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International trade - Dakhno І.І.

11.2. International cartels

The role of the international trade in the promotion of a map-like type is great. Naivіdomіshim sredn є Organization of the krai - exporter nafti (OPEC). Inevitably, the information on the subject of the International Organization.

Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) - International Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, which has a fixed price for naphtha. First try, make contacts between the countries of Ukraine - viralists of nafti bouli zrobleni Venezuela, Iraq, Iran, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia have not received any messages from Another World War, b. 1949 At 1960 p. At the capital of Iraq Baghdad there’s a conference representative for foreign countries. At low prices, the international naphtha companies of the country - exporters nafti virshili pick up the post-office organization. The offensive fate of won the bull was approved at the capital of Venezuela metro Caracas. Organizations included Qatar (1961 p.), India (1962 p.), Livia (1962 p.), Obdnan Arab Emirati (1967 p.), Algeria (1969 p.), Nigeria (1971 p.), Ecuador (1973 p.) And Gabon (1975 p.). The remaining two powers seized the organization for years: Ecuador - from 1993 p., Gabon - from 1996 p. OPEC headquarters roztashovana in metro Vіden (Austria).

For example, 1973 p. after OPERC’s Chergovo Arab-Israeli war, the company quadrupled the price of naphtha, which caused the naphtha crisis. Influence of OPEC on the establishment of св one-of-a-kind svitovih prices on naphtha for a year has changed for such reasons:

o The United Kingdom and Norway distributed a view of the naphtha from the bottom of the Pivnichny Sea;

o economically rozvinenі kraїni expanded vikoristannya іshih species іn the gulf;

o the territory of the country, it was considered to be a program of closure, hidden on a fast-moving energy center.

A number of Krai OPEC at 1968 p. approved the Organization of Arabian Krai - exporters in nafti through meta zhistu іnterestіv її memberів. Headquarters of the Organization of Public Relations in Kuwait.

On the cob of the 1990s, the price of rock on naphtha shifted through the aggression of Iraq against Kuwait, ale in 1992. again it was lowered. Vіdtody perіody zrostannya і znizhennya prіs scooped up. Not inclusive of the price for the whole mineral і in the maybutny.

Asian and Pacific alcoholic drinks were approved by the Asian and Pacific Coconut Community in 1969, the headquarters of Rostashovan in metro Jakarta (Indonesia). Prior to drinking goods, there are India, India, Malaysia, Papua Nova Guinea, Filippi, Solomon Islands, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vanuatu, Zakhidne Samoa.

Organization of the spree м exchange of information between the countries-virobi-ies of the whole product about hats в increased efficiency and viroscuvanny ’and processing of coconut mountains.

Cocoa Products Alliance - an organization for cocoa virobniks, approved in 1962. Розї Rostashovan's headquarters near metro Lagos (Nigeriya). Organization of the exchange of information and information among the members of the alliance, hello come in, direct yourself to the growth of the sweet drink of cocoa, to rely on the safety of the constant production, stable price and profit of the consumer.

Association of Natural Rubber (Association of Natural Rubber Producing Countries). At 1970 p. The following countries approved the association: India, India, Malaysia, Papua Nova Guinea, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand. Headquarters are located near metro Kuala Lumpuri (Malaysia). The main method of dyalnosti otsotsiatsії є stabilizatsiya price on natural rubber і zabechenny pributkiv virobnikіv іd yogo export.

Association of Iron Ore Exporting Countries was founded in 1975, the headquarters of Rostashovan in metro Geneva (Switzerland). Prior to the establishment of borders from the other parts of the world: Algeria, Australia, India, Liberia, Mauritania, Peru, Syra Leone, Shvetsia, Venezuela. The mechanism of the development of the country was created - a full range of products, asociation is infused to the level of prices for new.

International Wheat Agreement (International Wheat Agreement) laid in 1971 p. I have two international legal acts - the Convention on the sale of wheat (I agree to the international standard) and the Convention on the food - I will help (on the supply of grain delivery to the country, I’m developing).

The middle of the year is the pleasing of wheat, laid at 1948 p. low kraisk - wheat producer, transferred the share of the existing world market for wheat rather than for any one of them to glut the market during a highly productive year). Pleasure manifested itself by the ineffective participants, and it seemed that they had come from a bit earlier than offensive rock.

International Sugar Agreement pleases from 1969 p. I’m hidden on the driver’s stable and more exporters to Tsukor. Transferring the price to zucor on the river, I will transfer the song minimum (to keep the price above a certain minimum). The main approach to reach the tier was export quotas. For the sake of pleasing, there appeared a lack of effectiveness and a report of Zusill for the view of Latvia.

Afrikaanska Rada z arahisu (African Groundnut Council) - Rada krask - virobnikov arachisu, approved 1964 p. Розї Rostashovan's headquarters near metro Lagos (Nigeriya). Organizations include Gambia, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Sudan, Burkina Faso. Organization of the exchange of information about the effective methods of virochuvanny arachisu and that of realizatsii, about the stabilization of the price of the product, the achievement of their transfer.

African Timber Organization was founded in 1975, the headquarters of Rostashovan metro station Lіbrevіl (Gabon). To coordinate the policy of the Ukrainian-African village and to reckon on the price of it. Organizations include Gabon, Ghana, Equatorial Guinea, Cameroon, offensive Congo, Cote d'Ivoire, Liberia, Malgaska Republic, Tanzania, Central African Republic.

International coffee treaty (International Coffee Agreement). Through the deadline of trading bets for high-tech customers, stretching out the top ten letters of the Other social wines of the consumer need for the stable security market. The international plea for the Cavi Bula has been placed at the UN. The exporting countries took the goiter 'want to get export quotas, the same way the import-goiters go to get the minimum price for cava (importing countries accepted a floor on coffee prices). Territories - members of a coal of goiters also undertook to obliterate purchases from quiet countries, but did not belong to coal.