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International trade - Dakhno І.І.

11.3. International auctions

In the "Big Encyclopedic Dictionary" (1998, p. 181), the following terms are also indicated: "Auction": "Auction" (kind of lat. Active - sales from public sales), ways to sell goods, for some goods (some) I’ve got a look at the form auction, I’m also selling a lot of money, I’m saying primus

sales lane of non-pay-off borshnikіv that ін. It’s soundly at the auction site that the starting price is set. "

In "Oxford Paperback Encyclopedia" (1998, p. 98), the main reason is explained as follows: "Bidding (sale), soundly public, on some kind of virobi (articles), or thinness (live stock) are for sale by buyers, who have spoken about finding the price (to the highest bidder). The seller can set up the reserve price, the lower the goods cannot be sold. Create works of art, antiquities, houses, commodities and foreign currency ( foreing currencies) may be sold at auction. "

At international auctions, trade in consignments of goods and / or other items. Naychastishe them realistically, inwardly, outward, tutyun, tea, horses, antiquaries, diamanti skinny.

View the main view of the auction:

o currencies, the object of such a thing is the exchange of foreign currencies, which can be held at singing countries;

o promissory note, on which there is a special sale of short-term treasury bills;

o group, for some reason, I’m accumulating a little money, and then one or two days “wikid” until the trading floor, they are sold under the control of an authorized broker (otherwise, an expert). Tsey auktsion sch maє I will call volley;

o bargain - bidding, denying competition as sellers, so both buyers, prices are set on the basis of offers and offers, if there are sellers when prices are available, they are inclined to buy and sell;

o close, at all purchasers, to pronounce prices at once (as a rule, in writing), the goods will be bought from them, having expelled the most valuable ones;

o gold, for sale of yak є gold;

o English (classic), for which the goods are sold to buyers, who will notice the price;

o Dutch, what should be done with a blessed method. Starting price is reduced to the bottom, docks the best seller-patron does not give profit to the minimum price of the depleted lot. Auctions, as a rule, are carried out by specially determined legal persons. Від бірж аукціони відрізняються tim, all the goods, signs for sale, є in warehouses or in the trading room of the auction mortgage.

Makleri (auction) at his professional profession with special oath. Okremі auktsіoni peredachayut, so that purchasers did not need more through brokers.

For participation in the auction, call on the head of the mundane. Sales of auctions, goods are bought by you, and you will not take them at once upon completion of bidding.

11.4. International fairs

In the "Big Encyclopedic Dictionary" (1998, p. 1432), the following fair was introduced: "Fairs (Від нім. Jahrmarkt - generous market) - bidding, market of goods, and periodically organized is important for them to be important. Western Europe at the Middle Ages. With the link to the market of trade fairs from the center for the delivery of great consignments of implicit goods, they will be redirected to the festivals, exhibition festivals. 5 thousand Naiibylshy fairs - Nizhny Novgorod, Irbitska. Yarm RCT buvayut: WorldWideStudies, mіzhnarodnі, regіonalnі, natsіonalnі i mіstsevі Naybіlshі suchasnі mіzhnarodnі fairs:. in Mіlanі, Parizhі, Lіonі, Gannoverі, Leipzig, Poznanі, Zagrebі, Plovdivі, Toronto, Іzmіrі, Damascus. "

The Penguin Dictionary of Human Geography (1997, p. 1671) also has the following fairs: "Periodical collections for the sale of goods, often with side-shows and entertainments. The song’s appearance is (a certain kind of merchandise) often associating with a particular fair, for example, a fair of sir. Let, like fairs, look like people at historical times, and with holy shrines a holy feast of holy days. During mid-hour fairs, they often went to church churches at the saints' day. "

English word fair (fairs) maє latinske hobby. Among the Romans, the word fereae meant holy. At the old days at fairs vidbuvavsya and barterniy exchange of goods.

International fairs є a large number of demonstrations of goods, which are important for export. Fairs will play the role of “matchmaker” and one of the most important functions and organization of contacts with potential exporters and importers.

On the other hand, contracting, laying on the international markets and auctions, contracts, laying on the international fairs, do not have any specific features, they can be recognized as sellers and buyers independently. It’s good to get laid back zde_lshogo even after the signing of the fair.

Surrounding the contact with the important important function of the fair is advertising. Otzhe, fairs є Same tim mіsetsom, de і on people you can marvel, and show yourself, what on our economy means signify an offer. Functions similar to those of the fair, to visually and internationally exhibit.

Briefly focusing on the most important features of fair fair in the county of Europe. At FRN fairs, it is crucial to conduct specialized partnerships, fair-organization organizations, for them the main thing. Commodities belong to the powers of the communes. Maє mіsce tіsne spіvrobіtnitstvo between organizers, participants and participants in the fair.

FRN fairs may be more important in Europe. One of the main European fairs is Leipzitzky. At the time of the “cold weather” and the need for Europe fairs, there is a unique role for the development of retail trade stars and gatherings. At the fair life of Leipzig, with a stretch of period, schochis having written about both the Niemechchin and the other songs, the gigantic and universal shows won out for the small part of the city.

All-Union Vіdomy and Munich Fairs. Tse svєrіdna global exhibition of promyslovost. Shchoroku at the fair vidvuvaєtsya two dozen vistavok, from those who take the fate of participants and vіdvіduvachі z bagatokh kraj svіtu.

Berlinsky fair posіdє provіdnі positsії in Europe at such gallows, as a state gift, tourism, radioelectronics. I love fairs in front of the world of Europe and Scandinavia. Zrosta prestige fair and in the last galleys - business, electrical, automotive, sanitary, sanitary water protection, high-tech industrial and industrial production.

At the France Fair's infrastructure, it is overpriced at Paris's and the establishment of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Yak i FRN, y

French fairs conduct special partnerships. Provincial partnerships are often є valsniki material and technical base for organizing fairs and exhibitions. Most of the Galusevic and special trade fairs are located near the capital of France.

Іtalіyskі agencies провед провед ярмар провед ярмар ярмар ’ The largest fair in Italy - Milansky, on sale for rent, or by an organizer of vistavoks. Fairs of є 20 representatives behind the cordon. 30% of international trade is reserved for fairs, of which nearly 20% are for Milansky.

"Rid" and "Blenheim" є the largest fair companies in the UK. Дх dіyalіst expand and beyond the boundaries of the country. Yarmarkova infrastructure of the territory is superimposed by overwhelmingly communal organizations. Small private companies organize the main number of fairs.

In Spain’s trials, we’ve held the Barcelona fairs, but the leadership has gone over to Madrid, some two dozen foreign representatives. A course has been taken in the country for the promotion of fair fair and the holding of small fairs.

The fair center of the Krai Benіlyuksu є Utrecht. Until the whole of the Netherlands, you can safely get by transport, and the material and technical base can help to spend 40-50 galuzevih fairs (є great area for organizing trade in non-food and household goods).

The most convenient Scandinavian center and center for holding a conference є Copenhagen Center for Bells-Center, 30 minutes to enter. Postіyno dіyut vistavki clothes, vzuttya, furniture, office possessions. In a special hotel, they can choose the office of foreign companies. Schoroku center vidvidu ponad 700 yew. chol.