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International trade - Dakhno І.І.


6.1. The role of servants in retail trading

In the mid-90s of rock XX century. the servants became 20% of the total oath of international trade.

The secretariat of the public organization of trade in services for 12 sectors:

o business, including professional and computer (business, including professional and computer services);

o komunіkatsіynі (communication services);

o budіvelnі that іzhinіringovі (contruction and engineering services);

o distrib'yutorskі (distribution services);

o sanctuary (educational services);

o nature conservation (environmental services);

o finance (insurance and banking) (financial (insurance and banking servicis));

o medical (health);

o tourism (tourism and travel services);

o recreational, cultural and sporting services;

o transport (transport services);

o інші.

Assigned 12 sectors to 155 sectors.

At member countries of the Organization for Economic and Social Development (OECD, English - OECD) and publications of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, they are required to accept such classifications:

o finance;

o informational (communal);

o profesіynі (virobnichі);

o tourist;

o social.

The International Monetary Fund Zastosovє taku klasifіkatsіy the following services:

o sea transported;

o інші see transport;

o expensive;

o private servants;

o інші офіційні services.

Services, in the form of goods, int intangible and invisible, as well as the possibility of accumulation. The British journal The Economist allegedly meaning, by the servant є those, who are the last hour of buying and selling, can’t be caught and taken away.

International trade in goods transferring goods and services through the state cordon. Also, the return of servants is a good idea. The hour and month of service are the guilty pleas. I’m almost as close as I can to the servant and helper, so I can tell you the big deal of the commerce presence, the service of the country, the reception of the country, and the reception of the service. Close proximity is possible to reach, shifting the physical features - the functional ones to the last country by the way of the above service. For the acquisition of singing services, I would like to welcome people to the country, to be rewarded with more than one service (for example, tourist, recreation, leisure, blessing).

From now on, the international trade in services can be completed at the form:

o re-establishment of cordon service products;

o ruhu living to the edge of import;

o the establishment of commercial presence in the country, de nedavatyetsya servant;

o Timochy moving fakhivtsiv to the edge of the city with the help of nadannya servant. The nature of the servants is invisible, as well as those who do not have to transfer the servants before transferring them through the power cordons, they can not get used to the servants prikordonnі protectionist come in, scho get accustomed to the goods. The scope of services for the share of foreign investors can be regulated by the legislation on foreign investments and about the fate of foreign investors. One hundred percent of the overseas servants can be stifled, but not be stiffened by the regime of the national most competitive principle, but the principle of the national regime.

Zagalny oath to the market of servants in 1997 p. Having become 1310 trillion dollars., But I’ll pay part of the whole export to the whole world. For example, another thousand in the United States, Great Britain, the Federal Republic of France and France accounted for 44% of the number of service couriers exported. In the most economically guilty countries of Ukraine, up to 70% of the new export service fell to 50% of the new export.

Pivdenna Korea for exporting services, consulting and service workers, Singapore - financial services and banking. Bagato Malikh krasnogo krai special_alizuyutsya on the tourist and the hotel business, which is often є practical with a single dzherelom due to foreign currency.

With a stretch of two or three remaining ten years, New Zealand and Australia significantly overshadowed the oaths of trade in servants. S 1985 p. to 1997 p. the oath of international trade in the services of New Zealand residents is 80% higher, and that of Australia is 70% higher. Tse vidbulosya peredusіm zavdyaki expansion of tourism.

Nina Francia vіdoma u svіtі yak exporter of financial and freight services, Shvetsia - a servant of a technical, managerial and advisory nature. The United Kingdom and the United States have lost monopoly over the galaxy of financial and freight services, the role of Japan and the Federal Reserve, on the way, and growth. Japan has the largest merchant fleet. The International Navigation of Norway will protect the second half of the export of the services of the territory of the country.

On tourist and transport services of a seizure 25% of all international trade in services. Surround the territory of the country, you can develop, maintain up to twenty five of the most exporters of services, but in the rest of the country, the group is insignificant.

Trade in the services of post-zrosta. Їх export is expanding to okremich economically weakly guilty territories. Telling foreign markets to demand a weekend of marketing and business and science-related work, a lot of advertising campaigns, and a poorly serviced sales service.

The technical process in the field of communal technology positively identified in the svitovy trading services. The presence of a facsimile, electronic mail, and any other kind of communal offer to representatives and representatives of the so-called most professional professors is wider, more efficient, and wider. For example, the architects for additional Internet access can push their servants to the thousands of kilometers of their offices. The managers of the significant amount of the bank and financial services have reached global proportions, and the financial system is "no way to sleep even."

At the thought of the fakhivtsiv, the sworn oath of bargaining by the servants of the near Maybach, the oath of merchandising of bargaining is overloaded.