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International trade - Dakhno І.І.

9.2. Evolution and the scale of international labor migration

First of all, the continental movement of labor is necessary with the help of a working organization of chornoshkirimi. According to reports, 9-10 million slaves were delivered to America from Africa, three abo chotiri died for an hour of crooked war in Africa when the slaves were transported to America. Through export slave Africa with a length of 1650-1850 pp. 50-60 million chol were underserved. (okremі dosledniki name 100 or 150 million chol.).

Іstorії of humanity in the home of the vidadok is not less than a violent visit of people, but of a forced forgiveness of emigration. So, for example, the XVIII century. in English, boules adopted the law, they reserved the word for robotic emigruvati for the cordon.

At the international migratory processes, there are three great praises. Pershila Khvilya (Khvilya "Old Migratsii") populated the first two thirds of the nineteenth century. For example, ХІХ - on the cob of the XX century vidbulasya friend of havil. In the letter of the Other Holy War, the third praise has flared up, I call it the praise of "new migration". As a rule, at the period of the “old і migrants’ ”, the movement of the country is overwhelmingly prominent, then at the end of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. from migracy, rozorené has won over rural settlement. By extending the period of "new migrants" from the country to the old days, we exchanged overly unqualified robots, as well as science and technology. Migratsiya naukovtsіv i fakhіvtsіv rejected the name "brain drain" (brain drain).

Trudovu migration at the 40th rock of the 19th century By stimulating the lack of hunger before the war in Ireland, and in the 80s, the fall in Europe’s wheat, the life of the population of Silesia, the city of Wroclaw, and the capital of Europe has been reduced. Agrarian overpopulation (landlessness) and unemployment magnified the labor migration from Europe to America.

Statistics of statistics, with a length of 1840-1930 pp. emigruvalno more than 50 million Europeans, it is important to Pivnichno America. At the twentieth century. 19 million teas poured to the cob of Persian Svitovo Vіyni Europe, with a stretch of the period between two houses of Europe and Europe 9 million ts.

Europeans emigrated to the United States, the economy of which was flourishingly bustling. Significant floods flowed to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Argentini. Europe emigrants were overwhelmed by Ireland, England, France, Nimechchina. З Rosії emіgruvali Molokans and Old Believers. Emigrants from foreign regions of Ukraine relocated to the USA and Canada, and those from the Far East, Kuban to Central Asia.

Stretching the remaining ten years of the twentieth century on the insider of the continental and internal continental migrants, new business markets have been formed. Briefly recognizable with regional specialties of international labor.

The global center of migration has become Zahidna Europe. From the mid-1990s to the early 180s, 180 thousand yews had drifted. іmmіgrantіv. Nothing more than in the territories of the European Union, there are 13 million migrants and members of their families. The part of migrants is reserved for such Western European countries as the FRN, France, Great Britain, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland and Switzerland. Nearly 5 million foreigners are growing from the Federal Republic of Germany, 4 million are from France (it is important to leave Africa), Belgium is traveling more than one million (nearly 1 million), and one thousand.

At 1960 p. the FRN has 276 thousand yew. іmmіgrantіv. Їх number surpassed 1.1 million chol. at 1965 p., and at 1987 p. It became ponad 4.1 million chol. 1954-1965 the number of foreign working forces in France grew up from 790.5 thousand. chol. up to 3 million chol. And on the cob of the 90s, rockyv became 7.7% of the entire population of the country.

Close Scheid is invaded by another center of international migration. The number of regions in the region of the Republic of Kazakhstan has increased significantly in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Jordan, Umena, Greece, Turechchini, Italy. At 1975 p. Germans in the population of Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Obdnanikh Arab Emirates became 2 million, from 1980 p. - 4 million. On the cob of the 90s of rock in the region, pratsuvalo ponad 4.5 million inozemtsіv. For example, from the 90s of the cities in the name of the countries and Livivia, there were 5 million in grants, which made us pay 50% of the number of working hours. Migrants є, reprogramming, living with Egypt, Iran, Siri, Jordan, Palestine. For the next year, the number of local residents became less than 2 million. In the United Arab Emirates, the share of foreign citizens with working force is 97%, Kuwait - 86.5%, Saudi Arabia - 40.6%. From induced food, it is possible to prosper, without the foreign functions and functions of the economy of oil products of the Persian tributaries, it is simply impractical.

Talking about migrations process on Close Descent, warto zagadati and about migrations from Ukraine to Israel. The result of the UK’s regional cooperation for the establishment of the Jewish state in the Palestinian part of the Jewish population of Ukraine grew by 10% in 1918. up to 30% in 1936 p. Pislya 1948 p. to Israel we arrived in Europe from ponad hundreds of powers, overtly from the communist and Arab countries. The population of Israel has grown from 700 yew. chol. at 1948 p. up to 5.3 million chol. at 1994 p. Draw 1989-1994 pp. from the land of the CIS SND, 500 yews have arrived to Israel. immigrant. Arabian countries were placed and put up to емvreysky emigratsii. For example, President of Iraq Saddam Hussein, recognizing the right to reside with Palestine more for these Hebrews (and, obviously, their land), they were delayed there until 1935.

The third center of the current migratory work є USA. Іммігранти come forward vіdіgravali providnu abo shonayimenshe remember the role in the formulated labor resources in the whole country. At the current stage of foreign investment, about 5% of the work of the country is becoming. In the United States to the United States, I have received other types of services. On the back of the buv ливmm_grantiv ’water from the rest of Europe - 6.6 million chol have arrived to the USA. Another step was taken at 1965 p. Todo Bulo itself has passed a law that would make it easier to travel to the USA and to Latin America. At 1993 p. Having taken care of the third etap, I will play a role in a certain way of promoting emigrants from Europe, redeploying from Ireland, Italy, Poland, and also from Argentini. In the mid-1990s, rockies to the United States and Canada shook up 900 yews. іmmіgrantіv (including up to the USA - 740 thousand). Todays from the United States, 160 thousand yews were shoving. chol. Fakhivtsi respect the imposed tributes approximate, fragments of the army of legal migrants in addition to the great number of illegal. Liche z єEuropeisky Krai stretching 1946-1982 pp. 3.3 million chol. to the USA, and 2 million chol. to Canada.

Australia has shifted to the fourth quarter of the world region, for the evil thousand thousand there were 200 thousand. foreign robots. Z 1982 p. The Australian policy is aimed at stimulating the economic development of the country. This means that scholarship will be rewarded by the immigrants, as well as investing in the economy of Australia.

The Asia-Pacific Region has become the fifth center of labor migration. Foreign direct flights to Brunei, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Pivden Korea, Taiwan, Pakistan. For the colonial hours of Hong Kong, too, having lavished the foreign praznikov. Bring in foreign labor I began to strength and Japan. Hurry up, the bullets were Korean, and the Iranians appeared. Immigrant victorious non-qualifying robots. Suddenly, Japan exported its work to the power of high qualification. Such export is in parallel with direct investments of Japan in the economy of the Asian-Pacific region.

In Latin America, the largest region of the international market for work is taking shape. Argentina and Venezuela with a stretch of remaining ten years of the twentieth century boules by the main territories of іmmіgracії. The number of migrants in Latin America is at a level of 3 million, the price is clear, and the number of grants in Latin America at the beginning of the 20th century. overdone 4 million chol. Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Venezuela, Chile and Paraguay have adopted special programs, which are tied to stimulate the influx of higher prices in Europe, and are protected from the country of the highest frequency. Well, the State Economy and Political Crisis in Argentina for the evil of the thousands of people who are in love with the privacy of the country.

Internal Continental Migration Processes in Africa. The oath of such a migration is to become 2 mln. Information is needed and about those who are ignored by all migrants in all parts of Africa, for example, in the twentieth century. reached 6 million chol. Bagatshi krai vikoristovuyut praci nekvalіfіkovanih robіtnikіv іz susіdnіh kraїn, for example, for the consumer girnichodobuvno ї promyslovostі. PivdennoAfrican Republic of the Republic of Bulgaria ц zacіcavlenіst at pributti іn postіnі residence іn fakhіvtsіv z kolishnogo SRSR.

In African countries, roztasovany on the whole day of the Sahari, - Cote d'Ivoire, Pivdenno-Afrikaansky Republic and Nigeria of the West, half of all іmmіgrantіv.

As a rule, we are abstracting the regional aspect of the international market and the international labor market from the point of view of the main groups of the country, then you can choose the main streams of the international community:

o migrants from the country, they are developing, to economically different countries of the country;

o migration at the borders between the industrialized and rooted krai;

o migrations of work at the borders of the Krai, scho are developing;

o migrations of labor from the most socialist countries to an economically different country;

o Migraciya naukovtsіv i vysokokvalіfіkovanih fakhіvtsіv with industrially excused krask to krask, schvo to be developed.

On the cob of the 90s rock tilki in the private capital of the state thanks to only 25 million people-migrants. As a matter of fact, there is a seasonal migrant and a new category, then the number of immigrant members is three and four times larger. Half of them wandered around the country for the first time, scowling, and two-thirds walked to the pre-seasoned country.

I will pay a fee to private non-resident individuals from Switzerland, the Federal Republic of Germany, Japan, Belgium, the United States, and from abroad, I will be able to actively and actively work in Africa, Malaysia, South Africa and South Africa.