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International trade - Dakhno І.І.


9.1. Basic understanding

The functions of the international market of work are intrusively tied to the population of the population, which is why the whole market is very valuable.

Migratsiya (in Latin lat. Migratio - resettlement) means moving from the hour and the spaciousness of the population, creatures, capital toschalo.

Migrations of the population - the movement of people in the middle of the country, but from one country to the other, because they have to live. Migratsiya robochili sili - warehouse migratsii population.

International movement of the population is stored in the emigration and the immigration flows. Emigratsiya - the arrival of the people of the country in their home country for permanent residence, the immigrants - the residence of foreigners in the country for the rest of the residence. An oath of purely і є ц ц м м м м м м м та та та та та та та та та та. The sum of these flows is to become an oath of gross migration.

Reemigratsiya means turning emigrants to their country.

Is it clear that such a form is international, otherwise foreign, migration:

o labor;

o simeyna;

o recreation;

o touristy that інші.

The international market is at the very form of labor migration, because of the absence of any bulletin of the international labor market. The role of the product on the whole market is increased, the power is moving through the cordon. Before such a resettlement, there are rznizhniki officials who can complain about this process and can be described in Ukrainian words: "Riba is shuka de glibshe, and ludina is more beautiful."

In "Oxford Paperback Encyclopedia" (1998, p. 783), such a principle is introduced: "The factor of virology, a kind of additional assistance for companions and servants, who are dependent on the most important and important factors. є I’m working like I’m paid, so I’m unpaid. Promotional language. onomіki, Especially іndustrіalіzatsії Process ".

Warehousing and storage:

The pre-populous population is an individual of the pre-ripe population, as it may be, especially before its physical and intellectual health.

It’s an unprincipled population, it’s possible to lay down individuals, but often they have often lost their pradesdatnost.

Economically active population - individuals, so as to take a fate from virobnitstvі goods and services.

An economically inactive population - individuals that are independent of any other kind do not insure themselves against a category of an economically active population, the same type of group:

o homemade gifts;

o university students of stationary forms for the day before;

o retirement for vіkom and іnvalіdnіstyu;

o rentє (individuals who live on credit for credit to the capital, but for the revenue share of the valuable folders);

o individuals, so as to support the material I will assist in the enormous bodies of private organizations;

o individuals, like to pay free suspension robots;

o individuals, as voluntarily and for free to give the servants;

o individuals of pradesdatsky vіku, can be potentially potsuvati, but don’t joke about the robot looking at the official or sub-official officers. Zaynati - individuals, like working on a robot and practicing a stretch of the set hour.

Often occupied - individuals, as a result, are not occupied by the hereditary hourly working hours.

Bezrobіtnі - individuals, yakі on the song date don’t have robots, but you’re ready to proceed without it.

Migrate classifications for the winter signs.

For territorial expansion of the work force, you can also see the following:

o internal - relocation of the population at the borders of the same territory;

o zovnіshnyu - moving population for the boundaries of their land;

o Integration - the displacement of the population between the borders of the country, which belongs to international integration.

Behind the hour of the international migratory work, we will see the following:

o the residual - the population of the country to the last in the country of residence;

o timchasov - the population of the country to the last hour for singing hours with lower directions to the country of emigrants;

o Seasonal - all-inclusive holidays up to the last days on terminology with a stretch of a singing period per rock, for example, for the end of the year’s celebrated work;

o Mayatnikov - the permanent residence at the national academy and the permanent meeting at the end of the year in India. This is a view of migrations of extensions in the near-border areas of a number of land. International Migrations of Work for Organizing Ambushes

see this way see:

o voluntarily - relocation of the population for the power of the bazhany;

o Organized - relocation of the population abroad as a rule in the territory of Ukraine and the city of singing mechanisms (for example, organizing meetings at the borders of the country and international programs);

o self-fulfilling - illegal movement of labor beyond the borders of one’s territory;

o Primusov - a crowd of people from their own country, with various judiciary, administrative and administrative bodies.

Have the international migratory work to take the fate of such categories of the local population:

o robots;

o fakhіvtsі (experts);

o representatives of creative professions.

Behind the main warehouse virіznyayut:

o migration work of low qualifications;

o migrating work of high qualification;

o Migrations of all the most representative representatives of the electronic industry. From the UN Classification by the migrant migrant workers

individuals get involved, like buying to the brink of death, I’ll go through a joke with paid robots stretching out the term, but I won’t overplay one rock.

Transitional professional migration, migration, re-management and high-tech robots, as well as overseas direct investment in foreign countries, the principle is to be reminded of that

In all likelihood, statistical data is given about the oath of immigracy in the West, as well as in the okrug of regions (Table 4).

Table 4

Kіlkіst іmmіgrantіv u svіtі yogo regіonakh


Kіlkіst іmmіgrantіv, mln.

Part of the іmmіgrantіv vіd population of the відповідного обліону,%

1985 p.

2000 p.

1985 p.

2000 p.

Rosvinenі territories





at that number:






Pivn America





Land, schwo





at that number:

Pivdenno-Shіdna Az_ya





Північна і Західна Africa





Pivdenna Aziya





Pivdenna America





Africa on pіvden vіd Sahari





At once