Taiwan.

The price of nickel is to recognize the marketplace. We show є prices of the London metal industry. At 1996 p. sredniorichna price 1 t nikelyu became 7700 dollars.

Cadmium. Tsey metal є peredusim byproduct of the product of zinc, lead and copper. Yogo wiggles for scrap too. Наприкінці

XX century at svorochi shiroku viroblyalosya 18-20 yew. t cadmium. Metal victorious overwhelmingly for the battery of nickel-cadmium batteries. The main surviving cadmus of the Bula is Japan.

Gold. For the remainder of 6 thousand rokіv at svіtі bulo vidobuto 125 yew. tons of gold. Nine largest gold-bearing shoes - Pivdenno-Afrikaanska Republika. There are dozens of gold and mine shafts and mines, there are some praciuyut povmіylyona cholovik. The portion of PAR in the zagosnosvіtom obzіdі gold, vidobutny from 1970 p., Became 79% (abo 1 thousand t.). Ninets have a significantly lower indicator (trochies more than 20%).

At the colchic СРСР the most gold was seen in the video buto in 1988 p. - 304 t.

The demonetization of gold, which was seen in 70s of the 20th century, has been completely replaced by the holy rhinoceros. This means that the law enforcement, sales and realization of gold will be concentrated in private hands. Ofіsіyna price gold bullion is packaged. Take away the metal of the ninth of the victorious less than the market.

The main dzherela gold nini so:

o new video footage;

o gold scrap;

o state reserves;

o Aggregation of private properties (physical and legal).

At sichnі 1980 p. the price of one ounces of gold reached a maximum of 850 dollars, and for the fierce one 1985 p. decreased to the minimum value of 284 dollars. The price of gold is dominant

Provided Gold and Gold - USA, Canada, Australia. The main survivors of gold:

o vigotovlyuvachi jeweler virobіv, coins, medals, goods industrial promissory note;

o private individuals, nakromadzhuyut gold yak belongings (thesauri);

o state organizations (for the selection of official resources). For example, the twentieth century such a structure of gold vikoristannya:

o 33.8 yew t - gold reserves of the Krai-member of the IMF and the international organizations;

o 25.4 tys. t - nagromadzhennya private osib;

o 34 yew t - promislovo-pobutove Vikoristan.

He’s drowned in gold from the side of the promising merchants. Levov’s part of the whole metal is Viktorov’s jewelery production (after the camp in 1991, it was ponad 2100 tons). At 1991 p. the industrial value of the vikoristan gold in St. Petersburg became less than 267 tons.

Birzhov’s trade in gold does not come down to physical metal, but legal goiter’s yachts. However, it won’t be completely overwhelmed by the conjuncture of gold trading as physical metal. He’s also drunk on the situation, more than a proposition.

Iridіy. Until the mid-90s, pokonad 90% of the number of people who were victorious in the electric industry, were changed to cover the electrodes, as well as a catalyst.

The price of іridіy recognize significant tricks, about how to make such a note. Stretching 1991-1992 pp. The price of universal income became approximately 300 dollars, from 1995-1996 rubles. - 60 dollars., 1997 p. - 120-130 dollars.