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International trade - Dakhno І.І.

6.2. Services at the Ukrainian focal point of Ukraine

Ukraine also take the fate of international trade in services. In all likelihood, statistical data is available from the catalog "Ukraine is in Figures. 2001 Rick" (Table 2).

Table 2

The structure of export-import of Ukrainian servants in 2001 (million dollars)

Type of service



The part in the obscure obazіі servants,%

export import

At once















Servants zvyazku

























Royalties and licensed services





Інші ділові services





Різні ділові, professional and technical





Services to private individuals and services in the Galuzi culture and vіdpochinku





Powers of the servant, not present until the last category





Repair Service





The order of the sovereign committee of statistics of Ukraine vid 15 lipnya 2002 p. No. 266 "About the consolidation of the formation of the sovereign statistical rivalry No. 9-ЗЗЗ" Zvit about export (import) of the service "that" Instructions for the Republic of Latvia "was registered in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine on 26th of April 2002 (No. 611/68). "The reader can be identified in the law office of the Law" Official Gazette of Ukraine ", 2002, No. 31.) the basis of the principle of narahuvannya (for VIP by them.) Most often, as a rule, the date of the restoration of such operations is to be waived by the hour of viral service. -ZEZ "Zvit about export (import) service" to avenge the terms and conditions "provisional economy", "economy territory", "state agreement", non-resident Classification torus of currencies "and Additive No. 2 with a change in the main types of international services, the text of which is inducibly different (tab. 3).

The form of the sovereign statistical reminder is indicated and the “Instructions for the State of the Law” has been introduced for the most part, for the sake of the birch tree of 2003 r. Form No. 9-ЗЕЗ that "Instructions" is extended to all legal principles, regardless of form of government and granting, as well as due service to out-of-date partners and approved partners.

Zvit about export (import) of services to give to the quarter on the 10th day of the weekly period. The authority of the sovereign statistics agency for the empowerment of industrial enterprises is resident - they are residents of Ukraine, as well as healthy export and import operations.

Information form No. 9-ЗЕЗ is open for the formation of a third-party trade and balance of payments in Ukraine.

Confidentiality of statistical information to be secured 21 of the Law of Ukraine "On State Statistics".

Table 3

Name of the servants




Servants, povyazanі z silskim state gift, prayer and fiscal statehood (section 1-2)

Included are the services from the pre-seasoned watering and gardening of crops, the selection of food and the preparation of products to zbutu; from agricultural service, mortgage and utilities, parks, secure functions of sound and drainage systems; zahistu roslin vіd hvorob and shkidnikіv; servants for praying, for stimulating the divine game; services from lisivnitsva (taxation, assessment of lisu), zahistu lisu vid pozhіzh і t. іn. All servants are rejoicing in acquisitions for the winery, but on an agreed basis, as a rule, at the most important places of public relations.

Vidacha license for prayer is presented to transfers, and not to servants.

Servants, entrusted with tribal gratitude (p. 5)

Include services related to fishing, dyalnisty reborozplіdnikіv and ribny farms, servants z stenennya become water and refuge; Servants zi stimuluvannya rozvedennya ribi і t. Many servants are reckoned for the winery, but on an agreed basis.

Vidacha license for ribovolstvo to be presented to transfers, and not to servants.

Servants in additional industries (b. 10-14)

Includes services related to the use of camouflage wugill, lignite, peat, naphtha, gas, uranium, metal ore and so on. Many servants are rejoicing in acquisitions for the winery, but on an agreed basis, as a rule, on naphtha and gas clans.

Servants in the production industry (p. 15-37)

Servants are included in the grubby industry, due to the factories of coastal ribozavodiv, yakі get involved exceptionally perebroblennyam, preservation of ribe and seafood; at tyutyunovіy, textile industry; the servants of the ready-made clothing for that hutra, shkri and shkryany vzuttya; the servants in osroblennі that virobnitsvі virobіv from a tree, peel, straws and wickers; the servants

Perelіk mainly vidіv zovnіshnoekonomіchnih poslug scho vklyuchayutsya at zvіt for Form N-9 ses (s zgіdno Klasifіkatsієyu poslug zovnіshnoekonomіchnoї dіyalnostі, zatverdzhenoyu instructions to Sovereign komіtetu standartizatsії, metrologії that sertifіkatsії Ukraine od 02.06.97 № 324), that korotkі metodologіchnі poyasnennyaProdovzhennya Table. 3



from virobnitstv to the papier, cardboard and virobіv from them; services at the official reference, polygraphic promo words, the number of copies of the program security, the file and the video -

Mіv z origіnіlіv, z grunting advertising materials with intercourse polіgrafії; virobnit coke services, oil refining and nuclear spill products; servants in chemical virobnitz; servants in

metallurgy, servants, entrusted with metallized metal; services in powder metallurgy; in virobnitsvі machines that ustatkuvannya,

stationery and electronic calculating machines, including

with installation and repair (except for technical service

repair of computer technology); servants of the electric machinery and equipment, including installation and repair; installation for radio, television and sound, including installation

that repair; medical possession, including installation

repair; car repair, including overhaul (except for technical maintenance and repair); іншого transport ustatkuvannya, including with overhaul repair (except for continuous

repair and servicing); in case of furniture and other types of equipment, including repair; Servants z obroblennya vidhodіv; the servants from the village of the village that z virobnitsva virobiv z

villages; Servants at virobnitstv humovih and plastic virobiv; Servants in high-tech non-metal and non-metallic ones. All the services are rejoiced by the winners for the winery anyway

contractual basis.

In case of significant servicing, the rate of merchandising of goods at times shall be included:

- as a matter of fact, I’ve come to import for reprocessing, but I’m not trying to re-export and navigate (for example,

reprocessing of nuclear waste);

- as a rule, comrades are welcomed for the cordon (or to go beyond the cordon) for processing and offensive sale to residents of tієї

territories, de-processing;

- as a rule, comrades are sent for a cordon for processing in one country and offensive sale in one country (fee for

reprocessing of the Ukrainian-virobnik after the service of the regional-exporter of goods).

It doesn’t include that type of processing of goods from customer-supplied sirovini, as it is insured by the owner of the re-export (re-

port) goods. Prote can be a mother of vipadka, if you think the contract has changed and the part of the transformation has been given

Nice sirovini goods are sold by a resident of the territory of the country, de-processing. Toddi enterprises, scho zd_isnyuvali re-processing, guilty show the wart_ re-processing of part of the goods-


Production table 3



Services at the electricity, gas and water (b. 40-41)

Include services from electricity distribution, gas, gas-filled heat, heat; servants from the zbor, purification and seclusion of water. Many servants are reckoned for the winery, but on an agreed basis.

Servants, entrusted with business (b. 45)

Services, including robots for cooking alarm clocks on alarm clocks; servants із збільшення будівельних діляканки and viconannya earthen robots; h preparation of dishes for horticultural work and cleaning the soil; Servants, entrusted with the ready and prepared maidanchik і dіlyanok for girnichih robіt; the servants of viprobuvalnaya burіnnya and sverdlіnnya; zbirannya zrazkіv porіd with alarm, geophysical, geological method; z budіvnitstva buіvel, bridges, shlyakhihih estakad, tunnels, pipelines, linear sound; With installation and installation of construction designs; services for the installation of red and gray and that services, due to robotic robots; from budivnostva freeways, roads, zaliznits, sports and recreation equipment; services for reconstruction, renovation and repair of equipment; the servants of the weekly sea and river equipment; h mounting and izolyatsіynih robot; for installation and repair of systems, ventilation, ventilation and air conditioning, installation of water supply, sanitary and gas installation; plastering robots, carpentry, covering the books and articles, farbuvannya and sklіnnya; servants, who are obligated to rent a set-up for working with staff, who should have their servants, and then see the working robots. The service of the alarm services is activated according to the service of the alarm project. Pridbannya weekly goods and goods and services in foreign countries in Ukraine, to be in good condition as servants.

Services, wholesale and retail sales, transport services and repair services (p. 50-52)

Include services related to the sale of motor vehicles and motorcycles, their technical servicing and repair; trade in auto goods, retail trade in fire; wholesale trade and middleware at trade; distribution of goods and services for repair; the servants of the middleman.

The services of the hotels and restaurants (p. 55)

Includes the services of the hostels and the last few short-term residences (motels, campsites, camp sites, camps, gourmet meals, etc.), restaurants, bars, and other places. Koshti on vidryadzhennya (residing, kharchuvannya) is included.

Production table 3



Transport services (p. 60-63)

- ground (zaliznichnogo, miskogo, road; piping


- water (sea and river);

- aviatsіynogo (including with the services of space transport)

Include the services of the passenger and passenger room, automobile transport.

Pipeline transport services include services for transporting pipelines with naphtha, gas, amac and other services of pipeline transport.

Include the services of passengers and passengers, sea transport, transport.

Include the services of passenger and passenger air transport; space transport services. When transporting passengers for one obl_ku take

Passenger service - the whole trip of the passenger in the same direction from the station to the station to the next. One oblast transported vantazhiv respected vidravka of the party vantazhiv, as drawn up okremim document transported (road vidomіst). Hour transported to stay at the time of arrival at the time of arrival.

- additional transport services

Include seryuyu services, as well as hoping at the ports, airports and airports of Kintsev points. To these services include transport services, transportation services and services, security functions and transport infrastructure (services of ports, stations, parking lots, maintenance, repair and maintenance, transportation and repair services). sous-profitable huts, for a while; black-and-white robots, pilotage services, emergency and robotic robots, ship crews, servants of black-and-white thermals and so on.); servants from chartering of the merchant marine fleet; the servants of repeated terminology, pre-service for service and return line and secure transportation;

transport and freight forwarders; services provided by the issuance of documents all the way to the best organizations, services of transport agencies, freight forwarders, agents and brokers; the services of the travel agency and excursions bureau (services, services for organizing trips, secured life and transport troubles, and tour guides and guides and so on). Payments for registration of transport companies should be made to transfers, and not to services.

Servants send that zv'yazku (p. 64)

To enjoy all the main categories of international operations in the middle of a call, as well as to reside among residents of a given region

Production table 3



and economical units of the Inland Krai. Tse, zokrema, operations from postal servicing and service of hens є rrsky zvyazyku, kudy ustavlyayut pryimannya, otroblennya і delivery of postal supplies, pennies; services for transmitting audio and video information, visualization of the most important information flows for an additional telephone, telex, telegraph, mobile phone, electronic mail, voice-activated phone, Internet connection, Internet service , health technical monitoring and control robots.

Servants, entrusted with financial dyalnistyu (b. 65)

Includes middle and auxiliary services, provided by residents of one country to residents of the country. This category includes a fee (for the services of financial intermediaries, an extra charge for services, obligations with letters of credit, bank acceptances, credit lines, financial leasing, transactions with foreign currency, and also with a third party account) operations, distribution of VIPs, utility viniculture to dealers, payment for services, management of assets, organization and regulation of robots of financial risks and so on.

Poslugi zі strakhuvannya (b.66-67)

Including insurance, see insurance, and health insurance companies in foreign countries for foreign partners. To these services should be: life insurance and accumulation; pension fund servants; Hotel of іnshih vidіv strahuvannya (od neschasnih vipadkіv i avarіy, medichne strahuvannya; strahuvannya lane; avtomobіlne, morske, avіatsіyne VEHICLE strahuvannya; strahuvannya at razі fіnansovih zbitkіv, s upravlіnnya fіnansovimi Rink, s dіyalnіstyu stock i Trademarks bіrzh, іz zdіysnennyam operatsіy for doruchennyam tretіh OSB (brokerage operations with valuable folders). Prior to insurance services, the payment of insurance payments to insurance agents is also included.

Servants in operations with non-servicing and health services for hire (b. 70-71)

Include the services of residents and non-residents, buying and selling, selling and renting non-residential property, middle-time services, hourly selling and selling, non-resident May; agency servants pay rent; hello to the rental of cars and transport vehicles without staff, overburden drilling rigs with staff;

Production table 3



rental of speeches of a special coristuvannah and cobbled goods.

Servants, entrusted with the sphere of information technology (p. 72)

Includes services related to work with databases, knowledge of software security; technical service and repair of computer technology, consultancy services and so on.

Servants, entrusted with development and development (p. 73)

Ochljulyut servant, due to the fact that the rozrob-kami at galuzі natural and technical sciences; at galuzі suspіlnіh and humanities sciences.

Servants who are reckoned with overwhelmingly legal persons (p. 74)

Include services in the field of law and accounting, accounting services, audit services; Servants, due to the current market and the suspension of thought; advisory services c food commercial activities and management; servants, responsibilities for managing enterprises; z dyalnistyu in the field of architecture and civilian life; services with technical control and analysis, with different standards and standards, certified certificates, and accessories;

advertising services; staff with assistance and staff care; the servants, the obligation to attend to the security services, to the clean and clean services, and so on.

Servants, entrusted to sovereign administrations (p. 75)

Include services for all aspects of managing on an eternal basis, adminstrative services establishments, how to protect services from the area of ​​reckoning, statistics and social studies, from the sphere of non-existent payment of non-paid residents the non-material nature of the property, such as patents, copyright, trademarks, technological processes, etc., and that based on licensed terms and conditions rototype_v); administrative services, due to foreign rights, diplomatic and consular services; servants, due to the support of the foreign lands of the country, the protection and the clergy of the enormous order of the first service and so on.

Services at the sphere of blessing (b. 80)

Include services in the areas of cooper drive, middle drive, go ahead (go ahead, invariably see the line; pay for living and food, like a science setting); Foreign servants at the sphere of sanctification.

Zakіnchennya tab. 3



Послуги, пов'язані з охороною здоров'я та соціальною допомогою (р. 85)

Колективні, громадські та особисті послуги (р. 90-92)

Включають послуги лікувальних закладів, послуги сана-торно-курортних організацій; ветеринарні послуги та пос-луги, пов'язані із соціальною допомогою.

Включають послуги зі збору і знищення відходів у будин-ках; послуги, надані професійними організаціями, спілка-ми, іншими громадськими організаціями; послуги, пов'язані з діяльністю у сфері кінематографії та відеопродукції; у сфері радіомовлення та телебачення; послуги агентств друку; послуги у сфері спорту; послуги у сфері відпочинку та розваг (включаються заняття мисливством як спортом та розвагами, а також любительською та спортивною рибалкою). Включаються послуги з виробництва, розповсюдження, демонстрації кіно та відеофільмів, створення рекламних текстів для радіо, кіно і телебачення, оброблення плівок; передачею радіо і телевізійних передач системою релейного чи супутникового зв' язку; створенням та виконанням вистав, постановок, артистичних груп, оркестрів; послуги студій звукозапису.

Індивідуальні послуги (послуги перукарень, хімчисток і т. ін.) (р. 93)

Включають послуги перукарень, хімчисток і т. ін. інозем-ним партнерам.

Послуги домашньої прислуги (р. 95)

Включають послуги агентств з працевлаштування, з надан-ня послуг домашньої прислуги іноземцям.

Послуги, пов'язані з екстериторіальною ді- яльністю (р. 99)

Включають послуги, що надаються різними екстериторі-альними організаціями та органами, такими як ООН, ЄС і т. ін.